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Grow Slide Deck - Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

Grow Slide Deck - Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland






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  • NetCommunity Grow is probably different from the solutions that you have purchased from Blackbaud in the past. NetCommunity Grow is not only about delivery great tools, its about focusing on results by working directly with Blackbaud’s internet experts. The key words to look at in this description are: internet marketing technology, expert led, impact, and results.
  • What are we really talking about here? Lets look at the 3 things that make up the netcommunity grow program. Were talking about focusing on results, and results come from having the right experts and the right tools. Results. Expertise. Tools. Of course all of these things are power by the Industry leading Supporter Management System, The Raiser’s Edge
  • Really drive home that we are the experts here. Over 2,600 employees. All web designers are professional nonprofit website designers. NPO Pages should be different from other sites. There are specific calls to action and information that needs to be strategically located on the pages. Our staff is the best at producing these NPO focused websites. Craig – any additions?
  • The importance of your website! 8-10 people are online and that number is growing. No longer do we live in a brochure world. Your website is your brochure!
  • You can see these stats that we’ve been able to glean. What this is really telling us is what we already know – the young folks are online. 65+ audience is growing. You can’t see your kids unless you go on Facebook or twitter to see what they are up to. You think the older generation isn’t online? My 85 year old Grandma in AZ is on Facebook and keeps close tabs on what I’m up to. The wealth gravitates towards technology. – this is your online audiance
  • Online giving is growing at a rapid rate – Have you ever received a gift online of this size?
  • This is the credibility check – people will check you out before engaging. Are we wowing them at the front door? Can they easily find the “calls to action?” “Is our content recent?” Will they stay? Will they come back? Has the site changed since their last visit?
  • Branded pages matter! Professionalism matters! What’s the point? Supporters online – don’t miss out on the opportunity
  • You’ll always have donors who give by check via the mail and that’s great. We’re not here to force anyone to go online to donate. A you’re website should serve two purposes (Cultivation and Acquisition). Having a professional built website and online donation pages will open your doors to the “prospects” or New donors to continue growing your donor list. Craig anything to add:
  • We talked about professionalism mattering – are you professional enough to keep them on your page. Branding – We need to reflect your missions and captures their attention.
  • Best Practice Design – Shameless plug
  • Bring up the slide show, the call to actions down the right hand side
  • Craig anything to add:
  • Pause here – ask about design – our design preferences are like designing a house. We put things in places where they naturally belong on a website. Do you have anyone here on staff that wants to build this from the ground up. Are there designs or ideas on exactly what you want the new page to look like?
  • Email preference centers (or Email Subscription Center) are a great model for combining your email sales and marketing goals with your customer needs. JupiterResearch reports that nearly four out of 10 email marketers say list turnover is their greatest challenge. Forrester states that the average company will lose 30 percent of its email subscriber list per year.  Summarizing – just because you have a list of donors this doesn’t mean people are going to respond to your efforts.
  • Herrity tested subject lines for a client’s appeal:- The direct subject line said “Donate to Feed a Child Today.”- The indirect subject line said “Learn About this Organization.”Herrity tested subject lines for a client’s appeal: http://www.fasttrackfundraising.com/fundraisers/10-best-practices-to-increase-email-response-rates-for-fundraising/
  • Example of a direct subject line “Help us reach the match – and cure kids like Lauren”
  • Example of Targeted content.
  • Tyler to cover the slide then kick things over to Craig for a deeper conversation on this slideCraig – Drive home multi channel marketing - Look, we started this conversation talking about all the ways we can make you money. #1 way we can help you drive online revenue across all sectors. I don’t know how much your making right now but can you imagine adding another 43% to what you’re doing now? This gives you a cost reduction side as well
  • Craig
  • CraigTie it all down here. What we hear from our clients is that they really want us to increase a couple things, web traffic, online giving, and higher growth of the email files
  • Craig:First things first- if you don’t have emails.Participating Grow clients in Jan 2011- before using Grow to after using GrowOn average, Blackbaud Grow clients grow their email subscription list over 100% - by driving people to their website through traditional fundraising/communication methods and by using the tools available to them with NetCommunity, such as online event registrations, online giving, community sign ups, enewsletters – they have been able to capture more emails and grow their house file.Let’s take a look at some of these interactive toolsEncouraged donors to look up giving history online during tax season (2 years in a row now) by mailing out postcards telling them about it. It generates a lot of online signups (which include email addresses). Sent postcards encouraging people to sign up for new websiteDriving direct mail donors to make their gifts onlinecollecting e-mail on registrations for eventsUsing emails to reach out to our alumni to have them spead the word of mouth to their fellow alumni.We are in the process right now to really utilizing our website with the polls, online event registration, monthly discussions, e-newsletters, etc.Asking for them with every donationconstant request to provide us with email addressesduring reunions and other school events.
