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  1. 1. ComiICon What is your superpower?
  2. 2. Rules • Two Stages: Prelimwa And Mainwa • Prelimwa: 20 questions • 4 Star marked tie breakers • Top 6 teams qualify for the mainwa rounds • Quizmaster is batman’s alter ego and you don’t mess with the batman.
  3. 3. Let’s Go Exploring!!
  4. 4. Q1. Let’s Celebrate • X was founded by Detroit, Michigan-born comic fan Shel Dorf. When he moved to San Diego, California in 1970, he organized a one-day convention on March 21, 1970 "as a kind of 'dry run' for the larger convention he hoped to stage." Dorf went on to be associated with the convention as president or manager, variously, for many years until becoming estranged from the organization. Identify X.
  5. 5. Q2.What is special about this Megadeth album cover?
  6. 6. Vic Rattlehead is holding a kryptonite
  7. 7. Q3.I want to play a game • X is a game invented by Y where rules are made up as one goes along. Rules cannot be used twice. No game of X is like another. The game may involve wickets, mallets, volleyballs, and additional equipment as well as masks. • There is only one permanent rule in X: One can't play it in the same way twice. An apparent rule in X is that one must wear a black mask and that one isn't allowed to question the mask. Another apparent rule is that any new rule made up by each player must be accepted. A third apparent rule is that you cannot make any plays you made in a previous game.
  8. 8. Calvinball
  9. 9. Q4. The Desi avatar • Pavitra Prabhakar is the main protagonist in which comic book series? (Well, only 4 issues of this comic actually came out)
  10. 10. Spider Man :India Pavitra Prabhakar-Peter Parker Meera Jain- Mary Jane Aunty Maya- Aunt May
  11. 11. Q5*. Aside from the ordinary snakes, three Icchadhaari Nagas live inside Nagaraj’s body. Name them.
  12. 12. •Sheet NagKumar •Soudangi •Naagu
  13. 13. Q6.Cheekh X Cheekh!! • X was an orphan who was found as an infant in a rubbish dump by Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless dacoit, who used him as protection against police raid to save himself, but treated him like a dog (and called him that). During his childhood, X witnessed numerous horrors which turned him into a sociopath. • X's life took a turn for the better when he met Adrak Chacha and his brothers. Initially he used to practice in his gym hiding from others. Seeing his devotion, Adrak allowed the child to make use of his gym for weightlifting helping him to build his muscle mass. He was also given training in martial arts under Haldi Khan (one of Adrak's brothers), boxing under Dhania Khan, and marksmanship under Kalimirchi Khan. • X took the alias of Y and is also known as “Mumbai Ka Baap”. How do we know him?
  14. 14. Suraj, Doga
  15. 15. Q7.The Plaintiff and the defendant?
  16. 16. P-Coyote D-Acme Corp.
  17. 17. Q8. Google Doodle in Whose Honor?
  18. 18. Anant Pai
  19. 19. Q9. Satoshi Tajirin, in 1996, created which cartoon series, after being inspired by his hobby of insect collecting?
  20. 20. Pokemon
  21. 21. Q10*. ID the brothers
  22. 22. Warner Bros.
  23. 23. Q11.Which famous personality did Batman meet in this issue?
  24. 24. Adolf Hitler
  25. 25. Q12.Recharge Your Will • The central battery is a kind of eternal light that feeds power to the 3600 replica batteries - “Ys" - that charge each XY’s weapon. With the Universe divided into 3600 sectors, each sector must necessarily contain a profusion of galaxies, so however the central battery provides juice to the weapon bearers, this must be through a means that is not bound by the constraints of lightspeed communication. • If you have a collection of "linked" particles, an action taken upon one particle befalls all of its linked brothers exactly and simultaneously, notwithstanding the absence of any visible means of transmission and regardless of the distances involved. How this superheroic commerce among particles takes place, we have no idea. So by some course at the center of which is the central power battery all the weapons the individual power batteries - are linked, and the central battery on Oa thus doles out the ability to focus one's will to create corporeal mass and energy.
  26. 26. Green Lantern
  27. 27. Q13. Connected Inspiration
  28. 28. TMNT
  29. 29. Q14.The sweet ride?
  30. 30. Turbokat
  31. 31. Q15*. Journey to the west • After much contemplation, X could not decide on a name for the attack, so he asked his wife. His wife came up with the name and the stances used during the attack. She also told X that it would be easy to remember the name of the attack if he used the name of the famous Hawaiian King named Y. X agreed, and the _______ attack was born. The pic below shows the Hawaiian King mentioned above.
  32. 32. Kamehameha
  33. 33. Q16.ID X and Y. • X were accidently discovered by Y in an effort to cure the dying son of a sultan. X is the only thing in the DC universe that can bring back the dying to health. For centuries, Y has used Xs to prolong his life but a side effect of the chemical composition turns the user mad. • Both Batman and Bane together served to destroy all Xs. Sopposedly only one X exists now but there are actually five such left.
  34. 34. Lazarus Pit and Ra’s Al Ghul
  35. 35. Q17. Non-Exhaustive List of what? • X (Intended use: exploding boomerang) • Grapple Gun • Tracers • Cryptographic Sequencer • Rotary Saw • Flamethrower • Ultrasonic beacon(to call Ys) • Shark Repeller • Kryptonite
  36. 36. X-Batrangs
  37. 37. Q18. The Pakistani Attempt • X Y is a Pakistani animated television series airing on Geo Tez a new channel of GEO TV Network. Created and directed by pop star Haroon and produced at Unicorn Black production studios, the show features Jiya, a teacher at a girls school whose alter ego is a superheroine who uses her martial arts skills to fight crime. • X Y is set in the fictional town of Halwapur in northern Pakistan. Jiya is taught "Takht Kabaddi", a martial art that involves throwing pens and books, by Kabbadi Jan, her adopted father. Together with children Ashu, Immu and Mooli, the X Y fights the evil Baba Bandook and his henchmen.
  38. 38. Burka Avenger
  39. 39. Q19. Origins of What?
  40. 40. Man of steel
  41. 41. Q20*. The Dependable Connect
  42. 42. Alfred pennyworth