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  1. 1. POST PRODUCTION - SOUND/MUSIC Sound Designer Dialogue Editor Sound Editor Re-recording Mixer Music Supervisor Composer Foley Artist OTHER PRODUCTION CREW Casting Director Storyboard Artist Caterers Unit Nurse Unit Publicist Stills Photographer KEY CREATIVE TEAM Producer Director Screenwriter INTERACTIVE MEDIA Producer Designer Developer Production Assistant Studio Manager Project Manager Account Manager New Business Developer Content Strategist SInformation Architect Web Editor SEO Specialist (Search Engine Optimisation) Programmer Usability Specialist PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Executive Producer Line Producer Production Manager Production Coordinator Production Secretary Production Accountant Post-production Supervisor First Assistant Director Second Assistant Director Third Assistant Director Production Assistant/Production Runner Script Supervisor Stunt Coordinator WARDROBE DEPARTMENT Costume Designer Costume Supervisor Costume Standby Art Finisher Buyer SCRIPT DEPARTMENT Cutter/Fitter Story Producer Script Editor Script Co-ordinator HAIR AND MAKE-UP DEPARTMENT Make-up Artist Hairdresser SOUND DEPARTMENT Production Sound Mixer (Sound Recordist) Boom Operator (Boom Swinger) LOCATION DEPARTMENT Location Manager Location Assistant Location Scout Job Roles and Departments in Film POST PRODUCTION Film Editor (Offline Editor for video productions) Assistant Editor Online Editor (for video productions) Colourist Negative Cutter VISUAL EFFECTS (VFX) Visual Effects Supervisor Compositor Roto/Paint Artist Matte Painter GRIP DEPARTMENT Key Grip Best Boy (Grip) Dolly Grip CAMERA DEPARTMENT Director of Photography/Cinematographer Camera Operator First Assistant Camera Second Assistant Camera Loader Camera Production Assistant Digital Imaging Technician Data Wrangler Steadicam Operator Motion Control Technician/Operator Video Split/Assist Operator ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT Gaffer Best Boy (Electrical) Lighting Technician ART DEPARTMENT Production Designer Art Director Set Designer Illustrator Set Decorator Buyer Set Dresser Props Master Standby Props Props Builder Armourer Construction Coordinator Construction Manager Key Scenic Greensman
  2. 2. POST PRODUCTION - SOUND/MUSIC PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Sound Editor A sound editor edits music over the footage so it matches with the action on screen. This is a technical role as the music would have already been pick for them and they would just have to make sure its in time with the footage. This is a post production role as the music will be placed over footage that has already been filmed and edited Their day to day duties are to take sound clips and edit them with footage Their responsibilities are to cut the music in time with whatever's on screen, such as production wild tracks, dialogue tracks, library material and foley in analog or digital form Production Manager A Production Manager organizes the business, finance and employment issues in film and television productions. This is a managerial role as this person will have to employ and organize people. A Production Manager would be in charge of how the production budget is spent and making sure that everything runs smoothly during filming. The production manager must meet with the producer and other senior production staff to examine scripts or program ideas Their day to day duties include drawing up a shooting schedule and estimating cost hiring crews and contractors, and negotiating rates of pay making sure that the production runs to schedule, and reporting to the producer on progress
  3. 3. WARDROBE DEPARTMENT Costume Designer A Costume Designer starts working on films at the beginning of pre-production. They are in charge of designing, creating, acquiring and hiring all costumes for actors and extras. This is a creative role as much experience and creativity is needed to choose costumes and continue themes. Their day to day duties are break down scripts scene by scene, in order to work out how many characters are involved, and what costumes are required. They then design to outfits for the characters thinking carefully about colours and emotions in the costumes Sometimes costume designers will talk with performers about costume ideas Costume Designers must carry out research in to the costume styles, designs and construction methods which are appropriate for the productions' time period, using a number of resources including libraries, museums and the Internet. This must be achieved within strict budgets, and to tight schedules. HAIR AND MAKE-UP DEPARTMENT Make-up Artist A make up artist works on the film during pre-production. They will be in charge of making sure all performers have the right make up and hair styles. This is a creative role as the make up artist will have to do the make up differently to each clients likings. Their day to day duties involve looking at a brief of what the production style is and working out what kind of make up would best suit this for the clients. Also talking to performers and clients about how they want to look.
