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US History Ch 4.1 US History Ch 4.1 Presentation Transcript

  • U.S. History Chapter 4: The English Colonies Section 1: The Virginia Colony
  • Settlement in Jamestown
    • 1605: Merchants ask permission to establish colony in North America
    • 1606: King James I grants request
    • Joint-stock company formed
    King James I
  • Settlement in Jamestown
    • April 26, 1607: three ships land on Virginia coast
    • Sail into Chesapeake Bay & 40 miles up James river
    Location of Jamestown
  • Settlement in Jamestown
    • Men poorly prepared
    • Bad location
    • 2/3 of original colonists dead by winter
  • Settlement in Jamestown
    • Capt. John Smith —made colonists plant food crops and build sturdy housing
    Captain John Smith
  • Settlement in Jamestown http://
  • Powhatan Confederacy
    • Powhatan: alliance of Algonquian Indians
    • Aided colonists by teaching them how to grow food
    Depiction of Powhatan from map by John Smith
  • Powhatan Confederacy
    • 1609: 400 new settlers arrive at Jamestown
    • John Smith returns to England
    • Winter 1609: “Starving Time”
  • Powhatan Confederacy
    • Jamestown failing to make a profit
    • 1612: John Rolfe introduces tobacco to Virginia
    Tobacco Plant
  • War in Virginia
    • 1614: John Rolfe marries Pocahontas
    • 1617: Pocahontas dies
    • 1618: Wahunsonacock dies
  • War in Virginia
    • Colonists desire Powhatan land for tobacco farming
    • 1622: Powhatan leader killed
    • Opechancanough leads attack that kills 350 settlers
    Opechancanough from Smith's “General History of Virginia”
  • War in Virginia
    • Colonists burn Indian villages
    • Fighting continues for 20 years
    • 1624: Virginia becomes a royal colony
  • Daily Life in Virginia
    • Tobacco farmers begin to establish plantations
    • Headright system —gave 50 acres of land to colonists who paid their own way to Virginia
  • Daily Life in Virginia
    • Disease
    • Men outnumbered women 7:1
    • Families provided necessities for themselves
  • Labor in Virginia
    • High death rates lead to labor shortages
    • Indentured Servents —agreed to work in exchange for passage to America
    Indentured Servant Contract
  • Labor in Virginia
    • 1619: Dutch bring Africans to Virginia
    • Some Africans were indentured servants , others were slaves
    • Indentured servants cheaper initially
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • Colonists angry with governor
    • Complaints about high taxes and lack of available farmland
    • Poor begin faming on Native American lands
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • 1676: Nathaniel Bacon & a group of indentured servants lead an attack on peaceful Native Americans
    • Bacon & followers attacked & burned Jamestown
    Nathaniel Bacon
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • Bacon dies of fever
    • 23 rebels hung
    • Difficult relations with Native Americans
    • Increased use of slaves
  • Recapping!
    • Why were people in England interested in founding Jamestown, and when was the colony established?
    • How did Jamestown colonists interact with local American Indians?
    • How did the English plantation system begin
    • What role did indentured servants and enslaved Africans play in Virginia’s economy?