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Appnovation & Acquia Vancouver Seminar: Drupal, Acquia, and Freedom.
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Appnovation & Acquia Vancouver Seminar: Drupal, Acquia, and Freedom.


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  • Drupal is leading the change for management of dynamic content in the enterprise. Today it powers circa 2% of the web. The most recent release of Drupal, Drupal 7, had almost 1000 contributors to Drupal core. There were thousands more who submitted patches that were not incorporated. Arguably, Drupal shares with Linux the title of “most active open source projects”. In fact, Drupal has twice the number of developers who’ve contributed code as the Linux project (linux had 8,000 contributors since 2005, according to the Linux foundation in 2011) Drupal wins because it offers: Shorter innovation cycles Faster time to market via assembly of modules More flexibility .. Want a slightly different behavior … you can ameliorate a module yourself or with a partner No vendor lock in Better total cost of ownership Acquia is the leading player commercializing Drupal, much in the same way that Red Hat commercialized Linux. Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of Drupal, is also Acquia ’s founder and CTO. Dries’ co-maintainers for the last two Drupal versions are also members of our team. We lead the community in many ways, from design to thought leadership to writing the code, yet we’re able to leverage the community broadly, where roughly 90% of the code is written.
  • Open Source rules the most visited sites on the internet. Of Alexa ’s top 10k most visited properties on the internet, 22% of the domains run a CMS of some sort (11841 of 53821 domains) Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla -- the 3 leading open source CMS systems -- account for greater than 70% of the domains that make up those properties. That is almost 10x the use of Sharepoint, the most heavily used proprietary system used, which is almost exclusively reserved for the properties that make this list.
  • The last 15 years of History has shown how fast change happens At Ektron we believe we are in one of the greatest inflection point in the history of the Web It is about Managing the site visitors user experience (That site visitor has an attention problem) Personalizing the content to your site visitor based on what we know about them. And boy do we know about your site visitor, without them telling us anything!!! And for those of you who want to use our new Facebook connect - You know their social graph With our new Mobile support, with device detection and targeting. With our new GEOIP, we know where the site visitor is coming from. Localizing your site visitor experience. Lead Generation, what every sales organization wants and what every marketing team wants to deliver But Better than leads, Organizations want to sell their products and services online with social eCommerce
  • One great example of this use in government is how the Obama campaign and his subsequent administration used Drupal to drive large scale engagement with citizens. Drupal and Open Source lived at the heart of his first campaign, enabling everything from rapid delivery of content to social sharing and interaction through to fund raising. That spirit continued with the appointment of a CIO for the federal government and programs like this one, the “We the People” petitions site.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Drupal, Acquia, & FreedomWhy Open Source the Cloud Win13 November 2012Tom Wentworth, CMO, Acquia @twentworth12
    • 2. Agenda• Introductions• Why Open Source Wins• Why Drupal Wins• Why the Acquia Cloud Wins• Questions
    • 3. About MeAbout Me• Former CMO at commercial-CMS provider, Ektron• 10+ years at CMS pioneer Interwoven (then Autonomy now HP)• Former spreader of Open Source FUD• Joined Acquia in December, 2012
    • 4. Acquia: Open Cloud Platform forBuilding Extraordinary Websites• Founded in 2008 to provide commercial support, services, and cloud tools for Drupal• Private, VC-backed• Serving over 2400 customers around the world• Office in Boston, Portland, Washington DC, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, & India• 280+ Employees
    • 5. Why Open Source Wins
    • 6. Double-click toFree... Like Puppies are Free Open Source is edit
    • 7. Top 5 Myths About Open SourceOpen Source is just for blogs and simple sitesOpen Source isn’t secureOpen Source won’t scale to handle the world’s largest sitesOpen Source requires tribal knowledgeOpen Source won’t work well with my marketing tools
    • 8. Drupal is the LargestOpen Source Community in the World Open source, web phenomenon Market Presence 1,500,000+ sites Global Adoption 228 countries Extensive Capabilities 20,000+ modules Broad Community 800,000+ members Active Development 17,000+ developers 2X the size of Linux developer community
    • 9. Open Source is the Innovators Solution • Technology moves too fast for companies • Companies want the freedom to innovate • “Roadmap Prision” • Shorter innovation cycles • Faster time to market via assembly of modules • More flexibility .. Want a slightly different behavior … you can ameliorate a module yourself or with a partner • Better total cost of ownership
    • 10. Why Drupal Wins
    • 11. Inside ManyLargeOrganizations,the Web Is Broken
    • 12. Inside ManyLargeOrganizations,the Web Is Broken•Disparate systems•Duplication of content•Fragmented experiences•High cost to manage•Not scalable
    • 13. Customer demandintegrated experiences!
