US History Ch 15.3
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  • 1. U.S. History Chapter 15: New Movements in America Section 3: Reforming Society
  • 2. Prison Reform
    • 2 nd Great Awakening inspired people
    • Reform efforts led by middle class women
  • 3. Prison Reform
    • Dorothea Dix : campaigned to improve the treatment of mentally ill people throughout the country
    Dorothea Dix
  • 4. Prison Reform
    • Mentally ill jailed with common criminals
    • Mental hospitals built
    • Punishment of young offenders
    • Education of prisoners
  • 5. Campaigning against Alcohol Abuse
    • Alcohol seen as cause of social problems
    • Temperance Movement —social reform effort that encouraged people to use self-discipline to stop drinking liquor
  • 6. Campaigning against Alcohol Abuse
    • Lyman Beecher: Alcoholics “neglecting education of their families—and corrupting their morals”
    • Some states ban alcohol sales
    Lyman Beecher
  • 7. Education in America
    • Poor public education
    • Education produces good workers & citizens
    • Low expectations
  • 8. Education in America
    • Availability & quality varied
    • Teachers untrained young men
    • McGuffey’s Readers
    McGuffey’s Readers
  • 9. The Common-School Movement
    • Common-School Movement —effort to have children of all backgrounds in the same school
    • Horace Mann: leading advocate of movement
    Horace Mann
  • 10. Women’s Education
    • Few women had beyond a grade school education
    • Catharine Beecher: led women’s education reform
    Catherine Beecher
  • 11. Women’s Education
    • Emma Willard : started the first college level institution for women in the U.S.
    • Troy Female Seminary —first college level institution for women in the U.S.
    Emma Willard
  • 12. Women’s Education
    • Mary Lyon : founder of Mount Holyoke Seminary
    • Oberlin College : first co-educational college in the U.S.
    Mary Lyon
  • 13. African American Schools
    • Expanded education opportunities
    • African Americans attended separate schools
    • Rarely attended college
  • 14. African American Schools
    • Oberlin College & Harvard accept African Americans
    • Black colleges open
    • Few obtained education in South
  • 15. Teaching People w/ Disabilities
    • Samuel Gridley Howe : worked to improve education of visually impaired Americans
    • Thomas Gallaudet : worked to improve lives & education of hearing impaired
    Thomas Gallaudet