  • Here’s our vision for you – This is your vision and Blackbaud’s vision coming together. You can’t do one without the other and running separately these two programs are not as effective.The answer to growth is integration!
  • The Raiser’s Edge 7 uses easy to use dashboards to tell you which efforts are working and which ones aren’t.The Raiser’s Edge 7 also comes with a library of pre-built analytical reports, queries and filters to let you drill-down into the details.

Grow Slide Deck - Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland Grow Slide Deck - Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland Presentation Transcript

  • NETCOMMUNITY GROW A Solution Proposal for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland Tyler Hermon – Account Manager May 9th, 20125/9/2012 1
  • OUR FOCUS TODAY NetCommunity Grow combines powerful internet marketing technology with an expert-led e-campaign curriculum to help organizations MAXIMIZE IMPACT and produce measurable results5/9/2012 2
  • OUR STRATEGY NetCommunity Grow combines Tools powerful internet marketing technology Expertise with an expert-led e-campaign curriculum to help organizations Results MAXIMIZE IMPACT and produce measurable results Raisers Edge 75/9/2012 3
  • OBJECTIVES • Meals on Wheels – Central Maryland is looking to expand upon its ability to leverage the Internet to boost overall fundraising efforts, awareness among its constituents, and improve its ability to convert website traffic into revenue. • The organization would like to upgrade the design and functionality of its website- with the capability to better manage content and tell it’s story. • MOW- Central Maryland strives to better utilize the capability of their Raiser’s Edge database and develop a coordinated and integrated e- communication strategy to develop an online community and drive online fundraising. • The organization would like to engage new and younger donors though the use of social media. • Blackbaud proposes a solution that combines an advanced and integrated content management solution (CMS), best practice design, and the functional toolsets needed to engage constituents, analyze and report on activities, and develop the strategy to plan and execute a 3-year growth campaign.5/9/2012 6
  • MOW – CENTRAL MARYLAND STRATEGIC NEEDS/GOALS • Engaging, fresh, professional website design that is modern, clean and light to draw new supporters • Increase online fundraising and attract all demographics • Multichannel communication tools to engage key audiences • Technology that’s easy-to-use for all team members • Leverage integration to personalize communications and streamline internal processes • A scalable solution that supports a growing organization • Partnership with a proven expert in the industry that will provide guidance to the MOW Central Maryland team from initial implementation, to strategy consulting and ongoing support5/9/2012 7
  • YOUR AUDIENCE IS ONLINE 79% of American adults use the Internet. And the number continues to grow. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project5/9/2012 8
  • EVERYONE MATTERS • 95% of U.S. 18-29 year olds use the internet • It’s not just the young crowd - 46% of ages 65+ are online • 96% of households with income of 75K+ are online Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project5/9/2012 9
  • Source: 2010 Online Giving Report THEYRE NOT JUST SURFING THE WEB Online Giving is growing at a rate of 34.5% YOY 88% of organizations received an online gift of $1,000 or more in 20105/9/2012 10
  • PEOPLE WILL LOOK BEFORE THEY BUY 60% of donors visit a non-profit’s website before giving5/9/2012 11
  • MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY Repeat giving for donors acquired through generic giving pages is 66.7% lower than for donors who give via charity-branded giving pages. Source: The Online Giving Study Network for Good and TrueSense Marketing5/9/2012 12
  • SO WHAT’S THE POINT? • Supporters are online • Prospects are online • They are increasingly likely to give via the internet • Don’t miss out5/9/2012 13
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Visitors will decide to stay or leave your website in 4 seconds or less.5/9/2012 15
