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  1. 1. BlendedLearningAnywhere!
  2. 2. What you WON’T learn...and other disappointments up frontthat I hope you can be ok with• You won’t learn how to use any one specific piece of software or web tool• You won’t learn about apps or tools that ONLY work on the iPad• I’m going to tell you that many (though not all) new web tools require you to register or set up an account.• Don’t wait for PD - it will not come. Take control of you own learning!
  3. 3. What you CAN learn - and other possibilities I hopeyou take with you...• Links to many great tools that are classroom tested by ME - and some suggestions for ways to use them• Some ideas for how you can personalize these tools for your classroom, and how your students can personalize them too• Me telling you that if you are OPEN to possibilities, great things can happen!• Never underestimate the power of networking!
  4. 4. Remember - The Cloud is your friend...
  5. 5. Imagine....a bridge To utilize mobile effectively in our classrooms, we need to build bridges
  6. 6. Blended learning comprised of 3 parts • Classroom • Shared Applications • Mobile Functions
  7. 7. Part 1: The Classroom - (Home Base)• Establish a base of operating platforms: Blog Wiki Website
  8. 8. Blogs, Wikis, Websites• Blogs, wikis, or websites can link to other blogs, wikis, or websites.• Blogs, wikis, or websites can link to other courseware such as Moodle, Coursera, iTunesU, and Blackboard• Blogs, wikis, or websites can host images and any other embedded items (videos, mp3 files, web 2.0 presentations and forms).• Blogs, wikis, or websites can be a combination of news, student work, project rubrics, and student links - a really useful space for all.
  9. 9. Blogs• Consist of posts in reverse chronological order• Can contain sidebars for links or other images or media• Posts can be categorized (tagged or labeled) and made search-able• Posts may contain text, images, and other media• Posts may be commented on
  10. 10. Wikis• They are websites which can be edited quickly• They can be edited by more than one person if the owner of the wiki desires• They can host text, links, images, and other media• They can host many other pages within one wiki for organization of content
  11. 11. Websites• A set of related pages which can contain content like text, audio, and other media• A home page usually controls navigation for the other related webpages that are a part of the site.
  12. 12. Blended learning comprised of 3 parts • Classroom • Shared Applications • Mobile Functions
  13. 13. Build a bridge between classroom and shared apps
  14. 14. Part 2: Shared Applications• The shared applications are those that have a place on your base of operations, but can also be used on a mobile device. They are based in “The Cloud”. The information can be accessed in either place.• You can post a link to it on your home base, all students can have accounts, and all (students and teacher) can access it in real time any time, any where - including with a mobile device.
  15. 15. Some great shared apps for education - a veryincomplete list... Evernote Moodle Edmodo Dropbox SkypeGoogleDriveVoiceThread TrackClass Twitter Diigo blogger WordPress YouTube
  16. 16. Evernote - web and mobile• Save your ideas! Share your ideas! Sync between mobile and web!• Teachers can collect notes, sites, pictures, etc. to share with students• Students can also collect notes, sites, pictures, etc. to share with classmates and teacher
  17. 17. Moodle - web and mobile• Moodle is an open source learning management system. House your course work on Moodle - use it to upload rich resources such as live web links and video, and add all kinds of assignments which students can upload on the site.• Moodle helps students manage their courses with calendars, notifications, reminders, and discussion forums. They can do this on a computer or a mobile device with the Moodle app - anytime, anywhere.
  18. 18. Edmodo - web and mobile• Edmodo is a simple course management system - use only Edmodo, or feed it with your own customized blogs, wikis, and websites.• Build a library of resources for your students• Students can get notifications, feedback, ask questions, and post in discussion threads• Easy access for students and parents.• Can be accessed via computer or mobile app - any time, anywhere!
  19. 19. DropBox - web and mobile• Save anything on the cloud• Share anything on the cloud• Access your cloud items anywhere
  20. 20. Skype - web and mobile• Communicate with your students - any time, anywhere• Bring in experts - anywhere!
  21. 21. GoogleDrive - web and mobile• (Artist formerly known as GoogleDocs)• Save and share documents• Collaborate - Anywhere!
  22. 22. VoiceThread - web and mobile• Turn media into a shared space to comment, build stories, contribute ideas and knowledge
  23. 23. TrackClass - web and mobile• Puts the power of organization in students’ hands• Access important class info, collect notes, get reminders - any time, anywhere!
  24. 24. Twitter - web and mobile• For teachers - build a personal learning network of educators in your field• Engage in conversations about practice, share resources, build your knowledge• For your class - Tweet to parents and community about the great things students are doing - link to their work• For your class - Tweet with interesting experts about something you are studying
  25. 25. Diigo - Web and Mobile• For teachers - collect resources and tools. Build your own personal reference library - and share the libraries of others in your field.• For students - help them to collect resources and tools and ORGANIZE their online life. This is a skill they desperately need to learn early.• For your class - share content resources, create groups who collect and comment on resources.• Have access to your “library” any time, any where!
  26. 26. Blogging - web and mobile• You and your students can blog any where, any time!
  27. 27. Video Hosting - web and mobile• Upload video creations - any time, any where!• Create a designated channel for your students• Embed creations into blog, wiki, webpage
  28. 28. Blended learning comprised of 3 parts • Classroom • Shared Applications • Mobile Functions
  29. 29. Build a bridge between mobile functions andclassroom
  30. 30. Part 3: Mobile Functions - what we all carry• Calculator• Stopwatch• Timer• Calendar• Notepad• Camera/Video• Mic/Recorder• Camera/Video
  31. 31. Classroom - (home base)Mobile Functions Shared Apps