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    Waves Waves Presentation Transcript

    • WavesWaves • A disturbance that carriesA disturbance that carries energy through matter orenergy through matter or empty spaceempty space • Can transfer energyCan transfer energy • Can transform energyCan transform energy Write in notebook
    • WavesWaves • Materials canMaterials can waveswaves • Absorb- “soak up” or blockAbsorb- “soak up” or block • Transmit- allow to passTransmit- allow to pass throughthrough • Reflect- “bounce off” or re-Reflect- “bounce off” or re- directdirect Write in notebook
    • WavesWaves • Many waves require aMany waves require a medium-medium- • the matter through which athe matter through which a wave moveswave moves Write in notebook
    • Mechanical WavesMechanical Waves •Waves that require/moveWaves that require/move through a mediumthrough a medium •Sound, ocean waves,Sound, ocean waves, earthquake wavesearthquake waves Write in foldable
    • Electromagnetic WavesElectromagnetic Waves • Waves thatWaves that do notdo not require arequire a mediummedium • Travel through empty spaceTravel through empty space • Light waves, radio waves,Light waves, radio waves, ultraviolet light wavesultraviolet light waves Write in foldable
    • Transverse WavesTransverse Waves • Motion of theMotion of the particles isparticles is perpendicularperpendicular to the motion ofto the motion of the wavethe wave • Ocean wavesOcean waves Write in foldable
    • Transverse WavesTransverse Waves • Crest- the highest point on aCrest- the highest point on a transverse wavetransverse wave Write in foldable
    • Transverse Wave Crest
    • Transverse WavesTransverse Waves •Trough- lowest part of aTrough- lowest part of a transverse wavetransverse wave Write in foldable
    • Transverse Wave Trough
    • Transverse WavesTransverse Waves •Amplitude- half the verticalAmplitude- half the vertical distance between a crestdistance between a crest and a troughand a trough Write in foldable
    • Transverse Wave Amplitude
    • Transverse WavesTransverse Waves •Wavelength- distanceWavelength- distance from one crest to anotherfrom one crest to another Write in foldable
    • Transverse Wave Wavelength
    • Longitudinal WavesLongitudinal Waves • ParticlesParticles vibratevibrate parallel to theparallel to the wave motionwave motion • Sound wavesSound waves Write in foldable
    • Longitudinal Waves • Compressions- bunched up areas Compressio n Write in foldable
    • Longitudinal Waves • Rarefactions- the stretched out areas Rarefaction Write in foldable
    • Longitudinal Waves • Wavelength- distance between two compressions or between two rarefactions Wavelength Write in foldable
    • FrequencyFrequency • How manyHow many crests orcrests or troughstroughs pass by inpass by in a unit ofa unit of timetime Write in notebook
    • PeriodPeriod • Time itTime it takes to gotakes to go from crestfrom crest to crest, orto crest, or trough totrough to troughtrough Write in notebook