Death Penalty
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Death Penalty






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  • I stood outside the library and surveyed 94 random students… Of these students, about 3/4 believe we should keep the death penalty.
  • Interestingly, 81% of males surveyed feel the death penalty is a necessity, compared to 41% of females surveyed.
  • From this chart you can see that nationally, in 2005, 64% of American’s favored the death penalty. The survey I conducted at Marist matches up with the 1980’s result of 74% in favor of the death penalty.
  • Over the last 23 years, NJ taxpayers have paid 253 million for capital punishment cases. Of these cases there were 197 trials, 60 death sentences (50 were reversed) and 0 executions.
  • In 1999, Florida overturned 75% of death penalty cases that were sent to direct appeal. Therefore, 75% of those cases wasted valuable time in the court system.
  • Experts argue that (on top of its cost effectiveness) being locked up forever causes criminals to suffer and reflect every day on the crime they committed, instead of simply being put to death.
  • From 1976 - 2005, 119 innocent people have been released from death row. Since 1900, researchers have found 23 cases of innocent people being executed.
  • 58 nations still use the death penalty, 95 have abolished it. Those who use it include: China, Iran, Iraq, North/South Korea, Russia, US. Those who have abolished include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, & United Kingdom.
  • Some experts say victims families will be consoled by the fact the criminal is no longer alive to haunt them.
  • Isaac Ehrlich conducted a study and found that each execution prevents 7-8 murders from occurring.
  • Researchers who support this argueby askingwhy should a killer be allowed to live when their victim no longer can?
  • Modern DNA testing offers 99.99% accurate results and when partnered with other forms of tests and eye witnesses, killers identities can be correctly proven.
  • This relates back to the old “eye for an eye” argument, many experts believe that if one kills, they should be killed.
  • So, overall, I firmly believe that the death penalty is necessary in our society. Without it, (although our global image may improve) I believe there will be no punishment to accurately fit the crime of murder.

Death Penalty Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Should the United States
    ban the death penalty?
    By: Tyler Cost
  • 2. Marist Survey
  • 3. Marist Survey By Gender
  • 4. National Survey
  • 5. BAN the death penalty!
    to taxpayers is
    much higher
    to execute someone, rather than imprisoning them for life.
  • 6. BAN the death penalty!
    Death sentence appeals
    down the
    court system.
  • 7. BAN the death penalty!
    Experts argue that
    life in prison
    is a
    more effective
    form of crime deterrent.
  • 8. BAN the death penalty!
    men and women can be
  • 9. BAN the death penalty!
    It may
    Global Image.
  • 10. KEEP the death penalty!
    The death penalty offers
    to victims families.
  • 11. KEEP the death penalty!
    The death penalty is a
    major form of
  • 12. KEEP the death penalty!
    Letting killers live shows too much
  • 13. KEEP the death penalty!
    Modern DNA testing can
    the killer’s identity.
  • 14. KEEP the death penalty!
    The death penalty is a
    fundamental form of
  • 15. WRAP UP
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