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Facebook 101:Privacy Protection through User Education
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Facebook 101:Privacy Protection through User Education


Published on

Northern Voice workshop talk (a social media/blogging conference in Vancouver) …

Northern Voice workshop talk (a social media/blogging conference in Vancouver)

~Feb 2008

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Facebook 101 Privacy protection through user education
  • 2. In two parts •Understanding Privacy •Enhancing Productivity
  • 3. “I’m here to build something for the long term. Anything else is a distraction.” Mark Zuckerberg Why Facebook 101?
  • 4. Phillip Jeffrey • UBC Graduate Student (Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre) • Facebook Member since 2005 • Social Media | Student-focused • Publications, Press, Presentations
  • 5. “What [Facebook] needed to do was construct as accurate a model as possible of the way the social graph looks in the real Building on Real World world” ~ Mark Zuckerberg Relationships
  • 6. By the Numbers • Number 1 Site for Photos • 62+ Million Active Users • 7 Million are Canadians • 250 000 New Registrations/ Day
  • 7. Photo by Flickr user mondoagogo Expectations and Reality based Privacy on Experience
  • 8. Privacy Sharing Personal Profiles
  • 9. Privacy “Friends”, Acquaintances and Friendship
  • 10. Privacy “Friends”, Acquaintances and Friendship
  • 11. Privacy “Friends”, Acquaintances and Friendship
  • 12. Photo by Flickr User Lex in the City ( Context Management & Defaults Privacy
  • 13. Privacy Search
  • 14. Privacy Blocking and Limited Profiles
  • 15. Sharing through Networks Privacy
  • 16. Flickr photo by user dhammza Privacy Tracking footprints
  • 17. “Jim Combs, a Harper College student who is transferring to NIU this fall, created the Facebook group [Pray for Northern Illinois University Students and Families] at 4:30 p.m., an hour and a half after the shootings began.” Chicago Tribute. Privacy News Source for Media since Sept 2006
  • 18. Privacy Terms of Service
  • 19. Photo by Flickr user bingbing Privacy Temporary Deactivation vs. Permanent Deletion
  • 20. Photo courtesy of flickr user Bob.Formal Privacy Managing Relationships
  • 21. Privacy Newsfeed Stories (Sharing your bizness through minifeed)
  • 22. Privacy Events
  • 23. Privacy Groups
  • 24. Privacy Sharing Photos through tagging
  • 25. Privacy Sharing Notes through Tagging
  • 26. Photo courtesy of Flickr User Mrs Magic Getting things done through Productivity moderation not addiction
  • 27. Facebook firefox toolbar for Productivity developers
  • 28. Productivity iPhoto Exporter
  • 29. Productivity Filtering News Feed Stories
  • 30. Productivity Facebook Mobile
  • 31. Productivity Friend Requests
  • 32. Flickr photo by user assbach Help FAQ, Suggestions, and Safety
  • 33. Facebook Note by Olga Skutina Phillip Jeffrey Thanks for coming