Contemporary europe and asia presentation


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Contemporary europe and asia presentation

  1. 1. Women in Wars – A cross-bordercomparison between Europe, Asia and Middle East Law Po Yee, Sunny 10019510 Tong Wai Kit, Wilson 10012214 Lui Sin Ting, Annie 10011242
  2. 2. Europe
  3. 3. Women’s Role and Responsibilities A new source of labour force New roles and responsibilities in 3 aspects: 1. family 2. factory work 3. Support for war  homefront
  4. 4. Family become the breadwinners of the family Take care of child and elderly Evacuation Food rationing
  5. 5. Factory Work Encouraged and later conscripted by the government Engaged in both domestic and war production Take part in jobs which used to be done by male only Unequally paid
  6. 6. Support for war1. The Womens Land Army2. The Auxiliary Territorial Service3. Womens Royal Naval Service4. Womens Auxiliary Air Force
  7. 7. Influence Financially independent Sense of accomplishment and satisfaction war ended  were encouraged to give up their job emergence of 1950s- 60s feminism Advocating women rights
  8. 8. Comparison to Middle East/Asia Unequally treated basic human rights As replacement of males in several aspects Voluntarily work to support the war , willing to utilized by the government
  9. 9. Asia
  10. 10. Asia Combat Duties Japanese Women Samurai (Tomoe The Trung Sisters (Hai Ba Trung) of Gozen) Vietnam & 80,000 fighters Martial Arts, Self-defense training Successful rebellion against Chinese in Rare cases of women combatants 39CE Possible reason: societal hierachy of men & women (e.g. Little Chinese women received education) Interesting musculine characteristic as feminist influence was not prominent in Asia e.g. Vietnamese women could be judges, soldiers or even rulers
  11. 11. Asia Non- Combat Duties Victims of sexual assault – forced to work as prostitutes in Japanese military brothels, gathered within civilians or combatantsWar rape used as an psychologicalwarfare to humiliate the enemy –significant even though not avoluntary dutye.g. Comfort Women in WWII:~Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese andPhilippino women US Army: after the Battle ofOkinawa in 1945 : officialbroadcast that rapes,torture or murder mighttake place
  12. 12. Difference between Asia and Europe/Middle East: Little non-combat/combat duties assigned (More passive roles during wartime) Statuses of women vary greatly across Asian countries (e.g. Asia & Vietnam) – rich cultural diversity Divergence derived from traditional Asian ideologies, almost a total opposite to Europe
  13. 13. Middle East
  14. 14. Women as Soldiers To expand the army, women are recruited as soldiers In the Iran-Iraq conflict, Iranian trained female combatants for war Israel Defense Forces(IDF) set up in 1948 Arab–Israeli War (women comprising 33% of all IDF soldiers)
  15. 15. Women as Suicide Bombers • Women make up around •7% of Palestinian suicide bombers, •1% of suicide bombers in Iraq female suicide bombers are often portrayed as the chaste wives and mothers of the revolution
  16. 16. Political Participation As a large proportion of the male population was concentrated at the war front Women found opportunities for employment in the government sector Iran: the number of women in the civil service and higher education has risen during Iran-Iraq War(1980-1990) Palestine: women’s political activity and participation in resistance groups expanded during Israeli–Palestinian conflict Lebanon: certain parties specifically sought women’s participation during the civil war (1975-1190)
  17. 17. Reproductive role Governments desire for a expanding population during wartime Iran:prohibited abortion discouraged contraception• lowered the age ofmarriage for girls to puberty
  18. 18. Difference between Middle East and Asia/Europe Political participation increased slightly during wartime Status of women is the lowest: suicide bombers Muslim: women are inferior in legal status and rights Human rights are ignored: reproductive tools