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Debunking the Myths of Drupal as an Enterprise Web CMS
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Debunking the Myths of Drupal as an Enterprise Web CMS


Published on

5/19/2014 Acquia webinar with Dries Buytaert

5/19/2014 Acquia webinar with Dries Buytaert

Published in: Technology

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  • Drupal is an open source web content management system
  • Drupal is a
  • Acquia appeared in the Forrester Wave for Web Content Management in 2013. Acquia is the younger vendor in the Wave, and according to Forrester, Acquia and Drupal are in the top three when it comes to product selection inquiries.Acquia is a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Social Depth Platforms, which covers the usage of Drupal for customer communities.Acquia us a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, and is the best positioned open source vendor.
  • This helpful infographic is an example of the type of FUD being spread about Drupal. It comes from a digital agency.Unless you already love open source, or are running a very simple site, all paths point to Commercial.Of course, the digital agency happens to work only with proprietary vendors.
  • The most common misconception spread by proprietary vendors is that open source is only used for small sites.
  • GE replaced HP/AutonomyTeamSite and OpenText Vignette with Drupal
  • NBC Standardized on Drupal, for all of its sports, entertainment, and news properties.
  • Warner Music Group, Acquia Cloud Site Factory storyAcquia Cloud Site Factory enables marketers to create dynamic, customized sites in minutes with easily configured templates that can include repeatable content, design, features and structure. It provides an intuitive authoring experience so even non-technical users can rapidly create great digital experiences that bring together content, community, and commerce without the extensive training or coding that traditional, proprietary web platforms require.From ebook“Launching new artists—or new brands—quickly and easily is critical to success in a highly competitive marketplace.— To accomplish this, a CMS must have the capability to serve as a “site factory,” with the ability to spin up new sites quickly, and to offer easy administrative oversight in a way that unifies and simplifies maintenance and support. And, more often than not, today’s platform is cloud-hosted to reduce resources needed for infrastructure and to redirect those resources to functionality and innovation.”
  • According to, which tracks the technologies used by websites, Drupal runs about 3.5% of the Quantcast top 100,000 sites, up from 2% in 2011.The top two proprietary CMS options – Adobe and Sitecore run less than 1% combined, and their growth has been flat over the same time period.
  • Here’s a recent example from a small SaaS Web Content Management company called Bridgeline Digital, who published an anti-open source whitepaper just last week.
  • Tell the We the People storyTalk about security in Drupal, the security team, etc.
  • Here is another common myth spread by proprietary vendors like Sitecore, that open source products can’t scale.
  • Open source is powering technology in the enterprise, almost every significant consumer and enterprise platform is powered by open source.
  • ProblemThe increasing popularity of, its richersite content, and its growing importance to the MTA’s ability to communicate with customers meant that significant infrastructure investments were needed to keep pace during normal, every-day traffic—but more importantly to handle the three-fold increase in traffic during emergency and severe weather events. BeforeMTA was also laboring under an inefficient, outdated publishing process, which required manually updating HTML and XML files along with managing tens of thousands of objects on the website file systems -unsustainable, lengthy, laborious, and error-prone process.During an emergency/ weather event, the MTA had to simplify its website to compensate for the increased user traffic, effectively turning a normally robust communications vehicle into the equivalent of a plain text page SolutionMTA adopted Drupalas the foundation for a new website architecture. MTA also decided to use Acquia Cloud to assure resiliency. its goal: robust content management and delivery, enriched emergency focused features and workflow, combined with the ability to scale to tens of thousands of requests per second. Within four months, an application was developed that included a complementary innovative business process allowing real-time content delivery of service notifications and news to the new cloud-based site. this move to Drupal and Acquia Cloud cannot be overstated in terms of the MTA’s ability to effectively communicate with customers, the public at large, and the media during Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath Un-tethering from any internal dependencies insulated it from the loss of those resources caused by Sandy, keeping it working reliably throughout the event. Dynamically expanding hardware and communications bandwidth during the storm in response to traffic spikes and ramping them down post-storm resulted in 100% uptime during and after the storm. Designing for robust, resilient performance under duress