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  • 1. Today's Presentation ● Member s1170132 Manamu Abe s1170133 Keigo Amma s1170144 Ryo Kanno s1170145 Masataka Kubota
  • 2. Topic for Document Design Exercise #5 Customer guide tells potential customer what products your company are selling and technical details of them. Writing Customer guide is very important to get customers and make rewards.
  • 3. Provide three things that we learn from this exercise Three things It is to think what to do for customers. It is to assume the matters and to consider about them. How to advertise the goods. Why is it important? Because I think important that we get the trust of customer confidence and we sell the goods. Especially, I think we won't take the trust so easy. So, To think the situation of customer is important.
  • 4. Importance of the document for launching business ● This document is written about instructional guide. So the document is important for customer. ● Customer can read Instructional guide. This guide can lead them to select our products.
  • 5. Provide an example of another business/company where a similar document has been used. Show us the document example. ● Our business/market appear out recently. So instructional guide isn't. ● So we didn't show the another company example. ● But our market may more and more grow form now.
  • 6. Explaining the logical arrangement of the content in the document Our companies products are robots support life and robots rescue people. Some of our products are very expensive. We employ installment plan in cash. We are going to support committedly if there are problems or questions about the products after they are sold.
  • 7. What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? Major headings: Some instructional guide for potential customers. Key Words: ・ robots can make many arduous works simpler. ・ robots will work effectively under the situation that people cannot work well. ・ If our product have any problems, we soon research them. Why are they important? : Because they are fundamental ideas of our business.
  • 8. How the roles were divided between group members? ● 2, 8 slide make Ryo Kanno ● 3, 7 slide make Manamu Abe ● 4, 5 slide make Keigo Amma ● 6 slide make Masataka Kubota