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Appkungfu by MatchMove Games
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Appkungfu by MatchMove Games


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MatchMove Games presents Appkungfu, as tools for game developers. This slides were presented on GameLAN event, January 27 2012, at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

MatchMove Games presents Appkungfu, as tools for game developers. This slides were presented on GameLAN event, January 27 2012, at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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  • 2. WHO WE AREAdvance Social Network & Gaming Platform to Cater All
  • 4. OUR VISION:A MULTI PLATFORM GAME SERVICE FOR END USERS iPad&Wifi At the café or restaurant TV & Cable On the cruise or at the hotel/resort Mobile On-the-Go Access Portal Computer Reach your At home or Office customers anytime anywhere ► One Stop: Game Services + Current Technology + Domain Expertise + Proven Solutions = Real Results.
  • 5. WHAT WE DOBRIDGING THE GAP FOR PORTALS Trademarks of and © Cartoon Network
  • 6. NEW DEMAND CHAIN FOR GAMES AND SOCIAL NETSTHE BATTLE FOR CONSUMER REVENUE FROM GAMES AND SOCIAL NETWORKING IS JUST STARTING. we want now! Traditional Media New Media Telco Entertainment Public domain sites like Facebook and semi- closed ecosystems we need likes iTunes/Apple are pulling consumers and fast! revenue away. Rather than let Facebook and Apple and other B2C sites take more revenue and drive the roadmap, many businesses are now looking for alternatives to keep consumer revenue and loyalty. In certain high growth countries, they are even looking to become the ‘local’ Facebook. Faced with a ‘build-or-buy’ option, many of these companies are coming to MatchMove for readymade, proven, secure, end-to-end solutions. “1 year to build my own? MatchMove can have us live in 2 weeks”
  • 8. PLATFORM & TECHNOLOGY Social Networking Features Trademarks of and © Cartoon Network
  • 9. SOCIAL NETWORKING THROUGH GAMES► Engage the members continuously and increase members’ loyalty
  • 10. MASS BROADCASTINGTHROUGH SNS PLATFORM Automated posting to external social network External Social Network Through MatchMove sophisticated social network platform, we draw the strength of larger social network to enable the same message to be published into the person’s personal Two way posting feed in the external platform such as between Online Facebook. and Mobile ► Your own Social Network Platform! What all major brands are seeking. 10
  • 11. INSTANT INTEGRATION WITH MAJOR NETWORKSFacebook Connect, Yahoo! OpenID, Gmail….and more ►Sign or sign up fast and smooth. Start playing immediately.
  • 12. FRIENDS INVITATION SYSTEM► Tell your friends about the site.
  • 14. GAME LEADERBOARD Competition and tournament can be arranged around the leaderboard feature. ► Adding more popular titles constantly.
  • 15. SECOND VIRTURAL CURRENCYMCOIN ► Second Virtual Currency to enable a valuable reward system without incurring cost ► Can be awarded in conjunction with other module such as Gift or Badges System ► Future implementation: download free game, play per session (for Premium Game), join the bidding to win the sponsor gifts etc.
  • 16. GIFTING MODULE ► Show your friends how much you care by sending gifts ► Display gifts you received on your profile page ► Special gifts will be available but with limited stock. ► Can be used as part of the marketing and promotional tools
  • 17. BADGES SYSTEM ► Use Badges System and combined it with the second virtual currency to reward and reinforce certain favorable behaviour. ► Further specific customization can be provided in relation to event or campaign.
  • 18. MAJOR PAYMENT PROVIDERS ALREADY INTEGRATED…AND MORE COMING IN EVERY WEEK. ► Users will have all local options to make purchases
  • 19. FULL-FEATURED MOBILE PLATFORMAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone, WAP. Games. Social Networking. Location-based Services. Advertising. Local language. Full integration with MM/customer platform.
  • 20. A READY-MADE DEVELOPER NETWORKENABLING MASSIVE CONTENT FLOW FOR B2B CUSTOMERS. Best-of-Breed APIs supporting: social (open, baseline Fb and RenRen) mobile ( Android and IOS support) set-top-box cross-screen play location-based services advertising ( on-site, in-app) .... ‘Standard APIs’ lower barriers of entry andadoption for games and apps developers. New platforms provide new sources of revenue, especially local Asian developers. Thereby increasing content flow and further enabling customers to produce and publish unique and exclusive content for their own consumers : Retention and Loyalty. Thus further equipping our B2B customers who want to attract and retain consumers, advertisers, and revenue. And are willing pay for a platform that helps them do this.
  • 21. Push an App out to millions. Without hassle. Without marketing expense. Then start earning. We know how difficult it is to successfully market a new App to the world. That’s why we’re doing it for you.
  • 22. AppKungfu gives you: Exclusive developer community, tools and APIs Up to 150 million monthly eyeballs in Southeast Asia Easy access to payment providers Private network to display ads and share revenue Coverage on leading local partners like Yahoo, Okezone, Starhub, Kompas and etc Sounds incredible? But how much does it cost to get on AppKungfu? S$0. AppKungfu is absolutely free for any developer with a quality App.
  • 23. The Fastest Growing Internet & Games Market In The World!• Fastest internet growth in the world• Social Media growth rate over 24 months exceeds 1000% It’s a race to get into South East Asia now. Are you ahead?
  • 24. Asia still has long way to grow online. SOUTH AND EAST ASIA NOW on similar trajectory to China• Numerous growth drivers in place for sustained growth: broadband, mobile, WiFi, 3G• Unique domestic factors indicate accelerated uptake of online games and social networks: higher incomes, web penetration, wider demographics, more game genres• Steady increase in new entrants from North-East Asia and Western markets• Many want to launch rapidly with a full-spectrum service across all Asian markets.• Not everyone has resources or time to build their own.• We are facing a growing market with massive upside.
  • 25. We give you immediate unparallel coverage in the region Okezone Game FeedSingapore Yahoo Matchmove Singapore Yahoo Carousel Front page space on more than 10 of the biggest MEDIA and ONLINE PORTALS Website and content localized to 6 LANGUAGES English Bahasa Viet Thai Chinese Arabic
  • 26. Powered by Matchmove Application Development API• Socially empower any connected application Multiplatform• Single sign on anywhere Easy to use.• Works on any internet enabled devices Hassle free.• Flexibility and Service Oriented Architecture on the cloud Fast coding• Reduces reliance on expensive custom development Robust
  • 27. With MMAD, Anyone Can Do It! • Following the common OAuth 2.0 protocol for ease of use Multiplatform • Scalable architecture for efficient development Easy to use. • Documentation to answer your technical needs Hassle free. • Technical support for extra help Fast coding • Easy to use and flexible coding model Robust Computer 3G & Wifi At the café or restaurant At home or office Mobile TV & Set-Top BoxOn-The-Go Access On the cruise or at the hotel/ resort
  • 28. Payment API A Wide Range of Payment MethodsCover The Entire Southeast Asia With AppKungFu and MMAD PayPal M1 Indomog Visa GX Credits Maxis Mastercard Cherry Credits Digi Celcom American express BCA Mandiri Smart JCB Asta Globe moneybookers PayPal Dtac Singtel Telkomsel True Starhub Indosat AIS
  • 29. Who is using it already? and many more. "This new partnership with MatchMove is absolutely perfect. The integration with MatchMove via AppKungfu was quick and seamless. All the necessary APIs for our game are there and the initial results have been outstanding!“ CEO, Mahjong Time Ronnie Tan Wirawan Wijatmiko Abriyanti MATCHMOVE GAMES PTE LTD .