    • 14. Drupal Delivers Rich, Integrated Experiences
    • 15. Drupal Adoption in Key Verticals 5 of the Big 6 US media companies 11 of the top 18 US media brands 71 of the top 100 universities worldwide 3 of the top 3 global music companies 130 nations using Drupal for gov’t websites 2 largest global pharmaceutical companies Momentum in high tech, healthcare, financial services
    • 16. Your CMS is Old HTML 5 / CSS 3 2011 2011 iPhone 1.0 was released 2007 2007 Facebook was released to universities 2006 2006This is when your CMS 1998 - 2005 1998 - 2005 Was probably Built
    • 17. Drupal is Modern Architecture to rapidly “assemble” experiences from building-blocks instead of code sites from scratch. Drupal core Drupal + recommended Solution modules Distributions
    • 18. Flexible, Open, Best of Breed Mobile Social Email Community Video Primary application FB/Twitter campaign site portal site Measurement and reporting Integrated content store (local + aggregation)Rich media assets User generated CRM Feeds Marketing content automation
    • 19. Truly Agile Marketing Pinterest hits New Drupal module 15 Drupal sites go live 10M unique visitors created for website with Users “pinned” images Pinterest integration February 2012 March 2012 April 2012
    • 20. Why Acquia & the Cloud Win
    • 21. Cloud Service [ start! ]Platforms for LearnRapid BuildDeployment Deploy [ enterprise deployment ]
    • 22. Managed Drupal Cloud Platform• One vendor for entire Drupal stack• Drupal tuned runtime environment• Single server or highly available, fully redundant architecture• Burstable, elastic resources• Automated monitoring• TRUSTe Certified
    • 23. In December, we: Served 143 terabytes Delivered 11 billion requests
    • 24. Deploy Server Single server HA server clusters Configuration Uptime Can tolerate some downtime 99.95% or better Requirements Application self-service & Comprehensive Support Needs infrastructure support white glove support One or more Single site or Sites per Server separate sites multi-site Target User Site developers Site owners
    • 25. OpenSaaS Deployment Platform• OpenSaaS• No software• No lock-in• Turnkey site rollout• Enterprise multi-site management
    • 26. Websites Without Boundaries Grow your site in Drupal Gardens Acquia manages Drupal stack & hosting Grow your site with: •Custom modules •Custom code, plugins •Integration with 3rd party API’s Acquia manages code, Drupal stack & hosting
    • 27. [ start! ]Enterprise- Learnclass 24x7Support Build Deploy Operate [ enterprise deployment ]
    • 28. Operate Acquia Network Ultimate Drupal Site Management Solution Support Tools Knowledge
    • 29. “Answers I need...” 800+ Articles 1000+ FAQs 500+ Podcasts, Webinars and Videos and more to come!
    • 30. Acquia Network Marketplace Add-ons Drupal application management Drupal SEO configuration Powerful search, as a service
    • 31. Drupal Application Management• Checks 100+ Drupal specific settings• On-demand scoring• Visibility across multiple sites• Personalized real-time notifications• Best practice recommendations
    • 32. Analysis of SEO Quality• Checks 20+ SEO specific settings• Dynamic analysis based on:- Page structure- Ability to find and crawl website- User experience on site- SEO best practices
    • 33. Enterprise-class 24x7 DrupalSupport• Experienced Drupal customer support specialists• Reactive & proactive support• SLA based response time• Server management
    • 34. Acquia Product Offerings Professional Drupal Services Training Drupal Gardens Enterprise Site Factory Acquia Cloud Managed Deployments Acquia Network Drupal Management Suite Content Community COMMERCE
    • 35. Drupal Powers Digital Democracy
    • 36. Humana Healthy BehaviorsHumana created My Well Being as a destination to help build their brand and attract & retain customersUsers register to access an interactive assessment, receive targeting content based on their interests, and get access to special members-only perksIntegrated with Omniture and SiteCatalyst, MailChimp, and a unique “customer master” that allows for lead management and customer analysis
    • 37. Demo
    • 38. Questions?