Are you on the Agile Bus?

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Slides from speech at Kariera IT.

Slides from speech at Kariera IT.

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  • 1. Are you onthe Agile Bus? Kariera IT 10 March 2012, KrakowTomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski Robin Dymond
  • 2. Why Agile Bus?
  • 3. What is Agile? A) an approach to software developmentB) Brazil carnival dance
  • 4. What is a Vacuum Tube?A) A pipe that is a part of the vacuum cleanerB) An electronic device that regulate flow of current.
  • 5. “Great promptness in the report of all derelictions of duty, that evils may be at once corrected.”
  • 6. “Such information, to be obtained through a system of daily reportsand checks, that will not embarrass principal officers nor lessen their influence with their subordinates.”
  • 7. “The adoption of a system, as a whole, which will not only enable the General Superintendent to detecterrors immediately, but will also point out the delinquent.”
  • 8. Code that sucks
  • 9. The Agile Bus
  • 10. Empirical process control
  • 11. Code quality
  • 12. Working, tested software
  • 13. Collaboration
  • 14. Eliminate Waste
  • 15. Transparency
  • 16. Improvement
  • 17. Why?
  • 18. Source: V1 2010 report
  • 19. Source: V1 2010 report
  • 20. Source: V1 2010 report
  • 21. Agile Developer skills Domain Driven Design Emergent Architecture Test Driven Development Unit test frameworks: Junit, Nunit xUnit Continuous Integration CI Tools: Cruise Control, Jenkins, Team City, TFS Pair Programming Skills Ping Pong Pairing, Promiscuous Pairing Acceptance Test Driven Development Cucumber, WATIR, Selenium, Fitnesse Continuous Deployment MAVEN, Ant, Nant
  • 22. Agile Leader Skills Coaching and facillitation skills ScrummasterCertified ScrumMaster training (CSM) Servant Leadership Systems Thinking skills Lean, PDCA Problem resolution (A3, 5 Whys) Value Stream Mapping and Analysis Theory of Constraints Kanban for I.T.
  • 23. How do I get there?
  • 24. Upcoming training in Krakow• Certified ScrumMaster 23-24 Apr 2012• Agile for Practitioners 25 Apr 2012• Certified Scrum Product Owner 26 - 27 Apr 2012
  • 25. Coaching Teams Individuals Organizations
  • 26. Articles Conferences Communities
  • 27. Get on the bus!
  • 28. Thank You!Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Robin Dymond