US History Ch 6.2
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US History Ch 6.2






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US History Ch 6.2 US History Ch 6.2 Presentation Transcript

  • U.S. History Chapter 6: Conflicts in the Colonies Section 2: Consequences of the French & Indian War
  • The Frontier
    • Initial British settlement occurred near the coast and rivers
  • The Frontier
    • Backcountry —thinly populated area between the coastal settlements and the Appalachian Mountains
  • The Frontier Pioneers moved into the Ohio Valley because of rich farmland, large forests, and plentiful wild game.
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley British replaced the French as the European power in the Ohio Valley following the French & Indian War
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • British believed they were entitled to landed ceded by France
    • British wanted to settle lands
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • Problem!
    • Indians do not recognize treaty with Great Britain and France .
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • Pontaic: Ottawa chief who led the Indian tribes against the British
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • Pontiac urged Indians to drive away white and abandon European practices
    Pontiac speaking to Native Americans
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • Pontiac & his followers rebel by attacking British forts.
    • May 1763: Indians attack British forts on frontier
    • Destroyed/Captured 7 forts in one month
  • Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
    • Pontiac leads attack on Ft Detroit
    • British hold out for months
    • Indians begin to leave
    • Failed attack on Ft. Pitt
    • Surrender in 1766
    Conflict in the Ohio River Valley
  • BROOKS CITY-BASE, Texas -- Joint biological agent identification and diagnostic system test participants collect samples of suspect biological warfare agents from a field during a joint two-week operational test. BIOLOGICAL WARFARE
  • Jeffery Amherst Henry Bouquet
  • Proclamation of 1763
    • Great Britain’s concerns:
      • More settlers = more fighting
      • Disrupt trade
      • Spend more money on defense
  • Proclamation of 1763
    • Proclamation of 1763 —banned British settlement West of the Appalachian Mountains
  • Proclamation of 1763
    • Create boundary between colonial and Indian lands
    • Ordered colonists already in area to return east
  • Proclamation of 1763
    • Difficult to enforce
    • People wanted to trade & settle
    • Increases tension between colonists and Britain
  • Causes Effects Proclamation of 1763