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Action Plan Week-3
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Action Plan Week-3


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  • 1. Action Research Plan Question: In what ways will integrating cell phone usage into classroom lessons increase student achievement on the TAKS T School Vision: Trinidad ISD will earn Exemplary Status by the end of the 2011 school year. Goal: Our goal is to use current technologies available to enhance the learning experience of our students and improve perfo Goals/Objectives Activities Resources/Tools Introduce SMART Initial Meeting Research Data Phone usage within with History and will be provided lessons to staff English Teacher. showing the positives members. of utilizing this technology. Collaboration/ Study research data Power Points, Brainstorm with to develop a SMART Webinar's, Online teachers to develop phone "tool kit" for Articles, DMAC, AEIS, lesson ideas. targeted classroom etc. activities. One lesson plan per 10th Grade English SMART Phone week will reflect and History classes Lesson Plans the use of SMART will participate in Phone technology a minimum of one to support the TEKS SMART Phone for the course and friendly exercise/ the differentiated activity per week. instuctions goals listed in the CIP. Students are surveyed Surveys distributed Survey via Survey about familiarity with to ensure 100% of Monkey. SMART Phones and the sample class who to use them. has access to a SMART phone and is familiar with its operation. Parents notified about Notification letters Notification Letter the change in cellular will be sent home use policy for the explaining the research research project in project in History and History and English. English. Supporting data the Classroom Assignments Classroom Assignments,
  • 2. use of SMART phones October Benchmark Benchmarks, TAKS Test, improved student January Benchmark DMAC, Field Notes. achievement on TAKS Test assessments. Formative Assessment Collection of data from AEIS, Benchmarks, TAKS results showing student AEIS, DMAC, Benchmarks, classroom assignments. improvement when TAKS Test, and classroom SMART Phone usage for assignments. assignments was allowed in the classroom. Survey Students to assess Survey students to find Survey w/Survey Monkey SMART phone usage/access both positives and within the classroom negatives for the Survey teachers to assess Interviews, group sesson. Conference Room SMART phone incorporation into weekly classroom activities
  • 3. s increase student achievement on the TAKS Test in grades 9-12 at Trinidad High School? experience of our students and improve performance on the TAKS Test. Person Responsible Timeline Progress Assessments Revisions Monty Main Aug-10 None Goals and outcomes Admin Team will be aligned with the TEKS for each course as needed. Monty Main Aug-10 None None History Teacher English Teacher Admin Team Throughout Year. Lesson Plans Lesson Plans will be Classroom Instructor monitored weekly to ensure (1) SMART phone activity is planned per class. Monty Main Sep-10 Survey Forms None Classroom Instructor Monty Main Sep-10 None None Admin Team Monty Main Throughout Year. Classroom Assignments LP's may be altered
  • 4. Testing Coordinator October Benchmark to improve SMART Admin Team January Benchmark phone integration History Instructor TAKS Test based on results from English Instructor DMAC benchmark testing. Monty Main May-Jun 2011 Log results gathered Revise lesson plans from AEIS, BM, TAKS, and make revisions and classroom activities. to classroom usage policy as dictated from the data. Monty Main May-11 Survey Forms Discuss revising lessons with instructors based upon information gleaned from surveys. Monty Main May-11 None Revise policy and procedures along with possibly expanding the study to incorporate other subject areas as needed based on data collected, surveys, and direct teacher input.