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Tyco Retail Solutions Tyco Retail Solutions Document Transcript

  • RetailPerformance andSecuritySolutionsSafer. Smarter. Tyco.TM
  • / 2 / Overview Brochure / TycoMemorable Shopper ExperienceAs you strive to improve shopperexperience and brand loyalty,our solutions support enhancedmerchandising, improved store aestheticsand ambiance, and interactive andself-service options.Increased RevenueWe help retailers tap into new sources ofrevenue with solutions to driveconversion rates, improve marketingeffectiveness and increase openmerchandising.Safe and Secure EnvironmentsEvery store needs to protect critical assets— employees, shoppers and merchandise— while reducing shrink, theft and liability.Our solutions help retailers create a storeenvironment that is safe, secure andinviting, 24 hours per day.Lean RetailingOptimizing your retail operation requiresvisibility into areas of spend and loss.Our technology solutions help retailersmaximize multi-channel shopperinteractions, optimize the product mix,improve store labor efficiency andmaximize space utilization.We provide retailersaround the world the confidenceto offer the best possible shoppingexperience while increasingoperational efficiency andprofitability.Leading apparel retailers recognizehaving accurate inventory impacts shelfavailability, store productivity, customersatisfaction, and ultimately sales.Clothing retailer, Under Armour,leveraged our advanced data-capturetechnology to improve store layouts,measure and evaluate efficiencies, and,ultimately, drive sales.Italian Retailer, Limoni Perfume, identifiestechniques such as foil-lined booster bagsare becoming more common shopliftingmethods used by thieves.The SensormaticUltra • Exit system enables them tosignificantly reduce shrink and improveprofitability, while staying one step aheadof the offenders.Spanish specialty retailer, Messcalino,improved operations for theircontemporary collections with our uniquesolution that integrates RFID and EAStechnology to provide precise re-stocking,while delivering exceptional levels ofanti-theft protection in their stores.
  • Overview Brochure / Tyco / 3 /Overview Brochure / Tyco / 3 /
  • / 4 / Overview Brochure / TycoStoresEmployeesInventoryShoppersWhether your objective is to minimizeshrink, increase conversion rates,optimize inventory, drive employees’productivity, or enhance overall storeperformance, our goal is to leveragethe TrueVUE Platform to deliver retailperformance excellence.Our Store Performance and SecuritySolutions reach across a broad arrayof mission-critical retail operations tocapture, interpret, report and intelligentlyrespond to real-time operational datafrom stores, employees, inventory andshoppers. These solutions leveragea common integration approach tohardware devices and systems, reportingand user interfaces to help retailerslower operating and ownership costs,optimize asset investments, decreaseobsolescence, and maximize scalabilityand extensibility. With this unifiedapproach, we can deliver the end-to-endintegration that breaks down operationalsilos and promotes holistic decision-making in the store. Believing that thisapproach is the best way to optimizeretail operations, we promote innovationand long-term growth, and help createa competitive advantage for our retailcustomers around the world.With over 45 years of excellence in retail,we have the expertise to understand yourneeds, the technology to meet them, andthe comprehensive technical, professionaland support services to help you achievelong term success.TrueVUE StorePerformancePlatformProfessional & Project Management ServicesTrueVUEPlatform“When applications including real-time inventory management,workforce and task management, and customer support tools areconnected via a common store integration platform, modern workersare more engaged and motivated to get work done, help customers, andsupport each other.This drives more operations efficiencies, workforcesatisfaction, and customer loyalty.”~ Leslie Hand, IDC Retail InsightsHello.
