Moms 4.0: The Traveler


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The FOURTH WAVE of Buzz Marketing Group's year-long profile of today's mom. This month, we focused on Moms and as "The Traveler."

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Moms 4.0: The Traveler

  1. 1. The Buzz on Moms Report Meet the Traveler 4.0Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms: they are connected, inspiring, innovative, and philanthropic.
  2. 2. Who was Involved? 7000 11 h ed 10.22. Launc These panelists .449 members from ourbuzzSpotter® network 1,122 a ttemptsparticipated in this surveyabout Moms to learn how F ie lded o n line Paneliststhey re raising theMillennial Generation. Closed 12.23.11100%female 449 Par tic ipa n ts
  3. 3. Where do you live? Rural 9%  Suburbs 56%   As you can see, our respondents are mostly suburban moms with 56% City 36%   raising children here. Less than half live in the city and only 9% of moms live in rural areas.
  4. 4. ethnicity Other 2% American Hispanic African Indian 9% American 1% 16% Asian American 4% Caucasian 68%
  5. 5. s areMarital Th e majo rity o f ou r mo mStatus married. Other 1% Widowed 1% Divorced 6% Married 73% In a relationship 12% Single 8%
  6. 6. st o ne o ms take a t lea 66% o f our m year. How many o r two family vaca tio ns pe r do their Only 6% do n t take anfamilies take each year? More than Four Zero Four 6% 6% 5% Three 17% One 34% Two 32%
  7. 7. lan th e ir 76% o f o u r m o ms p How far in vaca tio ns a t least th ree to sixadvance do they m o n th s in adva nc e . plan? 9-12 months Over 12 months Less than 3 7% 5% months 24% 6-9 months 19% 3-6 months 45%
  8. 8. site fo r e m ost popular E xpedia is th line andWhich sites do o wed b y Pric e our m o ms fo ll they use? Trave lo c ity. Expedia 78% Priceline 72% Travelocity 72% Hotwire 64% Hotels 58% Kayak 43% Cheapairfare 29% Tripmama 15% *Book directly through airline site 55% *Book directly through hotel chain site 65%
  9. 9. My vacation a tio ns destinations said th a t th e ir vac 72% o f Mo ms es o ffe red p ric e in c e n tivare based on… we re based o n ng e lse . y th i m o re th an an Other 6% My previous visit(s) to this location 52% Price/incentives offered 72% Reviews I find online 49% Family/friends recommendations 59%
  10. 10. Do they plan o msaround school th an h alf o f our m A little m o re ns family vaca tio holidays? still plan th e ir days. l h o li arou nd sc h oo Not always 32% Yes 53% No 15%
  11. 11. What is their preferred th e airline? lines is c learly th Sou th west A ir s wi e fo r our m o m favo rite airlin vo tes. 26% o f th e ir Other 4%My family does not fly 10% US Airways 5% United Airlines 7% 26% Southwest Airlines JetBlue Airways 8% Delta Air Lines 16% Continental Airlines 4% American Airlines 14% Alaska Airlines 2% AirTran Airways 3%
  12. 12. My choice is ur m o m s base t h e ir On c e again, o y th ing based on… c h o ic es o n p r ic es m o re th an an e lse . Other Boarding 7% practices Route 14% 16% Loyalty program 17% Price point  36% No change or cancel fees 10%
  13. 13. el is th e p re fe rred h o t Hilto n Ho te ls with 37% o f t heWhat is their c h ain fo r our m o ms preferred vo tes.hotel chain? Other 16% We do not stay in hotels 9% Starwood Hotels & Resorts 10% Ritz-Carlton 1% Radisson 9% InterContinental 2% Hilton 37% Fairmont 1% Disney Hotels 6% Choice 8%
  14. 14. n t fac to r th e m ost impo r ta Pric e po in t is d b y ame nitie s fo rMy choice is fo r our m o ms fo llo we uites and lo yalty p rogr ams. kids, family s based on… Other Amenities for Kitchen included 6% kids 9% 18% Kids menu 7% Family suites 17% Loyalty program 17% Price point 26%
  15. 15. On vacation I Our m o ms re n t cars o n vaca tio n ba sed o n e n t a car 15% o f th e m rrent a car… th e ir needs. O nly d o nly 20% said th e y ne ve r e ve r y time an re n t a car. Every time Never 15% 20% Sometimes 65%
  16. 16. What is theirpreferred rental car company? tio n re n t cars o n vaca Th ose wh o do rp rise p re fe r to re n t fro m E n te 12% udge t. Other fo llo wed b y He r tz and B Thrifty 2% National 2% Hertz 18% Enterprise 34% Budget 18% Avis 8% Alamo 5%
  17. 17. Do they look for If so, are they ideo re vie wsvideo reviews prior Only h alf o f ou r m o ms loo k fo r v re th an influenced by these c h o ic es and sligh tly m o to making travel be fo re making n c ed b y th e v ideos th a t videos? are influe choices? h alf o f th e m th e y find. reviews No No Yes 47% Yes50% 50% 53%
  18. 18. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679