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TX History Ch 6.2
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TX History Ch 6.2


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  • 1. Chapter 6: The Spanish Missions Section 2: The French Challenge
  • 2. La Salle’s Expedition
    • Spain no longer the only European power in North America
    • French & British had a presence
  • 3. La Salle’s Expedition
    • 1682: Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle expanded the French Empire
  • 4. La Salle’s Expedition
    • Claimed all land drained by the Mississippi River for France
  • 5. La Salle’s Expedition
    • La Salle returns to France
    • Asks for permission to establish a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River
  • 6. La Salle’s Expedition
    • King Louis of France supported the La Salle expedition
    • Plan to build a settlement had to be kept a secret from the Spanish who would be angered at a French site so near Texas
  • 7. La Salle’s Expedition
    • Summer 1684: La Salle leaves France with four ships and 300 solders and settlers
    • Troubles along the way
    • February 1685: missed the mouth of the Mississippi and lands at Matagorda Bay
  • 8. Fort St. Louis
    • Fort St. Louis —settlement built by members of the La Salle Expedition
    • Settlement consisted of several simple houses and a five room fort; eight cannons placed around walls for protection
  • 9. Cannons excavated at site of Fort St. Louis
  • 10. Fort St. Louis
    • La Salle leads and expedition westward towards the Rio Grande
    • Gone from October 1685 to March 1686
    • Colony falls into crisis
  • 11. Fort St. Louis
    • Hunger and disease kill colonists
    • Attacks by Karankawa Indians
    • July 1685: Over ½ of the colonists are dead
  • 12. Fort St. Louis
    • La Salle returns to find desperate conditions
    • La Salle leads 17 men toward Canada for help
  • 13. Fort St. Louis
    • Headed east towards the Mississippi River
    • Journey through wilderness was difficult
  • 14. Fort St. Louis
    • La Salle killed by his own men
    • 6 men make it to Canada
  • 15. Fort St. Louis
    • Fewer than 30 people left at Fort St. Louis
    • Late 1688/Early 1689: Karankawa Indians attack and destroy the fort
    • All adults were killed; five children were taken captive
  • 16. Fort St. Louis
    • France’s claim to Louisiana was made possible by La Salle’s exploration of the Mississippi
  • 17. The Spanish Search for La Salle
    • Spanish send expeditions to search for Fort St. Louis
    • Will find colony abandoned
    • Encounter Hasinai Indians
  • 18. Fort St. Louis
    • Tejas —name the Spanish used for the Hasinai Indians
    • Hasinai word for friend
  • 19. Spanish Missions in Texas
    • Spain worries French might gain control if there is no Spanish settlement
    • San Francisco de los Tejas —mission built by the Spanish in East Texas that ended in failure
  • 20. Spanish Missions in Texas
    • Domingo Teran de los Rios —first Spanish governor of Texas
    • Disputes
    • Droughts/Floods
    • Indians uncooperative