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Week 3 Deaf Culture Online PPT #9
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Week 3 Deaf Culture Online PPT #9


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Week 3-Deaf Culture Online PPT #9 Professor Toby Welch Lone Star College-CyFair
  • 2. Review O Remember the iceberg O Discuss: O Linguicism O Bilingualism O Deaf Heart
  • 3. Review Iceberg O See iceberg. Think about it. On surface displays many or numerous people think they know or understand the Deaf culture. But below the water displays how much depth information that numerous do not know about Deaf culture. Question is did you learn more last two weeks? Yes or no is depending on you. O Important is your attitude toward your learning in this course. Sometime we don’t like what is the under of water.
  • 4. Review Iceberg O People want to have simple messages to believe in it. That’s why they look only the top of iceberg rather than swim deep and see what’s the under. Many are very courage to learn more about Deaf culture. Some other people don’t have courage enough to learn.
  • 5. Review: Linguicism
  • 6. Linguicism within the Deaf Community - 1 • Oppression of language in favor of another language • ASL research flourishes but is largely ignored by administrators • Deaf teachers at Deaf Schools sometimes sign using MCE to match administrators’ skills • Many have accepted or are required by law to accept the Total Communication philosophy at Deaf schools • Many Deaf choose to speak instead of signing for hearing audiences
  • 7. Linguicism within the Deaf Community - 2 • Often, when given a choice between a teacher who is fluent in ASL but not necessarily English, or a teacher fluent in English but not ASL, Deaf students will: • Choose the Deaf teacher so they can learn a second language through their first language • AGB is the perfect linguicist: fluent in ASL, but refuses to accept its value or even use it in educational settings
  • 8. Review: Linguicism O I want to explore a little bit on linguicism. You aware that there are many different language school systems are using. Most of them used oral, SEE (Sign Exact English) or different mode of communication. They rejected ASL because they do not believe ASL is a language. You saw one or two PPTs that show proved ASL is a true language. It is an excellent example how people look down on languages, for example, they think English is better than ASL, Spanish or whatever.
  • 9. Review: Bilingualism O It is important for you to know bilingualism in Deaf community because they used two languages (ASL [L1] and English [L2]). If you don’t remember this, then look at next slides or in PPT. I am strong bilingualism user and favor the bilingualism in deaf education.
  • 10. Bilingual & Bicultural I want to explain about why is bilingual effective. Interesting is that some school districts (I will not name of school districts and persons’ name) with Deaf program. They hate bilingual philosophy. My philosophy is strongly in bilingual & bicultural. That is one reason why I was not hired by those school districts. Houston area has strongly belief in oralism and visual phonic method. I want you guys to understand why bilingual is the most effective. See a few slides the history of bilingual.
  • 11. New: Deaf Heart O What is the “Deaf Heart” means? Deaf Heart is important in Deaf community. It means that a person who are immersing Deaf community and culture; he/she understood and respects Deaf people; he/she wants to empower Deaf people during any event rather than disempower them; and he/she would act like a Deaf person rather than a hearing person. Some people who take ASL and interpreting courses are not always have “Deaf Heart.”
  • 12. New: Deaf Heart O The other word for “Deaf Heart” is attitude. What people’s attitude to Deaf people is displaying their true character from their heart. Quote from the Bible “What comes out of a person is what defiles him.” It is same concept in Deaf community is “What comes out of a person is what attitude he/she has toward Deaf community.” Deaf people will know if a person has “Deaf Heart” or not by how they act and talk.