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김이산   메인 Benefits of a silica-based fluoride toothpaste containingo-cymen-5-ol, zinc chloride and sodium fluoride - 김이산
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김이산 메인 Benefits of a silica-based fluoride toothpaste containingo-cymen-5-ol, zinc chloride and sodium fluoride - 김이산


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Benefits of a silica-based fluoride toothpastecontainingo-cymen-5-ol, zinc chloride and sodium fluoride2013. 5. 31발표자 : 폴리클 3 조17 번 김이산
  • 2. IntroductionPeople use toothpaste in conjunction with tooth brushing not only toclean teeth and control the build up of plaque but to gain access toother oral health benefits- Anti caries, gum health and malodour control Toothpate often contain specific ingredients- The use of fluoride as an anti-caries agent being the mostwidespread.
  • 3. Fluoride toothpaste and cariesCochrane systematic review of fluoride toothpaste- Supported by more than half a century of research ,the benefits of fluoride toothpastes are firmlyestablished.- The trials are of relatively high quality and provide clearevidence that fluoride toothpaste are efficacious inpreventing caries.
  • 4. Fluoride toothpaste and cariesCochrane systematic review of fluoride toothpaste- 1000ppm fluoride is the minimum concentration that isthe minimum concentration that is proven to beeffectiveagainst caries based on data from caries clinical trials.- Further, increase in the anti-caries effectiveness oftoothpastes have been associted with increaingfluorideconcentration.
  • 5. Fluoride toothpaste and caries The anti-caries action of fluoride results from itsfavourable effect on tooth remineralisation anddemineralisation. It is generally accepted that fluoride ions promotethe remineralisation of tooth enamel, increase apatitestructural stability and reduce the rate ofdemineralization
  • 6. Fluoride toothpaste and caries Several sources of fluoride currently utilised inmarketeddentifrices.- NaF , MFP , SnF2 ,- organic fluorides such as amine fluoride. Particularly between the two most widely studiedsourcesNaF and MFP.- NaF dentifrices are slightly more effective than thoseemploying MFP
  • 7. Toothpaste and gum health Plaque-induced gingivitis in the absence of clinicalattachment loss, is the most common form ofperiodontaldisease. Incorporation of additional antimicrobial actives intoothpaste as an adjunct to mechanical plaque controlis a convenient way to provide additional protectionagainst plaque and gingivitis.
  • 8. Toothpaste containing 0.1% o-cymen-5-ol and 0.6%Zinc chloride. These toothpaste provide a convenient way to provideadditional protection for 50-90% of the adultpopulationthat fits into peoples everyday oral care routines. The unique combination of zinc chloride and o-cymen-5-ol has resulted in a spectrum of antimicrobial activitygreater than for each of the ingredients alone.
  • 9. Toothpaste containing 0.1% o-cymen-5-ol and 0.6%Zinc chloride. When seeking to establish the anti-caries efficacy of a totally Newanti-caries system, a caries clinical trial is desirable.- However, the high cost and duration of such trials hasled tothe development of alternative methods.These methods generally described as bioequivalancestudies.Bioavailable fluoride studies were conducted throughout thedevelopment of the o-cymen-5-ol and zinc chloride toothpaste.
  • 10. Conclusion Toothpaste that give additional benefits beyond the primaryreasons for use such as clean teeth plaque control and fluoridedelivery for anti-caries activity shuld be designed not tocompromise these benefits. o-cymen-5-ol and zinc chloride can be incorporated intotoothpaste to give addition benefits beyond that of standardtoothpaste without compromise the benefits of a standardtoothpaste