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Conference presentation from the Texas Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (TxGAP) 2012 Professional Development Conference. …

Conference presentation from the Texas Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (TxGAP) 2012 Professional Development Conference.

Lou Llewellyn
V.P. of Sales and Marketing
Plattform Higher Education

Today's prospective students have more control than ever before. How and when they react and respond is up to them - and now, they have even more outlets in which to communicate. Because of this, their media habits are constantly changing.

But are your marketing efforts keeping up?

Join Lou Llewellyn, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for PlattForm Higher Education, as he presents "Best Practices in Interactive Marketing." In this presentation, Lou will share powerful data that illustrates the impact of the changing marketing landscape, as well as provide actionable insights and next steps.

For more information, visit www.txgap.com.

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  • Inbound links as a topic, is very broad, and whole webinars could be utilized to cover the topic. So for now, we’ll keep it pretty basic.The websites that have links pointing to your website, or content, should be relevant to your subject matter, and hopefully authoritative themselves. As you have more relevant, quality links pointing to your information, you will be seen as more resourceful.Another thing to keep in mind is that we want to naturally earn these links, again, by having solid, resourceful content. The more resourceful your website is, the greater opportunity there is for having quality, relevant links pointing to it.
  • Demonstrating a need to find additional methods to engage with consumers in an effort to search for your brand and programs. (Slide 4)Brand awarenessNew media channelsRetargeting effortsMobile marketing


