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Office Movers - If you're looking for Office Movers to move your business, we can move a single office to an entire building. Please call or click for a FREE Moving Estimate for office moving.

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Office Moving - two-guys-and-a-truck

  1. 1. Office Moving Two Guys and a TruckBest Practices Moving & Storage Local & Long Distance / Residential & Commercial
  2. 2. Best Practices for Office MovingIntroduction•Moving, whether it’s a home or a business, isconsidered one of the most stressful things thatpeople encounter in life. Two Guys and a Trucknot only provides this commercial service, butwe also offer this guide, filled with informationand tips, designed to help you and your teamenjoy a low stress, successful transition. Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  3. 3. Packing InstructionsFor the most efficient office move, individual cubicles and common areas(including supply rooms, file rooms, mail rooms, conference rooms, kitchens)should be packed prior to move day.Desks•Pack entire contents of every desk. Loose items such as paper clips, pens or rubber bands shouldbe placed in an envelope and packed in a carton. Remove all pencils trays, stationery slots, etc. fromdesks and pack in a carton. All file drawers and desk top items should also be packed.File Cabinets•Most file cabinets can be moved with their contents in place and require no packing. Lateral filecabinets with three or more drawers, should have all but the bottom two drawers emptied and packed.All lateral or standard file cabinets that need to be relocated up or down stairs, as well as all fireproofcabinets, should be emptied and packed. Cabinets that are bolted together should remain unlocked.Bookcases•Bookcases will require packing and their contentsshould be placed in cartons. Sliding shelves ordrawers should be secured with tape.Personal Items•Small plants, picture frames, fans, radios, and otherpersonal items should be hand-carried by personnelto the destination. Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  4. 4. Moving Office FurnitureLabeling for Office MovesLabeling•Label all items to be moved inadvance. Usually, items leftunlabeled will not be moved.Mark each label with thecorresponding move number.Color Coding•Use color coded labels to helpgroup items with multiplepieces. For example, a PCmay have labels for themonitor, keyboard, mouse andprinter. Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  5. 5. Moving Office EquipmentPreparation of Office EquipmentWhen relocating office equipment, there are three questions to consider: 1. Who will prepare the equipment? 2. Who will actually move the equipment? 3. What is the priority for the equipment to be moved?Copiers•Check with your vendor on moving copiers. Your maintenancecontract may require the vendor be responsible for physicallyrelocating the equipment.Desktop Computers•Computer equipment should be labeled and disconnected priorto the move. Back up computer files to prevent data loss. Cablesshould be removed and packed. Non-detachable cords should becoiled to prevent accidents.Cables & Peripherals•Consider using 20”x26” Zip-Loc bags to pack and manage cablesand peripherals. Put cables, keyboards and mouse for eachworkstation together. This allows for quick, organizedreconnection of your systems.Server Rooms•If your equipment vendor requires it, you may consider usingthem for the transportation of this sensitive equipment.Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  6. 6. Office Moving DayOn the day of your office move, make sure that there is at least one companyrepresentative on-site at each location: origin(s) and destination(s). This willprevent unnecessary delays and verify that all items have been picked up anddelivered to your satisfaction.Elevator Reservations & Access•Move dates and logistics should beclearly explained to building &facilities managers.•Elevators are reserved on anexclusive basis, and the necessarykeys and entry cards need to beobtained.•All doorways and hallways shouldbe cleared prior to the move. Formaximum efficiency and safety, noother vendors should be working inthese areas during the move. Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  7. 7. Cost ControlCost ControlMoving quotes are based on a schedule and timeline. Changes in the moveschedule or sequence can result in additional charges. Other causes for costincreases could include:•New space is not completed•Sharing of elevators and doorways•Elevator and doorway obstructions•Rearranging during the moveMaximizing Efficiency•Smooth office moves are built around the mostefficient use of moving labor. The objective is tomaintain the flow until the move is completed.•Sometimes situations arise during the movethat require experience and quick thinking toavoid an expensive slow-down. Rest assuredthat with Two Guys and a Truck, we have theexperience and knowledge to handle suchsituations in the best possible way. Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  8. 8. Checklist for Office Moving Pre-move meeting with Two Guys and a Truck project manager Assign employees/locations a move number • Prepare and post new location floor plan • Duplicate copies • Full-size copy in key locations Distribute pre-move information packs • Instructions • Number assignments • Labels Mark all items with numbers and labels Reserve building and elevator access Clear all desks and pack items Protect and pack fragile items Take down wall items Prepare specialized equipment (vendors contacted) Prepare for plants to be moved Complete and post new office layout forms Move assignments reviewed and clarified Move coordinators assigned & scheduled for both locations Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  9. 9. Prepare Your Office for MovingHELPFUL HINTS – Part 1Form a Moving Committee with Your Staff•Administration•Staff Members•Other Department HeadsComplete Walk-through at Existing and New Locations•Prepare list of what is moving from office•Confirm special move requirements•Confirm access requirements for both locations (elevator, loading area, parking etc.)•Discuss anticipated move date and scheduleEstablish Activity Schedule•Develop move strategy: sequence and timing of each department/group•Plan how to maintain essential business activities on move day•Establish packing and labeling plan, coordinate with new layout•Include schedule for uninstall, move, and reinstall of all equipment and furniture, and/or delivery andinstallation of new equipment and furnitureTelephone•Determine requirements (if new equipment)•Select vendor and place order•Cable•Uninstall equipment•Reinstall and test equipment Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  10. 10. Prepare Your Office for MovingHELPFUL HINTS – Part 2Data/Computer•Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)•Cable•Uninstall equipment•Reinstall/test equipmentFurniture - Free Standing•Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)•Specifications•Manufacturers•Pricing•Designate items for painting, refinishing, refurbishing•Delivery and installation scheduleFurniture - Systems•Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)•Inventory existing pieces•Determine reconfiguration requirements•Specifications•Manufacturers•Quantity and price Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  11. 11. Prepare Your Office for MovingHELPFUL HINTS – Part 3Disposition of Existing Equipment and Furniture•Arrange for the sale and removal of selected equipment and furniture•Charity, Reuse and Recycle Programs, and other sustainable solutionsMove Preparation•Move committees review schedule and activities with each department/group•Post employees move schedule•Distribute move materials and supplies•Move•Mover picks up empty boxes Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
  12. 12. Contact Us Office MovingTwo Guys and a Truck® Corporate Relocation & Office MovesExpanding to My Guys Moving& Storage •Local & Long Distance / Domestic & International45726 Elmwood Court •Executive Moving Services – Customized to ClientSterling, VA 20166 •Furniture – Delivery, Installation, Reconfiguration •Commercial Project Management & GovernmentFor Free Estimates ServicesCall (800) 783-4897 •Vehicle Transportation – Specialty Auto / RV / •Logistics & Warehousing •Records Retention & Inventory Management Two Guys and a Truck (800) 783-4897
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