  • Overview Brochure / Tyco / 5 /Store ExecutionLeverage our new class of solutions to break down thewalls between siloed retail functions, creating a trulyintegrated real-time store execution environment todeliver substantial improvements in enterprise-wide storeperformance.// Capture, consolidate and interpret high fidelity data from different sensor technologies// Deliver real-time execution decisions affecting revenue and profitabilitySafety & SecuritySafeguarding employees and shoppers remains critical tobrand equity. Our safety solutions help monitor access andactivity and decrease time needed to manage video andsecurity systems.// Improve shopper and employee safety// Safeguard critical assets with intrusion and fire detectionLoss PreventionOur loss prevention solutions help retailers proactivelymonitor security incidents to address fraud, shopliftingand internal theft. With wide exit coverage, integrateddeactivation solutions, source tagging, disposable labelsand reusable hard tags, we can deliver a loss preventionsolution to meet your needs.// Protect margins// Maintain product availabilityTraffic IntelligenceOur traffic intelligence solution provides valuable insightsthat can drive increased retail performance by correlatingreal-time shopper and associate behavior patterns againstsales transactions, time and attendance, and marketingactivities.// Increase shopper conversion// Optimize queue management// Ensure promotional complianceInventory IntelligenceDrive significant improvements in inventory accuracy andretail execution with our inventory visibility solutions.Throughout the supply chain, retailers gain key operationalinsights that deliver critical intelligence to store associatesand corporate decision makers.// Reduce out-of-stocks and improve overall inventory accuracy// Increase customer satisfaction and enable new merchandising strategiesRetail Performance &Security SolutionsOverview Brochure / Tyco / 5 /Safety & SecurityLoss PreventionInventory IntelligenceTraffic IntelligenceStore Execution
  • / 6 / Overview Brochure / TycoOver the past 45 years, our retail solutionshave kept hundreds of millions of peoplesafe in more than 70 countries. OurSensormatic electronic article surveillance(EAS) products have protected more than115 million products in the past decade,making it the most trusted brand in retailloss prevention. Through relationshipswith over 80 percent of the top 200 globalretailers, we are committed to helpingretailers benefit from our broad retailindustry experience and advanced retailtechnologies, including:// Expertise across all major retail sectors, including department store, specialty, food, DIY and mass merchants// Mission critical advanced solutionsthat address store execution,Inventory visibility and losspreventionTechnology Based onDeep Retail Industry Experience// Comprehensive systems including fire and life safety, video, access control, intrusion detection, traffic intelligence, anti-shoplifting and associated services// World’s largest installed base of EAS solutions// Solutions that deliver value today, and protect your investment by offering a flexible migration path to future technologies// WorldwideTyco Professional Services organization// Dedicated worldwide ADT Retail Field Service and Systems Integration organizationsWeKnow.
  • Overview Brochure / Tyco / 7 /YourTrusted PartnerOur retail expertise goes beyondtechnology solutions.When you needa trusted partner for every step of theprocess, turn to our staff of expert serviceproviders.With program management,project management, staging andconfiguration, network systemsinfrastructure support, remote monitoringand ongoing maintenance programs, wehave you covered from beginning to endaround the world.“The Sensormatic source tagging program offers us a number of important benefits.With buy-in from merchandising executives, our source tagging program enablesmore accurate on shelf inventory, less shrink and open merchandising.The programmakes it easier for our customers to enjoy their shopping experience without havingitems inaccessible in locked cabinets or on cables.”~ Lowe’s“The Sensormatic Ultra •Tag has given us the freedom to display products openlyto customers, standardize product displays and reduce losses while increasingsales. Our employees have recognized the benefits of easy application and removal,enhanced productivity and greater security that the Ultra •Tag offers.”~Almacenes Éxito“TheTraffic Intelligence Solution fromTyco has enabled us to identify important customer trends such as peak shopping hours, traffic counts, sales conversion ratios, tracking and trending sales per staff member and department as well as helpmeasure advertising effectiveness.”~ Under Armour“The Integrated Store requires a broad portfolio of technologies which, in most cases,a retailer has to piece together using the individual solutions they have required from many vendors. No single vendor has all the pieces, butTyco Retail Solutions is one of the companies with the broadest collection of technologies.”~ ChainLink Research
  • Global strength. Local expertise.At your service.North America Headquarters1501Yamato RoadBoca Raton, FL 33431United StatesPhone: +1 877 258-6424Latin America Headquarters1501Yamato RoadBoca Raton, FL 33431United StatesPhone: +1 877 258 6424United Kingdom/Ireland RegionalHeadquartersSecurity House,The SummitHanworth RoadSunbury-on-ThamesMiddlesex.TW16 5DBUnited KingdomPhone: +44 1932 743 432Continental Europe HeadquartersAm Schimmersfeld 5-740880 RatingenGermanyPhone: +49 2102 7141 0Asia-Pacific HeadquartersNo.26 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2Level 1Singapore 569507Phone: +65 63898000South Africa Headquarters1 Charles CrescentEastgate Ext 4, SandtonSouth AfricaPhone: +086 12 12 400Leverage our strengthand experienceTyco Retail Solutions is a leading globalprovider of integrated retail performanceand security solutions, deployed todayat more than 80 percent of the world’stop 200 retailers. Customers range fromsingle-store boutiques to global retailenterprises. Operating in more than 70countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutionsprovides retailers with real-time visibilityto their inventory and assets to improveoperations, optimize profitability and creatememorable shopper experiences.The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio forretailers is sold direct and throughauthorized business partners aroundthe world.TRS-Overview_BRO_RTL_12-2012_ENCopyright © 2012 Tyco Retail SolutionsAll rights reserved. TYCO RETAIL SOLUTIONS,SENSORMATIC, ADT, TrueVUE and the productnames listed in this document are marksand/or registered marks. Unauthorized useis strictly prohibited.www.tycoretailsolutions.comRev 1 - 12/2012Safer. Smarter. Tyco.TM