Submit peer review exercise #4


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Submit peer review exercise #4

  1. 1. Submit Peer Review Exercise #4 1. What is the primary idea of the content in the articles? These articles mention about the use of cell phone while driving. Many states forbid drivers to use cell phone while driving. It is because, when driver text, tweet, surf the Internet, or even just talk on a cell phone, he tends to take his eyes off the road, his hands off the wheel, and his mind off of what you are supposed to be doing, and lead to a traffic accident. 2. Do you think the individual sections and headings in the document (articles) clearly represent the idea that was communicated. Explain the reasons behind your comments. I think this heading is present the age. Now our live is very useful. On the other hand those tools make bad manner. So I think sad. Reason: Those bad manners make many nuisances. For example on the train. Cell phone use when driving is not only make nuisance, if make mistake, It occurred accident. 3. What details are included in the articles? In those articles, main topic is to ban use of cell phone when driving. First article explain detail of ban content. For example, local area is ban. Teenage drivers can't use, and so on. Next article explain reason for banning cell phone use when driving. This article shows us dangerousness of use cell phone when driving. 4. Was there anything that was confusing? If so, what is it? I am hard to understand by actual cases and so on. Especially, it doesn't take for cases in certain areas but preferably this article used
  2. 2. the general cases should tell us. So, I was confusing things except conclusion and importance. In this instance, I think better to finalize simple or to write nothing. 5. What is good about the writing? Why is it good? These articles explain the use of cell phone while driving to us. By reading these articles, we can reconfirm the risk of using cell phone while driving. Moreover, the way to avoid this risk is also mentioned. We can learn many things from these articles, and I think it is good point. 6. Are there any errors that need to be corrected? No, there are no errors. 7. What specific suggestions for improving the articles can you make? Apparently, it is danger to phone during car travel. But, I think that it is not to need to be governed by the law. It may be that, someone need to phone for very important thing. I think that this problem should be self-responsibility. 8. Identify three basic differences between how your group would author a similar document and how this author authored it (as you see it in the link). First, it is authors gather the threads of one's story. Second, it is authors back documents up with specific examples. Third, it is authors author use the appropriate term. I think they are three differences. If my group would author this document, it is document much more complicated document. Especially, first and second differences are point we should follow the examples.