Facebook for Business

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My presentation for the International Internet Marketing Association Workshop …

My presentation for the International Internet Marketing Association Workshop

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  • 1. Facebook for Business How to build relationships, express identity, and manage information in a social ecology
  • 2. Why Facebook relevant for Business? “I’m here to build something for the long term. Anything else is a distraction.” Mark Zuckerberg (Fast Company, May 2007) Flickr photo courtesy of ekai http://tinyurl.com/4rpa9l
  • 3. 70+ million active users Growing Community 7+ million are Canadian more than half outside of college
  • 4. Real World Friendships •Control •Ease of Access •Exclusivity “What [Facebook] needed to do was construct as accurate a model as possible of the way the social graph looks in the real world” ~Mark Zuckerberg (Newsweek, Aug 2007)
  • 5. •website that facilitates Social Media creation and sharing of content
  • 6. Social Media for Business Flickr image by Megan Cole
  • 7. What people do on Facebook Facebook Note by Olga Skutina •Communicate •Seek Information •Play with Applications •Control Content •Socialise
  • 8. •Building Relationships Facebook Essentials •Identity Expression •Shared Information Space
  • 9. Building Relationships Feel out their level of Facebook friendliness
  • 11. Cultivate Friendships through Social Interaction
  • 12. Cultivate Friendships through Social Interaction
  • 13. Benefits and Consequences of Photographs and Videos
  • 14. Flickr photo courtesy of kk+ http://tinyurl.com/427j88 Facebook Chat provides IM with Facebook friends
  • 15. •Building Relationships Facebook Essentials •Identity Expression •Shared Information Space
  • 16. • Personal/Company Branding • Privacy Identity Expression • De-mystifying Facebook Realities
  • 17. Privacy Profile Visibility
  • 18. Privacy Profile Visibility
  • 19. Privacy: Search
  • 20. Flickr photo by user dhammza http://tinyurl.com/2qgo2l Privacy Tracking footprints
  • 21. Privacy Managing Relationships Photo courtesy of flickr user Bob.Formal http://tinyurl.com/3xhan6
  • 22. Privacy Blocking and Limited Profiles
  • 23. •Building Relationships Facebook Essentials •Identity Expression •Shared Information Space
  • 24. Sharing Content through Applications, Posted Items, Notes, Status Updates
  • 25. Shared Information Space 3rd party APIs within Newsfeed
  • 26. “1 billion pages views is cool but really what I care about is giving people access to connect and the information they want as efficiently as possible.” -- Mark Zuckerberg, March 24, 2007 Andy Kessler Interview http://tinyurl.com/32ql97 Friends produce and consume within shared information space
  • 27. What is the value of this Information Space?
  • 28. Photo courtesy of Flickr User Mrs Magic http://tinyurl.com/2o8eay Getting things done through Productivity moderation not addiction
  • 29. Facebook firefox toolbar for Productivity developers
  • 30. Productivity Filtering News Feed Stories
  • 31. Productivity Facebook Mobile
  • 32. Productivity Friend Requests
  • 33. Tazzu Networking Ltd. Case Study
  • 34. Tazzu Networking Ltd Business Page
  • 35. Tazzu Networking Ltd WordPress Event
  • 36. Tazzu Networking Ltd News Feed
  • 37. Tazzu Networking Ltd Beyond Facebook (Blogs, Tweets, Flickr)
  • 38. Flickr photo by user assbach http://tinyurl.com/2uffo5 Help FAQ, Suggestions, and Safety
  • 39. Thank you Phillip Jeffrey tyfn@fadetoplay.com fadetoplay.com