Tycoon women workshop 20 03 2012


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How to be a successful business woman taking advantage of today's modern marketing methods, the age of information and make money from your passion.

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  • Not what you do it’s what you know
  • Main difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is your world view. Entrepreneurs see solutions and opportunities by taking note of the world around them. Red v blue exercise.
  • Feedback to group- if not enough people use flipchart to note ideas in a group
  • The real business behind business is sales. Without sales to customers you are not in business. Therefore it is vital if you are to become a successful Tycoon woman to understand the laws of demand and supply. hot demand means more than your family and close friends wanting to buy your product. too many people with good ideas fail in business because they are more interested in their idea or product i.e the supply that what the market is telling them. Example of Shake and vac Scope = entrepreneurs know that only a fraction of the people you want a product will actually buy it, therefore they will not supply anything that is not in hot demand by large numbers of peopleDuration= how long people buy this product for what they always need it or is it a one-time sale. If the demand is durable or there is continuity i.e. Life after a sale that business is of interestDepth = if their range of products and services that can be sold alongside this product Other support services be sold with this product is their up sell or side sell opportunity
  • Business is about sales sales is the oldest even only profession everything is tradedPurpose of business is to create and keep customersBusiness behind business is marketing new models strip out the old costs of marketing and sales using modern methods eliminating waste and complications
  • Sales and marketing 2 most important kills. no customers no Sales not business. People are afraid of sales – images of pushy sales people selling vulnerable customers what they don't want. Modern business understand that true selling is about providing solutions to problems and targeted at the people who need those solutions. If you get your marketing right customers should seek you out. Financial know how speaks for itself – managing your business expenses and knowing when where and how your money is flowing
  • Staying power – making the shift sticking with it when going gets toughBeing able to manage time wisely so don't become busy fool, works smarter not harder. Early days will need to be Jill of all trades
  • why are you in business? what do you do? How are you adding value, what is your promise to your customersPersonal SWOT and a development plan
  • why are you in business? what do you do? How are you adding value, what is your promise to your customersPersonal SWOT and a development plan
  • Tycoon women workshop 20 03 2012

