What my son means to me


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What my son means to me

  1. 1. What My Son Means To Me“Accept the things to which fate binds you,and love the people with whom fate bringsyou together, but do so with all your heart.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
  2. 2. Wesley: You are a decade oldThat means that you have lasted as long as…
  3. 3. The Trojan War
  4. 4. And are responsible for only slightly more mayhem
  5. 5. You have lived as long as the average lifespan of a Platypus
  6. 6. And are only slightly more funny looking
  7. 7. The doctors said that you were to be born under the twinkling eyes of Gemini, watched by the Heavenly Twins: Castor and Pollux
  8. 8. But doctors are not so smart as to outwit time …even when equipped with a flux capacitor
  9. 9. The stars, on the other hand, said that you were to be born on March 5th 2003 as a Pieces
  10. 10. And so you’ve always plunged into life like a fish into water
  11. 11. You were born into this worldquickly, with a sense of desperation and cunning
  12. 12. Traits you’ve used with much success in your short life …especially when it comes to procuring or devouring sweets
  13. 13. You were also born strong, stubborn and suspicious
  14. 14. Traits you are still in the process of mastering
  15. 15. Six months before your premature entrance into this world, I lost something very dear to me This guy right here.
  16. 16. I lost my father and it made me sadder than I can ever remember being.
  17. 17. We had gone through some toughtimes together, but fate had gotten much better lately
  18. 18. We had found a super awesome lady that changed everything for us.This sweetlady righthere.
  19. 19. She took us bums in and helped make us into a great family!
  20. 20. But the truth is that sometimes fate takes as much as it gives, so you haveto makes sure that you love those that are here on this earth to the fullest while you have the chance
  21. 21. Because if you are too busy feeling sorry foryourself you will find that fate is always willing to remind you that you are neglecting the precious things you still have
  22. 22. It took me a while but I thought long and hard about what lesson it wasthat fate was trying to teach me, and finally, oneday, I woke up from a sad, deep sleep and it struck me!
  23. 23. I needed to get me a super awesome lady and make sure that she had an awesome son!
  24. 24. I realized that if I couldn’t change my fate I could certainly add awesomeness (and foxiness) to it!
  25. 25. Now I get to teach the smartest kid I know everythingthat my dad taught me.
  26. 26. So that one day he can fill myshoes, just like I filled my dad’s shoes
  27. 27. Even though at times I feel like youare the one teaching me (like how to jump in with both feet and have as much fun as I can.)
  28. 28. Fate has taught me what is reallyimportant in this is life. That is why you mean so much to me, Wesley!
  29. 29. And that is why I love you so much! Happy Birthday, my son!
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