Communications without Boundaries - Scaling your App for Global Use
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Communications without Boundaries - Scaling your App for Global Use



This talk was given by Andrew Jordan, Twilio Sales Engineer, at Twiliocon 2013.

This talk was given by Andrew Jordan, Twilio Sales Engineer, at Twiliocon 2013.



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Communications without Boundaries - Scaling your App for Global Use Communications without Boundaries - Scaling your App for Global Use Presentation Transcript

  • #TWILIOCON Communicationswithout Boundaries - PreparingyourApp forGlobal Use ANDREW JORDAN, SALES ENGINEER, @ TWILIO
  • #TWILIOCON Hi. I’m Andrew Jordan. I’m a Sales Engineer at Twilio. My Twitter handle is @andrewkirk
  • #TWILIOCON Going Global. Avoiding Common Pitfalls. Four common issues my team encounters & how to avoid them. 1. Optimizing Call Latency 2. Delivering Unicode encoded SMS 3. Formatting Phone Numbers 4. Preventing Telecom Fraud
  • #TWILIOCON Global Low Latency Oregon Virginia Sao Paulo Dublin Tokyo Singapore
  • #TWILIOCON Global Low Latency Virginia
  • #TWILIOCON Global Low Latency Virginia
  • #TWILIOCON Global Low Latency Dublin
  • #TWILIOCON Implementing GLL PSTN <Dial> PSTN REST PSTN <Record> <Client> <Conference> 2012 2013
  • #TWILIOCON Character Encoding: GSM GSM is the standard encoding for SMS. Using GSM, you can send up to 160 characters per message. Basic Character Set. (7 Bits, 128 Characters)
  • #TWILIOCON Character Encoding: UCS-2 Much larger than GSM. Covers 110,000 characters (each character is 16-bit). Maximum SMS sizes drops to 70 characters.
  • #TWILIOCON Unicode + Twilio.We’ve got your back. out how to encode your message for delivery. All our client libraries do this by default. Send us a UTF-8 encoded request and we’ll figure
  • #TWILIOCON Character Encoding: Common Pitfalls MAXIMUM CHARACTERS If all your characters are GSM, you’ll have 160 maximum characters per message - otherwise you only get 70. DATABASE STORAGE Make sure your database connections speak UTF-8. If you’re using MySQL, make sure your columns are stored in utf8mb4 if you want emoji or other 4 byte characters. HTTP PARAMETERS Make sure your language / framework interprets percent escaped HTTP parameters as UTF-8, not Latin-1.
  • #TWILIOCON Number Formatting: E.164 The E.164 specification is awesome for machines, but not people. We don’t really use it in our day-to-day lives, so it’s difficult for us to understand. Ex. 0844 809 0200 vs. +44 844 809 0200
  • #TWILIOCON Design your interfaces to help your users
  • #TWILIOCON Libphonenumber
  • #TWILIOCON •It’s great for number formatting but also will do the following: •Parse phone numbers •Tell you if they’re valid or even possible •Geocode numbers and tell you their locale in various languages •Bindings for Java, JS, C#, Obj-C, Python, Ruby, and PHP Libphonenumber
  • #TWILIOCON Oppa Demo Time.
  • #TWILIOCON Telecom Fraud: Traffic Pumping. 1. BUY NUMBERS Attackers buy telephone numbers (or blocks of them). Typically these have a high per-minute charge. 2. DRIVE TRAFFIC Attackers then drive as much traffic as possible to the numbers. 3. PROFIT Carriers that receive calls are paid by the carrier where the call terminates. Typically, attackers are associated with (or are) carriers.
  • #TWILIOCON Telecom Fraud: Protecting Yourself You have to be proactive to protect yourself from Telecom Fraud. Make sure you setup sanity checks & limits. Don’t allow unauthenticated users to make an unlimited number of phone calls, and charge users in real time, not after the fact.
  • #TWILIOCON Telecom Fraud: Twilio’s Anti-Fraud Measures Twilio works hard to prevent fraud before it happens. We use algorithms to detect suspicious behavior and maintain internal blacklists of known bad or risky routes. You can also setup International Permissions let you whitelist places where you do business. Usage triggers allow you to setup alerts.
  • #TWILIOCON Conclusion. Try these at home! • Use GLL resources to reduce call latency. • Encode your requests in UTF-8. We’ll pick the right the encoding. • Encourage correct Phone Number input & validate with libphonenumber. • Be aware of Telecom Fraud & protect yourself with Twilio’s tools.