Millennials 13.0: Year in Review


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Buzz Marketing Group's THIRTEENTH WAVE of our annual report profiling 20somethings. This month, we took a look at our findings about Millennials over the past year.

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Millennials 13.0: Year in Review

  1. 1. Buzz on Year Review Study 13.0Th e th ir te e n th wa ve o f a n e w a n n ua l r e p o r t p r o f ili n g th e se u p a nd c o m i n g Mille n n ia ls.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 9000 This network is used as a resource for 2 ethnographies, focus groups, personal h ed 01.01.1 interviews, immersion Launc experiences, surveys, and polls.9,000 members of 11 surveys Overall, this panel is composed of trendour buzzSpotter® influencers and represent all of the “tribes” we have identified, which include:network F ie lded o nline independents, preppies, techies and alternatives. buzzSpotters® 9000participated in Closed 12.01.12these studies.50% /50%female male Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. Internet privacyAll of our Millennials are getting andsharing information online. Althoughthey are very comfortable with theinternet, only 48% of them feelprotected online and surprisingly 60%of them feel violated when they aremonitored online even when they agreeto the terms and conditions of siteslike Facebook and Twitter.
  4. 4. relationshipsOur Millennials made it clear thatalthough they enjoy being in arelationship, by no means does it definewho they are. 94% of our Millennialssaid they do not feel held back in anyway by their mates. It is important forthem to feel happy and fulfilled asindividuals in order for them toappreciate the relationships they are in.It is all about balance for them.
  5. 5. Faith & religion96% of our Millennials are exchangingideas and opinions, and havingconversations about faith and religionregardless of their beliefs. They are alsostarting to make a distinction betweenreligion and faith , acknowledging thatyou can have a faith without beingreligious. They are abandoningtraditions in favor of freedom topractice or worship as they choose.
  6. 6. politicsWe learned that our Millennials are veryactive and very interested in politics. 59%of our Millennials have given either theirtime or money to support a political cause.They are sharing their political views, nowmore than ever, online and offline. Theevolution of tech nology and socialnetworking has created a perfect forumfor political debates and rallies to takeplace. This interaction will only grow in thefuture as our Millennials becomeincreasingly more comfortable online.
  7. 7. College education97% of our Millennials believe that agood education is worth the time andmoney required these days.Furthermore, 92% feel that it isnecessary to be successful and standout amongst their peers. 90% of themstated they are making the final callwhen choosing a college or universityconsidering how important it hasbecome for them and their future.
  8. 8. Employment & financeOur Millennials are looking for satisfactionand respect more than money. 62% of themwould prefer to create their own job orsimply wait for one they want beforeaccepting a job for which they feeloverqualified. With only 16% of ourMillennials receiving any type of monetaryassistance, this generation is financiallyindependent. They are smart shoppers andhave also figured out how to save a little bitduring these tough times.
  9. 9. Back-to- schoolNot much has changed about back toschool shopping for our Millennials. 64%reported that they are willing to spendthe same amount or more compared toprevious years. 58% stated they wouldshop without putting a limit on howmany trips they will take, in order toget exactly what they want or need.70% also know exactly where theyprefer to go for each item on their lists.
  10. 10. brandsOur Millennials are less interested inbrands and more interested in findingthe best value for their dollar. They arealways looking for the next best thingor opportunity. 79% of our Millenialsselected as their favoriteretailer simply because of the vastvariety and great prices they offer.Online shopping has leveled the playingfield and created a buyer’s market forthis generation.
  11. 11. celebritiesCelebrities hold a special place in thehearts of our Millennials. They arevery influential when it comes toselling beauty products and clothing,but they don’t exactly tip the scaleswhen it comes to more importantpurchases like cars. Whether or notthey are influencing their purchases,88% of our Millennials are stillfollowing their every move in thetabloids and online.
  12. 12. Presidential electionWith the exception of a handful, nearly all,95%, of our Millennials intended to vote. Thisyear our Millennials rejected party affiliationsand opted to identify themselves by theirpolitical views. 67% of our Millennials believedthat Obama was the better man for the joband 81% expected him to win. With 71% of thevotes, the economy was by far the mostimportant issue to our Millennials and theymade it clear they wanted to see more resultsand more action in the next four years.
  13. 13. Holiday spendingOur Millennials refused to accept theidea that a bad economy could spoilyet another holiday season. This year89% decided to shop smarter and takeadvantage of all of the sales andpromotions available online. Althoughthey hit the traditional retail outlets,88% said they also used their laptopsand smart phones to compare pricesand find the best deals online. Thisgeneration always finds a way to comeout on top.
  14. 14. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679