Meet in the middle Slow IT and Fast IT


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The topic of my next book. Governance of IT is poor: businesses ask too much of IT too fast. IT is crumbling. We need to ease up so that IT has the headspace to make improvements so as to respond more quickly to the demands

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  • Tension between protecting the existing investment in information and technology assets, and serving change, the newA balancing act
  • Why do we have such a sucky project reputation?We do too manySo we underfund themEspecially we underfund people and process relative to tech
  • If we spend the right amount on people and process we’d have to kill someFree up the money to do the others properly
  • Eating BAU to deliver changePeople are breaking
  • Forget technology rate of change which keeps acceleratingHumans, culture and organisations have a limitChanging faster than people within IT and consuming IT can manage
  • Putting the organisation at riskIT must speak upHow?
  • The governors must understand their responsibilities wrt ITAnd they must understand the risk to the organisationThen it is their informed decision
  • How to decide properlyWith a service portfolioNot a project portfolioTake into account the effect on BAU
  • Not every organisation wants or needs to change at breakneck speedAmerica has this fixation with competitivenessCompete or dieAnd quarterly resultsWe’re getting swept up in the hysteriaTake the german or japanese manufacturersThey play thelong game
  • Not slow foodOr slow businessSlow IT: deliberately provocativeReally mean SLOWER ITat a rate that IT can sustain deliveryAnd the org can absorbdeliveryAnd the quid pro quo?
  • What does the business get in return?More successful projectsSafer organisational changeAnd FASTER DELIVERYHow?
  • Finally time to do CSI: 10%
  • And Kaizen
  • : traditional outsourcing, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS...
  • And ScrumAnd KanbanAnd ScrumbanAnd…fast, iterative, incremental development
  • : fast, iterative, automated deployment
  • Meet in the middle Slow IT and Fast IT

    1. 1. Meet in the Middle Slow IT and Fast IT Rob England
    2. 2. To protect and serve Picture ©
    3. 3. Failed projects
    4. 4. Fund for success
    5. 5. Drowning in projects Picture ©
    6. 6. Human rate of change Picture ©
    7. 7. All exponential curves level out
    8. 8. IT is reaching a limit Picture ©
    9. 9. Governance of IT Picture ©
    10. 10. Service portfolio Demand Projects Catalogue Retire resources
    11. 11. Overheating Picture ©
    12. 12. Slow IT Picture ©
    13. 13. Fast IT Picture ©
    14. 14. Optimisation: CSI
    15. 15. Standard Change Picture ©
    16. 16. Lean Picture ©
    17. 17. Outsourcing Picture ©
    18. 18. Retire and replace Picture ©
    19. 19. Agile Picture ©
    20. 20. DevOps and The Three Ways
    21. 21. Meet in the Middle Slow IT Fast IT Demand Portfolio Projects Build Deploy Optimise Protect Serve