allowed access to 30,000 customers per second with 99% of page loads in less than 4 seconds and an average load time of 2 seconds. Tapping into Acquia’s developer resources from California and Australia when MTA lost access to internal development/support staff at the height of the storm resulted in uninterrupted performance of the website. Using Drupal’s rich palette, Corporate Communications was able to more effectively communicate with the public, with a first-ever use of maps showing service disruptions as well as service restorations. MTA was able to keep over 5.1 million customers informed before, during, and after Superstorm Sandy. Using open-source Drupal technology in tandem with Acquia Cloud services provided a cost-effective alternative to on premises proprietary solutions, while increasing functionality, resiliency, and service levels.
  • Drupal is leading the change for management of dynamic content in the enterprise. Today it powers circa 2% of the web. The most recent release of Drupal, Drupal 7, had almost 1000 contributors to Drupal core. There were thousands more who submitted patches that were not incorporated. Arguably, Drupal shares with Linux the title of “most active open source projects”. In fact, Drupal has twice the number of developers who’ve contributed code as the Linux project (linux had 8,000 contributors since 2005, according to the Linux foundation in 2011)Drupal wins because it offers:Shorter innovation cyclesFaster time to market via assembly of modules More flexibility .. Want a slightly different behavior … you can ameliorate a module yourself or with a partnerNo vendor lock inBetter total cost of ownershipAcquia is the leading player commercializing Drupal, much in the same way that Red Hat commercialized Linux. Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of Drupal, is also Acquia’s founder and CTO. Dries’ co-maintainers for the last two Drupal versions are also members of our team. We lead the community in many ways, from design to thought leadership to writing the code, yet we’re able to leverage the community broadly, where roughly 90% of the code is written.
  • Before10-year-old propriety platform was becoming too costly to maintain and was chugging to keep pace with site traffic. is the official website of the State of Georgia the front door to more than 55 state agency websites. The site had been running two versions of a proprietary CMS, one of which was no longer supported. The situation had gotten to the point where the technical team’s entire efforts were spent making sure the sites were live and servers were not going down. AfterMigration to Drupal and Acquia Cloud (site build out by partner Phase2, design by partner Mediacurrent)Business Driver - cost-effective, enterprise-level system that wasn’t going to require a lot of upkeep. intuitive enough so content managers and users of all levels could easily manage their individual sites. “We wanted something that didn’t require 20 clicks to publish something,” Traffic to the sites varied according to regular calendar events throughout the year, and needed to adjust to those changes rapidly. It also needed to be able to onboard additional websites without the hassle of having to provision new servers. SolutionOpen-source Drupal and Acquia Cloud – built on the OpenPublicdistromove to Drupal and Acquia Cloud will generate savings of $4.7 million over five years Now can respond to increased demand and unexpected traffic spikes seamlessly. “If we see something coming up, we just notify Acquia and they ramp up to accommodate the extra traffic,” Deshpande said. add new sites without hassle
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Setting the Record Straight: Drupal as an Enterprise Web Content Management System
    • 2. 2 • Founded Drupal • Co-founded Acquia • Co-founded Mollom • Co-founded Drupal Association • Holds a PhD in CS • Likes photography, chocolate • @dries
    • 3. 3 Agenda • What is Drupal? And Which Vendors Does Drupal Compete Against? • Common Myths about Drupal in the Enterprise • What’s New in Drupal 8? • Questions
    • 4. 4 What is Drupal?
    • 5. 5 Group Collaboration User Generated Content Activity Streams Drupal is a Unified, Open Source Platform for Content, Community, and Commerce Easy and Fun Content Authoring Pre-Built Integrations Presentation Layer Globalization and Localization Multi-channel Delivery Optimize online shopping across channels and devices Integrations with 3rd Party Commerce PlatformsProduct CatalogsShopping Carts, Orders, and Payment Processing
    • 6. 6 Who does Drupal Compete With?
    • 7. 7 Primary Competitors • Web Content Management – Adobe Experience Manager – Sitecore – Legacy WCM vendors including SDL Tridion, HP/Autonomy TeamSite, and Oracle • Social Business Software – Jive – Lithium
    • 8. 8 What do the Analysts Say? Forrester Wave Web Content Management Forrester Wave Social Depth Platforms Gartner Magic Quadrant Web Content Management Analysts take a laggard view at markets, but Drupal is quickly gaining mindshare
    • 9. 9 So, What are the Common Misconceptions about Drupal? And How Do Proprietary Vendors Compete?
    • 10. 10 Fear. Uncertainty. And Doubt. (FUD)
    • 11. 11
    • 12. 12 Top 5 Myths About Drupal 1. Drupal is just for blogs and simple sites 2. Drupal isn’t secure 3. Drupal won’t scale to handle the world’s largest sites 4. Drupal requires tribal knowledge 5. Drupal won’t work well with my marketing tools
