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Gilbane 2011 - Mobile First
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Gilbane 2011 - Mobile First


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Ektron presentation at Gilbane 2011

Ektron presentation at Gilbane 2011

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  • 1) Mobile is exploding Luke made this point in late 2009 and its even more true today given consumers insatiable appetite for all things smartphone and tablet. It's clear that mobile is well past the tipping point of consumer adoption, and has forever changed computing.2) Mobile forces you to focus While expanding screen resolutions and increased browser capabilities appeal to designers and developers, often the net result is a website that resembles an episode of Hoaders, with distracting content, unnecessary links, and an overall poor user experience. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Instead, Luke argues, the user experience should begin with the most important audience, the users. Designing for mobile first requires a minimalist, zen-list approach to design that focuses on the key tasks users hope to achieve.3) Mobile extends your capabilities Today's mobile browser goes well beyond the native capabilities of most desktop browsers. For example, iOS and Android devices provide real-time location information via integrated GPS. iOS Users swipe and touch instead of point and click. Newer Android devices support "Near Field Communication", providing news ways to connect mobile computing to the physical world, like sending payments or even replacing the traditional hotel key. Marketers have a massive opportunity to leverage mobile device capabilities to drive new levels of engagement.
  • What you want is more sales and what I want is to accomplish a task
  • Transcript

    • 1. Thinking Mobile First Tom Wentworth CMO, Ektron @twentworth12
    • 2. Combined sales of smartphones and tablets willbe 44 percent bigger than the PC market in 2011. Source: Gartner
    • 3. The Four F’s of MobileMaturity
    • 4. Source:
    • 5. What’s Mobile First? 1. Mobile is Exploding 2. Mobile Requires Focus 3. Mobile Extends your capabilities
    • 6. Put Tasks First – not Content Generic promotion Credit Card Ad Old News? Partner Ad
    • 7. Mobile Inspires Clarity
    • 8. Thinking Mobile First means putting the Customer first
    • 9. Powering Mobile First with Responsive Web Design
    • 10. “Responsive web design isn’t really a specifictechnique, but is rather an approach orphilosophy advocating a fluid grid layout withcolumn widths that adapt to available screenspace, while media queries allow us to serve updifferent style sheets depending on the viewport(browser window) size and resolution (pixeldensity).” Source:
    • 11. Responsive web design■ Uses HTML 5 + CSS3 ■ Flexible Layout ■ Flexible Images ■ Media Queries
    • 12. Demo
    • 13. Resources Mobile First – by Luke Wroblewski oducts/mobile-first Responsive Web Design – by Ethan Marcotte oducts/responsive-web-design