Mobile success in the UK


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What's the mobile landscape like in the UK? What's gotten us where we are today? Three case studies of companies that have done well operating here. Some lessons drawn from these case studies, for Japanese companies looking to enter the UK.

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Mobile success in the UK

  1. 1. Mobile success in the UK Case studies and conclusions British Embassy, Tokyo, 18th November 2009
  2. 2. Today, I will be talking about: A short overview of mobile in the UK Key influences from the last 10 years Payment mechanisms 3 case studies of mobile success Conclusions drawn from the above
  3. 3. Mobile in the UK today • 75.75m subscribers, 124% penetration • MNOs: T-Mobile/Orange, O2, Vodafone, 3 • MVNOs: Virgin, Tesco, Asda, Fresh, Talkmobile • Active subscriber base • 7.7bn text and 49.62m picture messages sent, July 09 500,000,000 437,500,000 375,000,000 312,500,000 250,000,000 187,500,000 125,000,000 62,500,000 0 Sep-07 Jan-08 Apr-08 Jul-08 Oct-08 Jan-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Mobile success in the UK British Embassy, Tokyo, 18th November 2009
  4. 4. Key influences from the last 10 years: Concern over £22.4bn 3G licenses Perceived failure of WAP Poor data tariffs Arrival of the iPhone
  5. 5. Mobile payments Direct-to-mobile - Premium SMS - Operator integration and PayForIt Third party billing: - Credit cards, App Store-based
  6. 6. Flirtomatic: the product
  7. 7. Flirtomatic: business models Initially: paid access (didn’t work) Now, value added services - Gifts - Visibility services - Vanity services - Alerts And advertising
  8. 8. Flirtomatic: success Commercially successful: - Profitable - Active in UK, US, Germany - $12 ARPU pcm (spending customer) - 150m WAP PIs/month Active user-base of >1.2m - 66% of new signups convert to active users - 30m messages sent per month - Average user sends 30 messages/day - Average user logs in 7 times/day via mobile
  9. 9. MobileIQ: the product Mobile publishing provider - Key client: Guardian News & Media Services supplied: - Strategic consultancy - Ingest content - Deliver to range of devices - CMS, analytics and ad management - Tactics for SEO and traffic generation - Application development
  10. 10. MobileIQ: business models Monitising the Guardian: - Advertising-supported (banner & text) - Premium apps (e.g. iPhone) Other MobileIQ clients: - Sponsorship (jobs and dating) - Pay-Per-Event downloads
  11. 11. MobileIQ: success Monitising the Guardian: - profitable within 9 months of launch - March 2009: 1.5m PIs - November 2009: 6.5m+ PIs - Typically 5-6 PIs/visit - International traffic
  12. 12. Puzzler: the product
  13. 13. Puzzler: business models Billing - Pay-per download (low price, first puzzle free) - Subscriptions: daily, weekly, monthly Driving traffic - Ads in daily newspapers & own magazines - White labelling by distribution partners - Microsite promoted via operator portals - SIM Toolkit menus - Encourage repeat play through competition
  14. 14. Puzzler: success Commercially successful: - Profitable - Distributed via 2 UK operators (third soon) - >100k paid downloads/month Usage figures: - 7.5 plays average for league participants - 2.98 plays average for other customers
  15. 15. Key lessons Cultivate or leverage a strong brand - Puzzler had one, MobileIQ used one, Flirtomatic built one Plan to cope with fragmentation - iPhone and the resurgence of apps will make it worse Engage with operators - Despite being difficult to work with, they drive traffic well Treat app stores as a route to market - Applications are “just another channel”
  16. 16. Other lessons Promote mobile on mobile - Mobile ads are the best way to drive traffic to a mobile site Territorial differences matter - Flirtomatic see them with billing integration & moderation - MobileIQ see them with consumer billing preferences - Puzzler see them in preferences for puzzle types Invest in technology early - Flirtomatic & Mobile IQ both wish they’d done more here
  17. 17. Thank you. I’ve been British Embassy, Tokyo, 18th November 2009