    • 13. 13 Myth #1: Drupal is just for blogs and simple sites, not Global Enterprises
    • 14. 14
    • 15. 15 GE selected Drupal for more flexibility, better agility, integrate faster on a centralized platform
    • 16. 16 DRUPAL. EVERYWHER NBC standardized on Drupal across entertainment, news, and sports sites
    • 17. 17 300 completely custom artist experiences on Drupal
    • 18. Over 50% of the Top Media and Entertainment Companies Over 130 Nations 7 of 8 Top Universities Drupal Dominates the Enterprise
    • 19. 9 of 12 Top Technology Companies 33% of Largest Life Sciences Companies 50% of Top 15 Financial Services Companies Others Drupal Dominates the Enterprise
    • 20. 20 Growth of Drupal Quantcast Top 100,000 Sites (from 0.00% 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 2.00% 2.50% 3.00% 3.50% Q1 11 Q2 11 Q3 11 Q4 11 Q1 12 Q2 12 Q3 12 Q4 12 Q1 13 Q2 13 Q3 13 Q4 13 Q1 14 Drupal Adobe Sitecore
    • 21. 21 Myth #2: Drupal isn’t secure
    • 22. 22
    • 23. SECURE Drupal runs sites for over 130 nations.
    • 24. 24 “One interviewee from a global pharmaceutical organization believed that his open source WCM solutions were more secure than proprietary ones … Many also feel that the open code base is a particular advantage, as it allows organizations to explore potential security vulnerabilities.”- Forrester Research
    • 25. 25 “Continuous and broad peer review, enabled by publicly available source code, supports [our] software reliability and security efforts” - David M. Wennergren, Department of Defense CIO “Clarifying Guidance Regarding Open Source Software”
    • 26. 26 Myth #3: Open Source won’t scale to handle the world’s largest sites
    • 27. 27
    • 28. 28 Open Source Powers the Enterprise at Massive Scale Digital Experiences Drupal Big Data Hadoop Database NoSQL Operating System Linux
    • 29. 29 460M Hits to on night of award show
    • 30. 30 30K Concurrent visitors per second during Hurricane Sandy with 100% uptime, serving 5.1M customers in metro NYC
    • 31. 31 SCALE Weather Channel, a Top-25 Alexa ranked site, is replacing legacy Percussion product with Drupal
    • 32. 32 Myth #4: Open Source requires tribal knowledge
    • 33. 33
    • 34. 34 This is the Drupal Community
    • 35. 35 Market Presence 1,500,000+ sites Global Adoption 196 countries Extensive Capabilities 23,000+ modules Broad Community 1,000,000+ members Drupal is the Largest Open Source Platform in the World 2X the size of Linux developer community
    • 36. 36 Drupal Proprietary Web CMS Products 0 10000 20000 30000 28,000 100 Size of Development Team
    • 37. 37 “As one Forrester Customer told us, We had some concerns about support with open source, but we felt like a commercial company like Acquia could make up for that and give us the support we need.” - Forrester Research
    • 38. 38 Myth #5: Drupal is More Expensive
    • 39. 39
    • 40. 40
    • 41. 41
    • 42. 42 Example 3 Year Total Cost: Drupal vs. Proprietary Web CMS Proprietary CMS e.g. Sitecore or Adobe Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total License $200,000 $0 $0 Implementation Services $200,000 $20,000 $20,000 Maintenance $40,000 $40,000 $40,000 Hosting $40,000 $40,000 $40,000 Total $480,000 $100,000 $100,000 $680,000 Drupal Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total Drupal $0 $0 $0 Implementation Services $150,000 $15,000 $15,000 Acquia Cloud $60,000 $60,000 $60,000 Total $210,000 $75,000 $75,000 $360,000
    • 43. Projected 5 year savings by migrating 55 websites from legacy OpenText Vignette to Drupal$4.7M
    • 44. 44 Bonus! Extra Myths 1. Drupal Doesn’t Have a Roadmap 2. Drupal Doesn’t Have an Upgrade Path
    • 45. 45 So, enough with the FUD. Let’s talk about the next version of Drupal, Drupal 8
    • 46. 46 1. Integrated WYSIWYG Editor • “Make content editing as easy as Microsoft Word” 2. In-place editing New in Drupal 8 Re-imagined Content Authoring Experience
    • 47. 47 1. Everything in Drupal 8 is Responsive • Themes, Images, Tables, B reakpoints, etc. • Toolbar 2. New Mobile Preview 3. Optimized for Speed! New in Drupal 8 Mobile Everywhere
    • 48. 48 1. Automatically downloads interface translations - Over 100 languages supported 2. Built-in Support for multilingual sites 3. Show + Hide Content By Language 3. Over 500+ additional fixes+features New in Drupal 8 Multilingual and Globalization Support
    • 49. 49 Modern RESTful APIs Enable Better Integrations With the Tools You Already Use New in Drupal 8 Better Integration Support
    • 50. 50 Lastly, A Little Bit About Acquia
    • 51. 51
    • 52. 52 Acquia, the Digital Business Company Continuous Delivery Cloud Platform Digital Engagement Services
    • 53. 53 Ok, Let’s Wrap This Up
    • 54. 54
    • 55. 55 1996-2003 WCMSWeb Content Management Systems CLOUDS + SUITES REPLACED BY OPEN SOURCE? By 2010 Open Source destroyed proprietary WCMS Market 2014 Marketing Cloud 201X Drupal Changed the Industry
    • 56. 56 Proprietary companies are building closed systems, ACCESSIBLE TO ONLY A FEW.
    • 57. 57 Drupal brings these capabilities to the masses.
    • 58. 58 Resources • case study – study/georgiagov • Pfizer – Building a Global Digital Platform on Drupal – • Try Drupal on Acquia Cloud Free –
    • 59. 59 @dries ::