TxGAP Webinar - Building a Graduate Culture in the Digital Age
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TxGAP Webinar - Building a Graduate Culture in the Digital Age






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TxGAP Webinar - Building a Graduate Culture in the Digital Age TxGAP Webinar - Building a Graduate Culture in the Digital Age Presentation Transcript

  • Dr. Laura Rosales Director Liza Wisner Associate Director
  • What we will ‘work’ on 1.  Title V-PPOHA Grant 2.  Our Activities & Programming 3.  Digital Data Management 4.  POST planning strategies 5. Questions/Answers.  
  • Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Today… –  10,000 students –  80% undergraduate; 20% graduate –  Hispanic-Serving Institution (39% Hispanics; Fall 2009) –  5 Colleges Nursing  &   Science  &   Business   Education   Liberal  Arts   Health   Technology     Sciences   –  Degree Programs: •  39 Bachelors Programs •  26 Masters Programs •  5 Doctoral Programs; 1 MFA •  5 Graduate/Postbac Certifications
  • Graduate Studies¡  1,877 Graduate Students (Fall 2009)¡  68% Female; 32% Male Male¡  AY 08-09: Awarded Female §  1,426 Bachelors Degrees §  469 Masters Degrees §  27 Doctoral Degrees
  • The Grant¡  US Department of Education¡  Promoting Post baccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA)¡  1st Awarding Cycle (FY2009)
  • The Award¡  September 21, 2009 – Notified of Award¡  Awarded 5-year, $2.8 million ($569k/yr)¡  October 1, 2009 – September 30, 2014¡  1 of 22 awards in nation¡  1 of 6 awards in Texas¡  Future RFPs?
  • Student Success for at-risk¡  ELITE Cohort Students must meet the following requirements: 1. Graduate Student at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 2. U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident 3. Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)¡  And at least 1 (one) of the following: 1. First Generation College Student 2. Have a Financial Need (as shown by FAFSA EFC number) 3. Have an Academic Need
  • Activities & ProgrammingFour Components: 1. Student Success 2. Faculty Development 3. Research Engagement 4. Resources & Services
  • ELITE Graduate Program ‘MENU’  COHORT STUDENTS FACULTY COMMUNITYToastmasters: Public Speaking        Campus Wide Workshops & Seminars        Online Lecture Series        Networking and Career Development        Graduate Student Laptop Lending        Statistics Personalized Tutoring        Fellowship Mentoring Program        Grant Writing Seminars        Travel Assistance Funding Program        iPad Lending Program        Personal Writing Consultants        Consultation and Educational Support        ….and more [elite.tamucc.edu]
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHToastmasters TECHNOLOGY¡  ELITE Toastmasters at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi¡  Faculty, Staff, Students & Alumni¡  Learn presentation skills¡  Improve Communication and Teaching¡  Easily lead teams and conduct group meetings¡  Give and receive constructive evaluations¡  Be a better listener¡  First Meeting – 45 Participants¡  We have 35 Members¡  Bi-Weekly Meetings¡  We provide funding for annual fees and dues
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHWorkshops and Seminars TECHNOLOGY¡  Professional Development¡  Money 101: Budgeting, Credit Scores, Student Loans…¡  GA 101: Get the Job¡  Show me the Money¡  Time Management¡  Stress Management¡  Dissertation Boot Camp¡  The Write Way¡  …lots more!
