Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word by Sabrina Mahmood


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  • document typeIn the Mail Merge task pane, click Letters. This will allow you to send letters to a group of people and personalize the results of the letter that each person receives.Click Next: Starting document.Select the starting documentClick one of the following options:Use the current document: Use the currently open document as your main document.Start from a template: Select one of the ready-to-use mail merge templates.Start from existing document: Open an existing document to use as your mail merge main document.In the Mail Merge task pane, click Next: Select recipients.Select recipientsWhen you open or create a data source by using the Mail Merge Wizard, you are telling Word to use a specific set of variable information for your merge. Use one of the following methods to attach the main document to the data source.Write your letterPreviewyourlettersThis step allows you to preview your merged data, one letter at a time. You can also make changes to your recipient list or personalize individual letters.To proceed to the next step, click Next: Complete the merge.Complete the merge
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  • Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word by Sabrina Mahmood

    1. 1. •Starter - Complete worksheet on Mail Merge
    2. 2. Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word Miss Mahmood
    3. 3. •Learning Objectives This is what you should learn by the end of the lesson ALL Understand what mail merge is and why we use it MOST Create documents from Mail Merge and choose recipients SOME Understand some of the advanced features of Mail Merge
    4. 4. •What is Mail Merge? Allows you to create lots of personalized letters/emails/labels • Imagine if you had to write 1000 birthday invites • • You would have to write each invite 1000 times You would have to insert everyone's name and address individually
    5. 5. •What are the benefits of Mail Merge? Make changes quickly to lots of letters Produce thousands of letters very quickly Much easier to check letters for errors etc. Send letter to only certain people You can save letters as a template and reuse Letters can be personalised Same databases of people can be reused
    6. 6. How do we use Mail Merge?
    7. 7. •Main steps for Mail Merge • • • Select document type Choose starting document Select recipients • • • Existing contacts Create database Write letter
    8. 8. •How do you use Mail Merge in Word? 2 3 1
    9. 9. •Select who you want to invite to your birthday 1 2
    10. 10. •Choose the fields you want to insert into your invite 1 2
    11. 11. •Design your birthday invite and choose fields 1
    12. 12. •Preview your invite 1
    13. 13. •Send your invites out! 1
    14. 14. •Advanced Mail Merge Features Address Block Address Block
    15. 15. Some advanced Mail Merge features
    16. 16. •Advanced Mail Merge Features Address Block
    17. 17. •Advanced Mail Merge Features Greeting Line Greeting Line
    18. 18. •Advanced Mail Merge Features Address Block Choose options then press Ok
    19. 19. •Activity Complete the worksheet titled “Mail Merge: Task Sheet”
    20. 20. •Recap – Volunteer
    21. 21. •Learning Outcomes This is what you should learn by the end of the lesson ALL Know how to setup Mail Merge in Microsoft Word and select a starting document MOST Create a database for Mail Merge and insert fields into a template to create letters/labels etc using Mail Merge SOME Use advanced features such as Address block to speed up Mail Merge