Matterhorn in higher ed


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Matterhorn in higher ed

  1. 1. matterhorn in higher ed
  2. 2. tobias wunden co-founder and cto of entwine
  3. 3. > whoami master in computer science from eth zurich, switzerlandarchitect and developer on replay opencast matterhorn lead architect co-founder and cto of entwineyou don’t care about hobbies, do you? entwine knowledge in motion
  4. 4. we are entwine
  5. 5. who we areentwine is a group of experienced technologydesigners with a strong vision for audiovisualmedia.We are experienced facility designers,passionate media experts and media-savvysoftware engineers.entwine is an eth zurich spin-off, allowing usto keep a strong focus on research. entwine knowledge in motion
  6. 6. work principlesin media, there is huge potential for multi-dimensional lock-in. we make sure you don’tget trapped. we build our solutions on the shoulders of successful open source membership in Opencast andcommitting back is more than lip service. entwine knowledge in motion
  7. 7. our “carrot” media will change the way we teach and learn audio and video represent tomorrow’s information streamstechnology can be designed in a way that it’s both elegant and easy to use and doesn’t take away your freedom entwine knowledge in motion
  8. 8. media with a vision
  9. 9. media designsuccessful media strategies need design from source through design is about technology, perception, social aspects, policies and much more what is media? what do you need it for today? what will it mean to you tomorrow? entwine knowledge in motion
  10. 10. beyond encodingmedia is one heavy stream of information media is a learning resource if searchable and browsable media is social and enabling when shared, connected and enhancedmedia secures investment with the potential to further leverage that investment entwine knowledge in motion
  11. 11. thinking aheadchoose systems with open and documented integration points foresee areas of change and growthinsist on standardization to prevent lock-in of any sorts be aware that metadata is the holy grail of sustainability entwine knowledge in motion
  12. 12. matterhorn in higher ed
  13. 13. why matterhorn?remember “beyond encoding”? matterhorn was developed with higher ed in mind by higher ed institutions google your videosupport for learning analytics higher ed have software, processes and policies in place. integration is number one requirement entwine knowledge in motion
  14. 14. even more reasons one system to record them all a different kind of vendor your opinion matters you are looking at the early beginnings feel free to leave anytime entwine knowledge in motion
  15. 15. do you speak...?authentication and authorization automated scheduling and recordingdistribution to learning management systems and the rest of the world “integration” with end users entwine knowledge in motion
  16. 16. sounds great, but...i don’t trust opensourcei don’t meet the staffing requirementsi fire and forget entwine knowledge in motion
  17. 17. get your feet wet web site http://opencast.orgreferences hit the list, talk to the board, join the meetings bootstrapping entwine knowledge in motion
  18. 18. entwineknowledge in motion
  19. 19. > wall @twunden, @entwinemedia entwine knowledge in motion