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHOnline Lecture Series TECHNOLOGY¡  Watch videos of all the lectures we host on campus¡  Streaming from our website
  • STUDENTSNetworking & FACULTY RESEARCHCareer Development TECHNOLOGY¡  There is some truth in, "Its not what you know, but who you know."¡  Creating a community of people who support each other¡  Share information to help each other¡  Friendly relationships
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHLaptop Lending Program TECHNOLOGY¡  Collaboration with Library¡  Available for checkout at the library¡  Exclusively for graduate students¡  36 Laptops (1 full cart)¡  End Notes, SPSS, NVIVO, etc…¡  Checkout up to 3 hours with renewal
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHStatistics Tutoring TECHNOLOGY¡  Statistics Classes (EDLD 6333 and EDLD 6392)¡  Based on Drop out rate¡  Customized to Individual needs¡  Support for Non-Traditional Students¡  Homework help¡  Subject understanding¡  Software Assistance (SPSS)¡  Tutor on call
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHFellowship Program TECHNOLOGY¡  An academic “experience” exclusively for ELITE Cohort Members¡  Opportunity between a Student Worker & Graduate Assistantship¡  Collaboration with on-campus or a community mentor¡  Research, special projects, shadowing, or other experiences related to the students field or major discipline¡  10 hours of commitment per week.¡  Pay Scale: §  Masters Graduate Students: $12.69/hr §  Doctoral Graduate Students: $23.08/hr §  Doctoral Candidates: $24.23/hr
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHGrant Writing Seminars TECHNOLOGY¡  Collaboration between Center for Faculty Excellence¡  For Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students¡  Step-by-step process on preparing an actual grant proposal 1.  Proposal ideas 2.  Funding searches 3.  Preparing for submission to a sponsoring agency¡  Six sessions: once a month in fall and spring semesters¡  Each session will be approximately 1 ½ hours¡  Materials Provided¡  UPDATE: New Track due to demand (40 participants)
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHTravel Assistance Program TECHNOLOGY¡  Supports faculty, staff, and students¡  Conferences, Workshops¡  One award per year and based on availability¡  Within 60 days of travel 1.  Written Summary Report 2.  Live Presentation for Online Lecture Series
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHiPad Lending Program TECHNOLOGY¡  Students, Faculty & Staff¡  Mobile Technology – Apple iPad¡  Track and report on 50 students¡  One(1) semester¡  Intake Survey, Exit Survey¡  End of semester presentations
  • STUDENTS FACULTY RESEARCHWriting Consultants TECHNOLOGY¡  Collaboration between Writing Center¡  Exclusive Writing Consultant for Graduate Students¡  ELITE Cohort: Standing Appointments – 1hr¡  Any type of writing at all stages of the writing process! §  Brainstorming §  Feedback on drafts §  Documenting sources §  Formatting §  Business letters §  Résumé/CV help §  Lab Reports §  Theses & Dissertations §  And more!
  • STUDENTSConsultation and FACULTY RESEARCHEducational Support TECHNOLOGY¡  Intervention Specialist, Ms. Julie Joffray¡  Feel stressed, overwhelmed, or simply feel disconnected¡  Referral Service §  Counseling §  Tutoring §  Networking §  Graduate Coach¡  Workshops
  • STUDENTS FACULTYVideo Production RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY ¡  Fellowship Opportunity §  Casting Call Video ¡  Ideal length – 60 seconds ¡  YouTube & Vimeo ¡  Script ¡  Equipment §  Sony Handycam §  Wireless Bluetooth Microphone §  Tripod §  Sony Digital Camera §  iMovie §  Adobe Premiere Pro §  Windows Movie Maker ¡  elite.tamucc.edu/gradlifetv
  • http://elite.tamucc.edu
  • Data Tracking & Management Weekly  Admits  &     Drops/Withdrawals   Apply  to   ELITE   AT-­‐RISK   Yes   No  ELITE   Transfer  to  Cohort   Graduate  Studies  
  • Data Integration
  • Tracking our Progress¡  Top Majors / Programs
  • Tracking our Progress¡  Fellowships Program Stats §  Database - 109 jobs §  Approved Fellowships - 89¡  iPad Usability Study Stats §  50 Students §  Two semesters (Fall & Spring) §  379 Posts in Blog §  221 Comments in Blog
  • STUDENTSELITE Cohort FACULTY RESEARCHAcademic Indicator TECHNOLOGY¡  Weekly Email Delivery with Tracking Device¡  Sends a Flag if a student is in need of assistance
  • Email Newsletter Tracking
  • Email Newsletter Tracking
  • Email Newsletter Tracking
  • Website – elite.tamucc.edu¡  Our Online Office Suite¡  Jobs, Scholarship and Enrichment Opportunities¡  Resources and Detailed Information¡  Analysis for January 1 – January 31, 2011
  • Website – elite.tamucc.edu
  • Website – elite.tamucc.edu
  • Web 2.0 Tools YOUR WEBSITE
  • Web 2.0 Tools
  • 361.825.3163elite@tamucc.eduelite.tamucc.edu