  4. 4. SCRIPT DEPARTMENT LOCATION DEPARTMENT ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT Story Producer A Script Editor provides a critical overview of the screenwriting process, and discusses between the Producer or Development Executive and the Screenwriter. Script editors are not meant to give any solutions for problems they have found just to identify them and ensure the screenwriting idea improves and strengthens This is a pre-production role that requires a lot of skill and experience. Their day to day duties include taking an in depth look into screenplays and look at the narrative structure and report back on how it will make the audience feel. Location Manager ALocation manager is responsible for making all the practical arrangements for film or television productions taking place outside the studio. This is a pre-production job as the locations must be decided before filming takes place. Their day to day duties include not just organizing sites but also looking after them whilst keeping to a strict budget and time schedule This is a managerial job as you will not just decide on the sites to use but also manage the sites whilst there. Gaffer A Gaffer is the head of the electrical department, responsible for the execution of the lighting plan for a production. This is a technical managerial role as the person must know all about the technical sides of the lighting ad electrics and also must be in charge of how they are set up Their day to day duties would include setting up all the lighting for a set. They will also need to know what colours of gel to use on cameras for making the scene look like a sunset in midday or be able to re create a cars headlights.
  5. 5. CAMERA DEPARTMENT POST PRODUCTION Director of Photography/Cinematographer The directory of photography (DoP) also know as a cinematographer may be suggested by the director to work on the set. Their job will be to work along side many different people such as the Gaffer for example to alter any better ideas he has for lighting. The cinematographers job is to give the film its own unique signature visual style. This job is one of the most creative jobs in the TV and film industry, the person will need lots of new and interesting ideas Their day to day duties might include discussing options with the Camera Operator, 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera, Camera Trainee and Grips, the Gaffer, the Production Designer, Costume Designer, and the Hair and Make Up Department. Film Editor (Offline Editor for video productions) A Film Editors job is to edit the recorded raw material into a finished product suitable for broadcasting. The material may consist of camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. The Film editor may work in a team and will work closely with the director to make sure the end result is put together perfectly. Film editors start work in the post production once the production has been filmed. This is a technical and creative role as good knowledge of technology will be used along side a creative
  6. 6. INTERACTIVE MEDIA Producer A Producers job is one of if not the most important job in television, film and video industries. A producer will oversee each project from start to finish and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution processes. Producers work closely with directors and other production staff on the shoot. The producer may also be the director making this persons job to oversea and manage the whole production This job is a managerial role with a lot of creativity needed. They will be expected to oversea all budgeting and timing from all the different department but also managing everything will mean making key decisions in creative factors of the production.
  7. 7. Sound editor Glenn Freemantle Glenn Freemantle is now one of Great Britain's most experienced sound designers, with over 70 films to his credit, Glenn Freemantle began work in the cutting rooms at the age of sixteen. Over the past 30 years he has produced soundtracks for films from all over the world, working with some of the industries best known directors. He has worked on a huge amount of films including 'Yentl' (1983), Legend (1985), 'Little Buddha' (1993) and 'Backbeat' (1994), to 'Hackers (1995), 'Wing Commander' (1999) and 'The Beach' (1999) then onto the two Bridget Jones movies in 2001 and 2004, 'Love Actually' (2003) and, in the last few years 'V for Vendetta' (2005), '28 weeks Later' (2007), 'Sunshine' (2007), 'Golden Compass' (2007) and 'Slumdog Millionaire' (2008). Freemantle is passionate for sound for film, Glenn has been careful to surround himself with a core team who can work together under his guidance to produce world class sound in film. People who have worked with Glenn in the past have said “working with Glenn and his team is easy, relaxed, smooth running and very enjoyable. You'll get everything you ask for, everything you hope for and far more besides” " Freemantle has come to be known in the industry the world over for his passion for creative, inventive sound "
  8. 8. Make up artist Michael Westmore Michael Westmore is a famous American make up artist most well known for his work in various Star Trek productions. He has won nine Emmy Awards and won the Academy Award for his make up on the film Mask in 1985. He is part of the famous Westmore family who have had four generations who have worked as make-up artists in the Hollywood film industry. He began his career in 1961 at Universal Studios and has carried on doing make-up for four decades since, even working for the CIA at one point to create disguises for spies overseas. His grandfather George Westmore was the first person to create a make-up department on a Hollywood movie set. “Nobody in Hollywood consistently employs as many make-up artists as Michael Westmore” http://makeupmag.com/article/id/535/