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Week 1 deaf culture online
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Week 1 deaf culture online


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Deaf Culture Online Week 1 Toby Welch ASL Professor
  • 2. Introduction-Autobiography Page 1-9
  • 3. Biography – Laurent ClercBorn in La Balme, Canton ofCremieu, Department of Isère,on the 26th of December 1785The founder of Deaf Educationin AmericaAn Educator for Institution forthe Deaf and Dumb, Paris,France
  • 4. Biography – Laurent Clerc Met a Deaf girl named Alice Cogswell. He taught Alice how to write “hat” and point his hat to connect. Alice’s father, Dr. Mason Cogswell, requested Mr. Gallaudet to find a way to educate Deaf students included his daughter, Alice.
  • 5. Biography – Laurent Clerc Mr. Clerc and Mr. Gallaudet met around 1816. Mr. Gallaudet stayed and studied Mr. Clerc’s classroom 6 months to 1 year.
  • 6. Biography – Laurent Clerc Abbé Sicard was Master of Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. Mr. Clerc requested to go to America with Mr. Gallaudet. Mr. Sicard granted the permission.
  • 7. Biography – Laurent Clerc Mr. Clerc and Mr. Gallaudet left to America on June 18th, 1816 and arrived New York on August 9th, 1816. While they were on voyage, Mr. Gallaudet taught Mr. Clerc English and Mr. Clerc taught French Sign Language (FSL).
  • 8. Biography – Laurent Clerc They established the first Deaf school in America in 1817.
  • 9. Part 1Chapter 1 Page 13-26
  • 10. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World On Planning a Deaf-Mute CommonwealthChapter 1 talked about giving a land However, when they hang out withfor Deaf people. Some people were Deaf people, they will improve theirnot sure if they support the idea read and write skill because of signbecause they don’t think they are language they can communicateintelligence people due lacking of each other. It is applied today. Forread/write skill. Most Deaf people example, Deaf students will bewhere hang out with hearing and advantage in education with Deafdon’t see any other Deaf people. educators than hearing educators.
  • 11. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World On Planning a Deaf-Mute CommonwealthMr. E. Booth wrote a letter to Mr. Mr. Welch’s Note: It is important toFlournoy, “I think the wiser course leave Deaf people as they, to let the mutes remain as they Many hearing people are trying toare—scattered and in one sense fix Deaf people to become a normallost—among their hearing people the same as hearing In such situations they Unfortunately, many hearingare compelled to read and write, people believe Deaf people areand thus keep their minds under NOT normal but look down onthe educational process through them. That is they compelled Deaflife.” students to read and write.
  • 12. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World On Planning a Deaf-Mute Commonwealth Deaf people. Noticed three men inMany schools do not know how to chapter understood about Deafprovide vary services for the Deaf people and try to do the beststudents because they are function interest of Deaf people by respectin hearing world and not familiar their culture.the Deaf culture. They put theirculture on Deaf culture. It is“violation” Deaf people’s right asDeaf people. That is why we Not only schools but in generalnoticed there is a few struggling does not understand or know abouthow to provide Deaf culture. It is good for you to learn the Deaf cutlure.
  • 13. Part 1Chapter 2 Page 27-
  • 14. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World Coming to CaliforniaChapter 2 talked about involvingmovies. Before they invented“Talkie,” some Deaf people wereinvolved such as Charlie Chaplin.Charlie was influenced by manyDeaf actors in silent movies. Helearned sign language throughGranville Redmond. Granville wasDeaf and graduated CaliforniaSchool for the Deaf. Charlie metGranville because he was interestedin collecting his arts.
  • 15. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World Coming to California Unfortunately, when Talkie started, Deaf actors had limited involving movies with hearings acts due to lack of speech skills. Charlie did not like the idea of Talkie. According to textbook, An article entitled, “Charlie Chaplin Attacks the Talkie” (page 31).
  • 16. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World Coming to CaliforniaAlbert Ballin was Deaf actors andwhen Talkie invented, he workedhard to speak and read lips.However, it did not make it formost Deaf actors. Today, there areseveral Deaf actors are involvedmovies, sitcom shows and othershows. For instance, Marlee Maltin.
  • 17. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World Coming to CaliforniaWelch’s NOTE: There are a fewmovies owned by Deaf people suchas ASLFilms. Mark Wood, directorof ASLFilms, is established Deafmovie for Deaf actors only and nosound at all. For moreinformation, see There area few others that is not at website.As soon as I find the information, Iwill share with you.
  • 18. Part 1Chapter 3 Page 27-37
  • 19. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World What a Deaf Jewish Leader Expects of a RabbiChapter 3 talked about being arabbi. Frederick C. Schreiber was aDeaf Jews. It is difficult for DeafJews to participate religion in pastbecause hearing Jews Rabbis do notknow about Deaf people and don’thave any service for them.
  • 20. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World What a Deaf Jewish Leader Expects of a RabbiWelch’s Note: I am not sure if it is betteror improving service for Deaf Jews today.It applied to any Deaf religion such asPresbyterian, Baptist, etc.However, Presbyterian and Baptist aregrowing among Deaf population withDeaf pastors, elders and/or leaders.Many hearing religions do not believethat Deaf people can handle the churchservice due to “deafness.” One worsenote is that a few churches believe thatDeaf people have devil possessionbecause of “deafness.” It is not true andmisinterpreted. Deaf means cannot hearthe word of God. Not about physical.God created Deaf people for Hispurpose.
  • 21. Part 1 – Life in the hearing World What a Deaf Jewish Leader Expects of a RabbiWebsite: can put “Deaf Jewish” in Googleand there are many of it.
  • 22. Part 1Chapter 4 Page 38-39
  • 23. Part 1 – How to Write a Hearing ReporterWhen writing about deaf people, besure to talk with everyone around Welch’s Note: Read thethem: their parents, teachers and chapter 4 and learn how toemployers. You will be able to write properly about Deafcommunicate easily with these people. Or you will have apeople. If you are forced to actually black name in Deaftalk with the deaf person you are community by making a publicwriting about, make sure include the against you. Try to showphrase “through an interpreter” when respect for Deaf community ifyou quote them, as follows: “I like my you are writing anjob,” said Jack through an interpreter. article, report, book or whatever.