Mundocom March 2011


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Who we are & what we do

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Mundocom March 2011

  2. 2. who we are: a dynamic team of innovators and executorswho combine our varied talents to create innovative andefficient solutions to a variety of brand communicationchallenges—large and small.
  3. 3. where we come from: born of the agency, we mixedtogether creative know-how with brand intelligence andprocess innovation to emerge as a global leader with nearly800 professionals with diverse skills and experience. Lastingrelationships, consistently perfect execution and a culture ofcreativity have empowered our mission to provide packagedesign and brand communication solutions for over 50years.
  4. 4. what we believe: we maintain that a brand comes alivethrough consistent and relevant interaction at multiple,integrated levels. From brand identity, packaging andbrochures to advertising, websites, and retail environments,we enable brands to build emotional, relevant, andprosperous connections with their customers.
  5. 5. how we operate: our cross-functional structure and hubdelivery model ensures the entire team engaged in theprocess, empowered to contribute, and driven to produceremarkable work. Open, and collaborative relationships withour clients are critical components to cultivate successfulresults. We uniquely deliver solutions to reduce costs,enable greater visibility and control over productionprocesses, accelerate speed-to-market and ensure brandconsistency across all media channels and markets.
  6. 6. A global hub delivery model configured to theunique and changing needs of each brand
  7. 7. ✴ Born of the agency more than 50 years ago✴ A global hub model of over 700 production experts✴ Proven, highly-adaptive process workflows✴ Proprietary integrated technologies and tools✴ Owned offshore resources
  8. 8. A Global Marketing Supply Chain Global approaches Communication protocols vs. local silos Focus on continuous Global access points improvement Transparency Focus on production 6
  9. 9. A Creative Core Drives The High-Efficiency Production Model Factory approach vs. Create once, creative approach adapt vs. remake (does not contradict quality goal) Cross media vs. Streamlined processes media specific silos eliminate repetitive and unnecessary steps 7
  10. 10. Advertising Production In Action — Coca-Cola Global CampaignsYour Creative Local Market Adaptations & Iterative Quality Control & Strategies Campaigns Transcreations Review & Approval Media Release Mundocom workflow tools enable the online review and approval of all media types. A final comprehensive Collaborative quality review is Local Adaptations review and Broadcast Brief conducted by commenting Mundocom beforeBroadcast Master accelerates releasing final art Client or agency Mundocom production and for media Core creative eliminates errors placement supplies brief(s) to produces locally orstrategy supplied by Mundocom in our offshore facility client or agency Prepress Master OOH & Print Briefs Local Adaptations
  11. 11. Mundocom Proprietary ToolsEnables total management and control of all creativeassets, across media types, globallyOnline review and approval of all media types enablesglobal collaboration and expedited productionworkflowsMore than 80,000 users and over 6 millions assetsmanaged (creative files and data for production)Flexible integration with client and partner systems -auto-file ingest, XMP data, comprehensive metadatatagging 22
  12. 12. A Sample Of Brands We Support 11
  13. 13. A Sample Of What We Do Best Major League Baseball Motion Graphics P&G Retouching Chrysler Photography/Retouching Kellogg’s CGIToyotaPrint Production/Adaptation BlackBerry Photography/Retouching Kellogg’s L’Oreal Photography/Retouching Retouching/Print Production Sara Lee P&G Package DesignLeo Burnett - Walgreens MillerCoors Retouching/Print ProductionCGI Digital Production