    1. 1. Workshop Presented By Ola Agbaimoni www.tycoonwomen.com tycoonwomen@tycoonwomen.comTycoon Women Moments radio show:
    2. 2. • Welcome• Introductions• Me• You• Name, Background, Expectations
    3. 3. Ola Agbaimoni, 50 on 3rd SeptemberWorked in public sector as senior managerover 25 yrsI’m a passionate entrepreneur: I run my owncompany Leaders To Follow LtdContact details: www.tycoonwomen.comtycoonwomen@tycoonwomen.com
    4. 4. •My Purpose: To Change the World by CreatingTycoon Women living successful, truly wealthylives making money from their passion•My expectation: To inspire you to take the nextstep towards your goal 
    5. 5. Overview• Why Tycoon Women?• Why we may not see ourselves as entrepreneurs?• The New Reality
    6. 6. • Your turn• Name, Background, Expectations
    7. 7. Overview• Difference between running a traditional business and becoming a Tycoon Women• How to think like a Tycoon Woman• Fast start-up business models• Tycoon skills• Get started!
    8. 8. • Why Tycoon Women
    9. 9. • Tycoon Women: powerful women with thinking hearts• Tycoon = Totally You Confident Outstanding Optimistic Now• Empower women to become the CEOs of their own lives You Plc (Personal Life Corporation)• Your assets: Internal Wealth – Emotional; Physical; Intellectual, Spiritual• Confidence to do or be anything you wish including a Tycoon Woman in business aka a Highly successful Entrepreneur
    10. 10. • Why We May Not See Ourselves As Entrepreneurs – Disharmony in our two primary relationships – Our relationship with Money – Our relationship with ourselves
    11. 11. • Why We May Not See Ourselves As Entrepreneurs Results in: – Negative talk, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence – Fear of: poverty; social ridicule, failure
    12. 12. • Why We May Not See Ourselves As Entrepreneurs – Mis-education: Trained to become a worker
    13. 13. • The New Reality – Jobs being lost – Wages being cut – Pensions losing value
    14. 14. A single Income from a single job can no longer sustain youNew Information Age Old Era Independent Job Dependent State Dependent Aid Dependent
    15. 15. New Information Age Opportunities• People will seek out Information• Social Media means that it is easy to target niche markets• Internet is a great leveller
    16. 16. Difference between running a traditionalbusiness and becoming a Tycoon Women inBusiness
    17. 17. Traditional BusinessesTradefor money
    18. 18. Tycoon Women are focussed on creating sourcesof income and leveraging value
    19. 19. What would you rather have?
    20. 20. Traditional Businesses• Created a Business Plan to approach a Bank loan to start upTycoon Women• Have low start up costs and minimal overheads
    21. 21. Traditional Businesses• Manufacture or import /export bulk items for saleTycoon women• source suppliers globally who are prepared to drop ship
    22. 22. Traditional Businesses• Use expensive and imprecise marketingTycoon Women• Understand that customers are part of their community and relate to them as advisor and friend
    23. 23. •How to think like a Tycoon Woman•What to Entrepreneurs Do?•Look for the PAIN •Problems •Aspirations •Issues •Needs
    24. 24. How to think like a Tycoon Woman• Learn to see opportunities for solving problems• Exercise:• You need to make £1000 in 4 weeks• Discuss ideas with a partner 5mins
    25. 25. Information on raising cash fast via the internet A free report www.tycoonwomen.com
    26. 26. 8 Major Concerns = 8 Consumer Markets• Spirituality• Health & Fitness• Love and Marriage• Careers• Personal Finance• Lifestyle• Personal Development• Contributing to the Community (charity/politics)
    27. 27. The Master Key: Law of Supply and Demand1. Never supply anything that is not in hot demand2. Start with Market demand rather than your idea3. Thorough market research is vital4. Your focus should be with the demand side not the supply side5. You must understand the scope , duration and depth of demand
    28. 28. Benefits of the 4 Business Models: Can be run from home Can be started with little or in some cases no financial outlay. Has the potential become a commercially viable business that can be sold to buyers Has the potential to be automated in such a way that they work independently of your daily input.
    29. 29.  Once fully automated is effectively a low maintenance business. They can be run successfully with minimal input from the entrepreneur that created them. Can be applied to any niche market chosen by the owner. Is flexible model and can be adjusted to suit the rapid changes taking place in the markets. Is based on the real business behind real business i.e. effective marketing and sales
    30. 30. Fast Start Up Business Models• Affiliate or Sign post Marketing Model• Network or Multi Level Marketing Model• Information/ Mentoring Model• Subscription Services Model
    31. 31. Tycoon Skills• Sales and Marketing• Financial Know How
    32. 32. Tycoon Skills• Self Motivation Skills• Time Management• Administration Skills
    33. 33. • Becoming a Tycoon Woman in business is a way to secure your future and guarantee your dreams• Business models have produced more millionaires than any other financial plan• Not a get rich quick scheme BUT• Initial hard work long hours will pay off!
    34. 34. Getting Started• Work on bring harmony into your relationship with Money and your relationship with yourselfHow• Identify your money mindset• Heal your money history• Get clear on your values
    35. 35. Getting Started• SWOTT Yourself and create a personal development plan• Identify Your passion – your gift to the world• Who is it for ? – your niche• Create your wealth – your business model: How to give as much value as possible to the most people
    36. 36. • Where to get help?• Internet• Books and Articles• Business support agencies; IP centre in the British Library• Coaches and Mentors
    37. 37. Questions-------------------------------------------------------------Thank you : Feedback Forms If you would like copies of the PowerPointslides please leave your details
    38. 38. Subscribe to the Tycoon women weekly newsletter www.tycoonwomen.com tycoonwomen@tycoonwomen.com