2010-11-08 Models for Open Course Materials (SETDA Leadership Summit)
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2010-11-08 Models for Open Course Materials (SETDA Leadership Summit)



Models for Open Course Materials

Models for Open Course Materials
SETDA Leadership Summit
8 November 2010



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2010-11-08 Models for Open Course Materials (SETDA Leadership Summit) 2010-11-08 Models for Open Course Materials (SETDA Leadership Summit) Presentation Transcript

  • MODELS FOR OPEN COURSE MATERIALS Nicole Allen The Student PIRGs SETDA Leadership Summit November 8, 2010
  • Background
  • Textbooks cost $900 per year for the average student Source: Student PIRGs, GAO
    • Textbooks cost…
    • 26% of tuition @ public 4-years
    • 72% of tuition @ comm. Colleges
    • Source: GAO
    Textbooks cost HOW much???
  • Bad publisher practices inflate costs for students. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 250% 200% 150% 100% 50% 0% 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009 Textbook Prices Textbooks Inflation
  • Normal Market (School) (State) Textbook Market Producer Consumer Publisher Professor Students
    • www.studentpirgs.org/open-textbooks
    The campaign: • Expose bad practices through research • Advocate for solutions like open textbooks •  Organize students to spread the word
  • Open Textbooks
  • Online: Free Print: $26.98 • Table of contents, chapters, exercises • Written by experts •  Edited and reviewed to be high-quality 1. Like regular textbooks:
  • Online: Free Print: $19.95 • Available free online to everyone • Downloadable and printable at cost • Hard copies cost$20-30 2. Except affordable:
  • Online: Free Print: $19.95 • Open license • Instructors can customize by adding, editing or removing. • Update faster and only when needed 3. And flexible:
  • • Open textbooks reduce costs by 80% average. • Accommodate the preferences of all students. New Student PIRG study:
  • Savings from switching to open textbooks. $10,114 $75,000 401(k) after 40 years $20,115 Down Payment On First Home $24,575 4 Years Tuition At Iowa State 401(k) Economics 90 Students Calculus 150 Students Physics 185 Students
  • Textbooks are only the beginning…
  • Models
  • • Personal motivation • Sabbatical projects or grant funding • Count toward faculty tenure? Individual authors Robert Beezer “ The world doesn’t need another linear algebra book. It needs a free one.” linear.ups.edu
  • • Work with other institutions or states with similar needs. • Two ideas: split up the work or pool resources. Consortia Community College Consortium for OER More than 200 colleges working to review, create and promote OER. oerconsortium.org
  • • Hewlett, Soros, Gates... • Grants to existing projects. • Request proposals for specific books. Charitable Grants Customizable “flex books” that meet state standards. “ It simply makes more sense.” ck12.org
  • • Redirect existing funds (NSF, FIPSE). • Invest new funds (state and federal). Gov ’t Funding WA state project to create a library of 81 open courses. “ The return on our investment is going to be extraordinary.”
  • • Lots of room for improvement over traditional model. • Two ideas: sell ancillary products or licensing fees. Publishers Commercial open textbook publisher Revenue (including royalties) from selling optional print copies, study aids. flatworldknowledge.com
  • • Are your textbooks up to date? Are they perfect for your state needs? • How many Geometry textbooks do we really need? • It costs $250,000 to $1 million to create a textbook – how much is your state budget? 50 states? Things to think about:
  • MODELS FOR OPEN COURSE MATERIALS Nicole Allen The Student PIRGs (401) 484-8104 • [email_address] www.studentpirgs.org/open-textbooks