Webinar – Slides - Mobile Billing for mGaming (July, 2013)


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txtNation Webinar on Mobile Billing for Gambling.

Going Mobile – Key Drivers
Direct Billing and Premium SMS for Gambling
Payforit for Gambling
Business models successfully using Mobile Billing for Gambling

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Webinar – Slides - Mobile Billing for mGaming (July, 2013)

  1. 1. Webinars2013
  2. 2. Mobile GamblingMobile Billing and MarketingStrategies for MobileGambling.Presented byDanny Marino Chief Business Development Officer• Going Mobile – Key Drivers• Direct Billing and Premium SMS for Gambling• Payforit for Gambling• Business models successfully using Mobile Billing for Gambling
  3. 3. Odds-on for Mobile GamblingMobile gambling is beginning to deliver and the growth in gross wagers has developed according to forecasts.Despite economic downturn, gambling industry has witnessed rise in mobile transactions.The UK is by far one of the most liberal, yet transparent and robust, markets of any major economy, strengthened by theUK Gambling Act.The mobile platform has inherent advantages.Convenience is a key factor.Enables access to a much wider audience compared to fixed desktop Internet services.Mobile versions of service often demand players use some of their account through the desktop. This creates a barrier anddisrupts continued play, reducing potential revenues.Registration and deposit making in the initial instance with new member acquisition is also made difficult if requesting for aplayer to register and make a deposit using credit card on their mobile.New member acquisition is going to be more immediate and impulsive on the mobile.
  4. 4. Developing a smarter payment strategythat utilises the strengths of both paymentmechanisms•Mobile network operator transaction fees may not be feasible for gambling and casinooperators to absorb•It does enable better conversions in the first instance however and can be beneficial inincreasing new player acquisitions by utilising it as part of your signup process.•Convert players using Payforit and you can then move them to credit card payments forfuture deposits later.
  5. 5. “Many in the industry are already accepting the initialhigher transaction fee for mobile payments as part of theirmarketing cost and benefiting from much higher new playeracquisitions on the mobile.”PayforiIT Direct Mobile Payments vs. Credit Card•Our statistics show that in countries where direct mobile billing s available,conversion rates rise to 85%.•This data surpasses every other available payment option – especially creditcards, where the conversion rates can be as low as 7%.•Simple usage makes direct billing conversion rates so high.•This way, players don’t need to fill in any additional forms or leave additionalpersonal data that can discourage them from completing the payment.Costs•Using Payforit, direct billing conversion rates have been seen to rise to 85%!•With credit cards, conversion rates are as little as 7%•Payforit transaction fees: as low as 10%•Credit card fees: approx. 3-4%
  6. 6. • A Mobile Payment Solution for Web and mobile services in the UK• Mobile Network Operator (MNO) supported direct billing solution• Officially certified and mandated as the only mobile payments option forWeb and mobile services in the UK.• Enables ‘Pay by Mobile’ Direct Network Billing across all MNOs.• Consistent payment UI and processing experience, which engagescustomers with a familiar check-out environment.• Payforit provides a secure and simple way to make online purchases with amobile device, charging the transaction amount to the mobile bill or Pay AsYou Go (PAYG) credit balance.Payforit 4 Overview
  7. 7. Payforit has been designed to support mobilepayments for:•Websites + Mobile Websites•In-app Purchasing for Mobile Apps – comingsoon under Payforit 4.1The contents of payment pages are the samefor all merchants, presenting customers withthe same payment screen whatever theparticipating mobile network.By adopting this approach, the Payforitscheme provides UK consumers with anunprecedented level of consistency,transparency and security.Payforit 4 How does Payforit work?
  8. 8. •Web PIN / MO Web Opt-in Methods•MSISDN forwarding: used on mobile sites to auto-detect the customer’s mobile number, removing manualentry requirements.•Embedded payment screen options enabling asame-page integration•Customers do not leave your check-out environmentto make payment.Payforit 4 Configuration benefits
  9. 9. Immediate delivery of promotionalmessage directly to a consumers handset.Drive consumers direct to your mobileservices by containing a link inside theSMS.Target your marketing campaign bysending to specific demographics, for thebest results.Impulsive and immediate drive for mobileregistrationsSMSMarketingSMS messaging and data
  10. 10. In Summary:Implement mobile payments to convert more registrations through mobile and increase access to deposit making.Win first deposits from more consumers due to accessibility of mobile payments compared to credit card. Experiencemore success in capturing previously ‘lost’ customers by making the registration and payment experience faster andaccommodating to an unbanked consumer base.Employ a balanced signup and payment strategy which makes use of different payment mechanisms at different timesin a players journey. Introduce mobile payments alongside your already established CC strategies to ensure1. you’re capturing more consumers, including the previously lost unbanked segment2. increase the accessibility and ease of use of registration and first deposits on the mobile through 2 click mobilepayments, higher acquisition rates mean you get more players to loop back to later to switch to CC for further play.Consider the higher transaction fee for mobile payments as a ‘marketing cost’.Your long term return of having more player registrations will be greater.
  11. 11. Email: sales@txtnation.comDanny Marino d.marino@txtnation.comTel: +44 (0)203 283 8828www.txtnation.comgateway.txtnation.comtxtNation LinkedIn Groups:‘Payforit’‘Direct Operator Billing’