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Sustainability vs profit motive picture ppt
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Sustainability vs profit motive picture ppt


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. The Zeitgeist Movement All India Meet At Krishi Teerth Bajwada, M.P
  • 2. An Insight IntoSustainability V/s. Profit Motive
  • 3. The one thing we all share…
  • 4. OurNEEDS
  • 6. Physical SurvivalThe Body
  • 7. Psychological Survival The Identify of Self (Self-Importance)
  • 8. WhenSURVIVALis atSTAKE
  • 9. YouTRY toTakeCONTROL
  • 11. Money can buy our needs,it keep our survival safe!
  • 13. PROFIT
  • 14. Man Imitates Nature
  • 15. So called intellectual Evolution
  • 16. Profit In Nature
  • 17. It is an exchange based on needs and not other motives and thus PROFIT in nature is equalized making it Sustainable.
  • 18. What made Profit Dangerous for us?
  • 19. We havedestroyedThe ecologywithin just70 years…
  • 20. If we don’t change our society, we will destroy ourselves & other life forms.
  • 21. We need to stop the wrong system of Profit and Reckless Growth.
  • 22. We need toEND DISPARITY
  • 23. We need to create a better model for society without monetary system.
  • 24. We need to adopt positive science in harmony with ecology & nature.
  • 25. Change Economic System
  • 26. To have Control Over Resources & Social Systems to gain Power we created PROFIT.
  • 27. “No man can profit except by the loss of others and by thisreasoning all manner of profit must be condemned.”Quote by --Michel Dey Montaigne15th century French Philosopher & Essayist
  • 28. When Profit comes through an exchange of a resourcewhile one party befitting out of others loss.1. If the number of people fall in debt increases,IT IS PROFITABLE FOR BANKS.2. If the number of patients increases,IT IS PROFITABLE FOR MEDICAL COMPANIES ANDDOCTORS.4. If there are competing students,ITS PROFITABLE FOR A TUTOR.5. If hundreds of people die every day,THE COFFIN MAKERS WILL BE HAPPY.
  • 29. Our economic system is based on Competition for Survival.
  • 30. Goods such as foods are sometimes destroyedto keep prices up; when things are scarce pricesincrease.
  • 31. There is tremendous corruption, greed, crime,embezzlement, and more caused by the need for money. Profit motive and its disadvantages
  • 32. Competition in long run is not Sustainable
  • 33. PROFIT MOTIVEhas become thevery DNA of ourhumancivilization andour entire societyruns on this DNAof FEAR!
  • 34. Operating System called MONEY
  • 35. MONEYCreates DisparityCentralizes PowerBrings Social VicesPerpetuates SlaveryFeeds ManipulationFeeds ConsumerismControls Resources95% Crimes are moneyor property related
  • 36. Exposing The Monetary Systemand Looking at PossibleSolutionsMOVIESThe Zeitgeist AddendumThe Zeitgeist Moving ForwardParadise or Oblivion
  • 37. PROFIT MOTIVE MAKES OURFood AdulteratedHealth RiskedArt and Entertainment DegradedLearning CommercializedWork StressfulAnd Relationships Conditional
  • 38. DISPARITY“Food, Shelter, Education, Health care are ouressential elements of survival and thus they shouldbe our fundamental rights and thus should beavailable to each individual without any disparityand profit motive However, it is not so today…….”
  • 39. PROFIT MOTIVE MAKES OURLaw CorruptPolitics ImmoralEducation CommercializedDefense ProfitableReligion DegradedTrade Ruthless
  • 41. We failed to create a holistic sustainable socialmodel because Profit motive was always there in all the structures inherently.
  • 42. Centralization of Power
  • 43. Wars Are Done For Profit
  • 44. Can we create a truly sustainable society?
  • 45. Yes, by eliminating PROFIT MOTIVE
  • 46. Jacque Fresco who proposed a model called Resource Based Economy
  • 47. The Venus Project
  • 48. The Venus Project
  • 49. No disparity, no exploitation, no fear & no survival in question
  • 50. Peter Joseph Founder ofThe Zeitgeist Movement
  • 51. Today TZM is functional in many countries including Indiaand the movement is spreading the messageof Resource Based Economy, Sustainable way of living.
  • 52. How can we do the transition from here to Resource Based Economy?
  • 53. Spreading AwarenessToday, The Zeitgeist Movement which is anexplicitly non-violent, global sustainabilityadvocacy group is currently working in over 1000Regional Chapters across 70 countries spreadingawareness on these issues. You can join them.In the view of The Movement, the society today hasbecome increasingly detached from the physicalworld, with techniques of production, distributionand social ordering that have little to norelationship to the environment, or the currentstate of scientific knowledge with respect to publichealth and sustainability.
  • 54. What are our problems today at global level?
  • 55. •Cyclical Consumption•Infinite Growth•The Value of Scarcity•Problems/Inefficiency = Profit.•Cost Efficiency & IrresponsibleObsolescence•Waste & Oppression of the HumanResource
  • 56. What solutions does The Zeitgeist Movement propose?
  • 57. •No Money or Market System•Automation of Labor•-Technological Unification ofEarth via "Systems" Approach.•Access over Property.•Self-Contained/Localized City andProduction Systems.•Science as the Methodology forGovernance
  • 58. Practical Actions - 1•Group up/Team up•Become producers and become less dependent on monetarymarkets•Start Cooperative ventures without hierarchical models•Cooperative Resource Sharing through building communityresource library•Support ecological sustainability with low carbon foot prints•Build strong security model inside the group or communityrather being dependent on financial security model
  • 59. Practical Actions - 2•Build a like minded people’s community/action group•Build and intentional community for living together with likeminded life style•Escape education system encouraging slavery of marketsystems•Build in-house learning center for open learning•Consume Consciously•Non-cooperation to pesticides, GMO, branded products/bigcorporations; buy local
  • 60. Suggested links:http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.comVisit to understand the concept ofResource Based Economy and Automated City Planning with approach ofecological sustainabilityJoin the movement in India through www.tzmindia.comFace Book Presence Google email group:
  • 61. ByRashminder Kaur Bhamra & Sushant Roy  Thank You!