  • 1. Best Practices in Interactive MarketingLou LlewellynVice President of Sales & MarketingSouthern RegionPlattForm Higher Educationwww.PlattFormHigherEd.comDirect: 913-254-6903lou.llewellyn@plattformad.com
  • 2. Agenda• Interactive Marketing• Search Engine Optimization• Social Media• Digital Media Marketing – Pay-per-Click Marketing – Retargeting – Online Video• Cost-Per-Inquiry / Pay-Per-Lead• Mobile
  • 3. Need To Go From Here…Traditional Interactive Media
  • 4. To Here
  • 5. Building a Marketing PlanFactors to consider: – Location • Geography • Ground vs. online – Programs and degree level • Expectations should vary by each program type – Competition • Continues to increase • Marketing much establish and define your differentiators
  • 6. Interactive Media• Interactive has become the most prominent source of marketing dollars and inquiry generation• Continual developments and opportunities for inquiry generation – Social outlets, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other search engine channels• The rise of mobile – Mobile usage is expected to outpace desktop usage by 2014
  • 7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)• Search Engine Optimization (SEO): organic search results achieved through web site optimization• Pay-Per-Click (PPC): paid search results or Sponsored Listings• SEM = SEO + PPC – Goal: capture as much “real estate” on Search Engine Results Pages.
  • 8. Search Engine Marketing 30% to 40% 60% to 70%
  • 9. Search Engine Optimization
  • 10. Search Engine OptimizationPrimary purpose of SEO is to get „targeted‟ traffic toyour web site by:•On-page optimization •Meta-tags, titles, headers, descriptions, keywords and CONTENT•Off-page optimization •Link buildingOnce you get them to your site, then what?•Give them the opportunity to take the next step
  • 11. The Next StepA good web site strategy is required to:• Indexed highly in the database of SERP‟s• Maintain a high yield of clicks-to-inquiries• Continuous monitoring to appeal to the USER experience• Be seen as a resource
  • 12. Valuable Back Links• Relevant• Authoritative• Natural
  • 13. Social Media Marketing
  • 14. Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign• Strategic planning• Build where the people are• Start small and then expand• Division of roles & responsibilities
  • 15. Social Media Strategic Planning• What are your goals? – Why are you participating in social media? – What are you hoping to achieve?• Who are you targeting? – Current, prospective, former students – Faculty and staff – Community members• Social Media guidelines – Internal/external regulations – What can/cannot be said
  • 16. Asset Creation & Optimization• Build where people are, not where you think they are• Create a formal, branded presence (page, profile, channel etc.)• Start with one or two networks – Gain experience and knowledge – Expand once the foundation is set
  • 17. Define Roles• Who is responsible for social media – Determine parameters – Assign roles• Communication decision tree – If this… then that… – Correct answers or point in the right direction
  • 18. What is Good Social Media?• Represents the brand• Builds relationships• Conversational• Establishes the school as a community• Support other marketing initiatives
  • 19. What Social Media is Not?• Just a broadcast medium• A soap box• Focused on lead generation• Overly promotional
  • 20. Measurement Ideas• Engagement/comments – Types of comments – Interaction with posts• Referral traffic sent to branded website – Time on site – Page-depth of visit• Inquiries generated – Directly through social media – Indirectly through the website, after visiting social media
  • 21. What is Social Monitoring?• Identifying what people say about your brand, outside of your official social media presence – Blogs – Tweets – Posts – Images – Conversations
  • 22. Digital Media Marketing•Pay-Per-Click Marketing•Online Banner Placement•Retargeting•Online Video Ads
  • 23. Pay-Per-Click MarketingTraditional Interactive Media
  • 24. PPC CreativeAd Copy – creative ad copy gets theuser to click through to your page Traditional Interactive MediaMini-Sites– Quality mini-site result ingreater visitor-to-lead conversionpercentages meaning you receive agreater return on your investment
  • 25. PPC Ad Copy•Consistently test different versions of adcopy to find the most effective ad•Strive for balance between relevanceand a call-to-action•Able to vary ad copy to addressdifferent targeting needs of thecampaign
  • 26. PPC Mini Marketing Sites• Strong call-to-action and clear conversion path Traditional• Integrated into your web site Media Interactive• Evolved through multivariate testing• Web Analytics tracking and analysis
  • 27. Mini-Site OptimizationTraditional Interactive Media
  • 28. Retargeting• Allows you to selectively put your banner ad in front of the user later in their browsing experience.• Create familiarity for users with your brand and message
  • 29. Online Banner Placement
  • 30. Viewing Centers on YouTube, Your WebsiteSource: Compete, Inc Custom Education Study, Q3 2011
  • 31. Benefits of Digital Media on Search…
  • 32. Cost-per-Inquiry/Pay-per-Lead• Interactive inquiry generation through organic and affiliate directory websites and contact centers• Lower costs and higher volume than other interactive solutions• Only pay for the inquiries delivered• Low conversion rate
  • 33. Mobile
  • 34. What‟s Mobile Got to Do With It?Traffic From Mobile Devices has increased 50% in the past 12 months
  • 35. Where is this all leading?Traditional Interactive Media
  • 36. What About Education?Traditional Interactive Media
  • 37. And is only getting bigger…Traditional Interactive Media
  • 38. And they‟re not just on the go…Traditional Interactive Media
  • 39. So what does this all mean…A mobile marketing strategy thatfocuses on the three mobile Traditionalplatforms of laptop, mobile phone Media Interactiveand tablet computers isimperative to your continuedsuccess in recruiting students.
  • 40. Make it Mobile•Mobile is huge and getting bigger!•Your students are using mobile Interactive a school Traditional to find Media•A mobile strategy is imperative to your success•Get it done…implement mobile best practices•Adapt to a portable brand experience
  • 41. Interactive Media Directly Somewhat Not FactsAttributable Attributable Attributable CPI Low CPI, low conversions PPC PPC Low CPI, good conversions SEO SEO Low CPI, great conversions Banner Banner Banner High CPI, good conversionsRetargeting Retargeting Retargeting Low CPI, good conversions
  • 42. Industry Averages for Interactive Campus Online• Average cost-per-lead for CPI programs? $75 $60• Average cost-per-lead for PPC programs? $145 $125• Average conversion from I-E for CPI? 3% 1.5%• Average conversion from I-E for PPC? 7% 4%• Average conversion from I-E for website? 11% 7%
  • 43. Winning the Future Search GameFind more ways to engage youraudience:• Mobile• Retargeting efforts• Brand awareness• New media channels
  • 44. The Future is Integrated• Build a strong foundation with your web site• Search alone will not grow your business• We must create demand – not just capture existing demand• Take a holistic view