  • DESIGN WITH A PURPOSE We work with your organization to ensure your website: • Reflects your identity, brand, and mission • Serves your audience and appeals to all audiences • Targets your specific audience segments • Provides targeted & appropriate content for visitors, supporters, and members • Reaches new audiences in new ways5/9/2012 16
  • 5/9/2012 17
  • 5/9/2012 18
  • 5/9/2012 19
  • SO WHAT’S THE POINT? Websites must : • Appeal and engage • Reflect your identity, brand, and mission • Encourage visitors to take action • Serve your audience and its segments5/9/2012 20
  • SHAMELESS PLUG • Blackbaud has designed and implemented more than 4,600 nonprofit websites since 2000 • In-house design agency specializing in Blackbaud products5/9/2012 21
  • EMAIL IS ALIVE AND WELL5/9/2012 22
  • A WIDELY ADOPTED MEANS OF COMMUNICATION 94% of internet users send or read email Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project5/9/2012 23
  • VOLUME IS HIGH… 247 billion messages sent per day…More than 2.8 million emails are sent every second5/9/2012 24
  • NON-PROFITS CONTRIBUTE TO THE VOLUME Sent 3.6 emails per subscriber per month •Sent 6 emails per subscriber in December Source- M%R eNonprofits Benchmark Study5/9/2012 25
  • IT’S HARD TO KEEP THEM 40% of email marketers say list turnover is their greatest challenge The average list shrinks by 30% each year Source- Jupiter Research5/9/2012 26
  • SUBJECT MATTERS Indirect subject lines had a 21% open rate, but only a 4% response rate. The direct subject line had an 18% open rate and an 18% response rate. Source- Herrity5/9/2012 27
  • 5/9/2012 28
  • 5/9/2012 29
  • DIRECT AND PERSONAL WORKS! Email campaigns drive 43% of the online revenue across all sectors of nonprofits Source- M%R eNonprofits Benchmark Study5/9/2012 30
  • SO WHAT’S THE POINT? • Email is effective • There’s a lot of noise out there • Be timely, direct, and personal • Pay attention & respond accordingly5/9/2012 31
  • SHAMELESS PLUG • Grow includes eMarketing Strategy • Grow provides website design • Grow includes all of the tools to create personalized experience5/9/2012 32
  • A SUCCESSFUL MULTI-CHANNEL APPROACH REQUIRES A FULLY INTEGRATED SOLUTION NetCommunity Grow | Donations | Email | Events| Memberships| eCommerce | Viral Campaigns | Real-time, Multi-channel Enables a seamless relationship holistic view integration management of supporters The Raiser’s Edge | Direct Mail | Relationship Management | Planned Gifts | Moves Management |5/9/2012 34
  • RAISER’S EDGE 7 - THE GIVING SCORE™ Fan • What is it? VIP Fan Fan VIP VIP Acquire & Upgrade Cultivate & Steward • An intelligent data LIKELIHOOD to give LIKELIHOOD to give Alicia segmentation tool based Jill Caroline Alicia Jill Jill on over 3 billion donor transactions • Provides guided action tracks based on their Acquaintance Acquaintance Long-Shot Long-Shotlikelihood to give to ALSFAcquaintance Long-Shot Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire and their capacity to give Mark Doug Dave Dave • What does it do? • Focuses more on those most likely to give CAPACITY to give CAPACITY to give 5/9/2012 35
  • MEASURE TO MANAGE Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Specific to Your Organization” Easily drill into details Dashboards designed for your needs Library of pre-built queries, filters and reports5/9/2012 36
  • IMMEDIATE, MEASUREABLE RESULTS• “Byfar one of the greatest benefits to Blackbaud NetCommunity is its integration with The Raiser’s Edge. Not only does online giving save staff time in donation processing and decrease the chances of data error, it also stores it in The Raiser’s Edge so that we can have a single view of our donors.” — Jennifer Friedley, Director of Development, Midland Care Connection• “We have raised more money with Blackbaud NetCommunity, but, more importantly, we have gained donors. These are donors we can cultivate and hopefully make returning donors. I believe the work we have done using Blackbaud NetCommunity is one of the primary reasons we have had this success acquiring new donors.” — Tracy Armitage, Information Systems Manager, Maine Medical Center 5/9/2012 37