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Monster vacation group Monster vacation group Document Transcript

  • Monster Vacations Group - A Review of Monster Vacation GroupMonster Vacation Group was formed in 2007 and they promote themselves as being created todo one thing for their customers, which is to save them money. They claim unique programuses the world wide web to search for everything from getaways and vacations to cruises andcatamarans with only one parameter...saving the customer more money than any otherbooking site or travel agency (including timeshare).The backbone of their offering is a password protected and restricted website( which is only available to their registered owners. Thereason for this is to ensure no saturation of the market. Monster Vacations Group promotestheir membership as being ideal for families and couples alike who enjoy traveling at least oncea year. Their program offers a wide range of locations available to all of their owners evenduring peak seasons where inventory can be very challenging.Monster Vacation Group offers destinations both domestic and abroad with no travelrestrictions such as the infamous "black out" dates or size of unit. They are headquartered inMyrtle Beach, SC where we they feature two different marketing agencies. You may not haveheard of Monster Vacations Group yet, which is understandable because potential customerscan only view their program by appointment while traveling to the Myrtle Beach area. They dothis to insure the integrity of their services and commitments to their customers.Their stable of destinations truly encircles the globe and based on the research that we did,they have a large and growing list of satisfied members. Doing a search for Monster VacationGroup does turn up a complaint or two, but it has been our experience that any corporationdealing with thousands of members at a time is going to encounter one or two that arevociferous. In fact, they were able to share with us numerous testimonials from customers thatrave about their experience and membership and are truly thankful that they made thediscovery.Monster Vacations Group is your gateway to hundreds of the worlds most popular traveldestinations at prices discounted anywhere from 20-60% off retail prices. They are a privatetravel club that not only offers its members fabulous rates, but due to their close affiliations areable to obtain booking dates that a lot of times are not available to the general vacationingpublic. Learn more at