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California Gold Coast hotel retains major conference with bandwidth upgrade to Time Warner Cable Business Class.

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Four Points By Sheraton

  1. 1. Victor Dollar General Manager Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbor Resort Hotel Retains Million-Dollar Client, With Bandwidth Upgrade to Time Warner Cable Business Class With balconies overlooking a serene California Gold Coast fishing harbor, and all the amenities expected from a luxury hotel, the Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbor Resort is an idyllic spot for a vacation or conference. But for General Manager Victor Dollar, the resort’s many highlights were beginning to be overshadowed by a nagging problem – slow and unreliable wireless and wired Internet service, especially during the busiest times of the year. “We were getting many complaints about Internet speeds, and the service dropping,” explained Dollar. “It was beginning to have a negative effect on our reputation.” Especially worrisome for Dollar was a major conference hosted at the resort each January, an otherwise slow season for this Four Points property. The conference, attended by university professors and scientists requiring video streaming and other Internet-based services, kept the hotel at 100 percent occupancy during that time – and is valued at over $1 million annually. “Given our Internet problems, we faced the very real possibility of this conference – and others – moving out of our hotel,” he added. Realizing he had to quickly and substantially upgrade his communications network, which had been provided via T-1 lines from a large phone company, Dollar contacted Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) to explore other options. Led by Sales Manager Peter Perdikakis, a locally-based TWCBC sales and support team assessed the communications needs of the property and determined that a bandwidth increase was needed to address the Internet issues. They created a customized solution to meet the needs of the resort that included Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provided over Time Warner Cable’s secure and wholly-owned, fiber rich network. DIA delivers a continuously protected link between a local area network (LAN) and the Internet. The Time Warner Cable network works seamlessly with the same Ethernet protocol used for LAN connectivity, delivering speeds from up to 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and with consistent network availability. continued on back... TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS “I just can’t say enough about TWCBC’s service and dependability,” says Victor Dollar, General Manager, Four Points by Sheraton. “Now, I’m receiving compliments about our Internet service,” he added. INTERNET | PHONE | CABLE TV | ETHERNET Four Points BY sheraton Ventura Harbor Resort
  2. 2. About Time Warner Cable Business Class Time Warner Cable Business Class, a division of Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC), offers a full complement of business communications tools to small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-sized companies. Its phone, Internet, Ethernet, cable TV and security solutions are enhanced by award-winning customer service and local support teams. Time Warner Cable Business Class was founded in 1998, offering high-speed Internet to small businesses. Today, it serves approximately 450,000 business customers throughout Time Warner Cable’s markets. A key feature for Dollar is the network’s flexibility and scalability, along with TWCBC’s willingness to accommodate varied or seasonal bandwidth spikes. For Four Points by Sheraton, that means adjusting its level of bandwidth from the basic 10 Mbps level that it usually requires up to 20 Mbps or even as high as up to 100 Mbps during peak times, as when a large conference is occupying the property. Bandwidth is tracked by a TWCBC-generated bandwidth utilization chart that tracks actual bandwidth used at the property, enabling Dollar to identify trends and anticipate his needs during high-traffic times. “When we need higher bandwidth, I just call Peter and we’re able to schedule it for a specified period of time – and then scale it back to normal afterwards,” explained Dollar, who added that bandwidth scaling was not as easy or affordable with his previous provider. “That flexibility is really important because it means we don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth during the times we don’t need it.” Given the property’s frequent needs for scalable bandwidth, Dollar has been impressed by the responsiveness of Perdikakis and the TWCBC customer service team, which is available 24/7 to monitor the network and handle any customer requests. “I just can’t say enough about TWCBC’s service and dependability,” he added. Dollar noted that an added benefit of Dedicated Internet Access and the reliable TWCBC network is the feedback he receives from customers, especially conference presenters or attendees. “Now, I’m receiving compliments about our Internet service,” noted Dollar. “We don’t have the complaints we used to have.” For more information about Direct Internet Access and other Time Warner Cable Business Class solutions, call 1-866-892-4249 or visit TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS INTERNET | PHONE | CABLE TV | ETHERNET Some restrictions apply. Time Warner Cable Business Class is a trademark of Time Warner Inc. Used under license. ©2012 Time Warner Cable. All Rights Reserved.