Technical Writing is a Great Career


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Technical Writing is a great career with more than 5000 practicing professionals in India. The Writers Block (TWB) is a leading training organization that ensures that you not only have the right training but have the right employment opportunities

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Technical Writing is a Great Career

  1. 1. IH E IRITERS -LOCK Amatra Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Become a Technical Writer with | ndia’s # 1 Technical Wfllillll Is a great carnal: All you need is a TW B certification.
  3. 3. -A Technical writing is the method of describing the usage of a product or a process in a manner that can be easily understood by users of such products or processes. - E. g. whené/ ou buy a mobile phone it comes with a User Manual or a User uide. Technical Writers write this document. - Technical Writers also write the Troublin -shooting Guides, User Manuals, Online Help and all the ot er documentation that accompanies all the software developed. "; -7 ‘ . I~. . '_i ISE‘. _[, ‘u'82‘. ».CE‘. :’fl3n'. :. -_llvui. in3ctiisa 'l'I/ B I Z ' -. .-- . uv w». 4 A . 4
  4. 4. You have good command over written English You are a I-louse-I~'it"e, a BPO employee, a l-ectLIrei', a Stuc'en'i with A gracluation degree (or you could be pursuing graduation) 733 ' "37? ‘ « _{ isag. 'eai‘. ca'. 'ee’. -. ~—{~ —. .— ‘Ho. —g—. « rizllvou neeuisa TWB ; l;. .. ._ . l.
  5. 5. Technical writers are from all walks of including: Educational Background of Technical Writers B. Com ‘ MA Cl Humanities . 85° MBA Cl Fine Arts W - B. B.A PhD Cl Journalism . MIT M. Tech Cl English Literature °'"°'s 9“ Diplorm Cl Engineering Mm BA BE 8 Pnarm D any other Technical Wflllllll Is a great career. All you need Is a — certification.
  6. 6. El 80% technical writers are from non-technical backgrounds CI 22.2% yearly salary growth Cl 85% of technical writing jobs are with major IT companies El 95% of technical writers work as FULLTIME employees CI Technical Writing is a great point of entry into the IT industry CI Excellent career growth D No night shifts — No burnouts Tecllnlcal Wflllllll Is a great cares: All you new Is a 2 certification.
  7. 7. Why should you choose IH E IRITERS -LOCK Tecmlcal Wflllllll Is a great career: All you need is a _ Certification.
  8. 8. Technical Writing Training in India #1 Certification - Accepted by most leading software oompaiies rr 1 Placements - Diect ijaoements it over 125 oomparies rr 1 Salutes - Highest salaries from TWB campus placements #1 Faculty - lnda‘s mostexperienoed training team it 1 Facilities - Fully eqiipped training centers #1 Mentorshlp progran - Faoultyfldlentors to support you even ater gaduation #1 Industry Interface - Contiiuous hteractim with qiirion leaders to maintain high industry standards Technical Wflllllll Is a great career. an you need is a 2 certification.
  9. 9. Industry sa| aries* TWB 33'3"i95 Average salary for an entry level h'| 't-Fl.2.5l , _ , tee mca W" er 5 acs per TWB Fundamental Certification annum . . 120 training hours Salaries in India range from Rs. AVe"a9e 53'a"Y 0“'camPU5 15,000 per month to Rs. 80,000 per Rs 3 lacs CTC month TWB Associate Certification 240 training hours Average Salary On-Campus Rs 3.5 lacs CTC The survey shows a growth 22.2% in the average salaries of Indian Technical Communicators as compared to the average salaries in 2003. Tecllnlcal Wflllllll Is a great career: All you need Is a _ certification.
  10. 10. Choose from Industry’s #1 Certifications 100% Placement Assistance N01 in lechnical Writing 100% Placement Assistance in Technical Writing naming Training TWB Fundamental Certification TWB Associate Certification 120 training hours 240 training hours Average Salary On-Campus Average Salary On-Campus Rs 3 lacs CTC Rs 3.5 lacs CTC Tecnnlcal Wflllllll Is a great career: All you need is a _ certification.
  11. 11. E 9 %. ... «~. ,.a. ».. -.2.-. -:0 . .0 UNISYS Honeywell Nei‘7ipp- ” lmanirie it Dc we An», -.. ¢ Vlrouffii IH E l_H . niz n IRITERS ex ‘5 . ' E5990 for bifldinfi stronger IL 0 C K TAT‘ I i-flcx solutions Amatra (lwusming Pvt I id @n'S % CRA IVES ‘ WC(JE[gZLyA§SyASDEfiI: TGSE' s"‘. ,-t movdf the power 1.0 protect ' Tedwnologoes Pvt. Ltd. I I C Be Rw El. X'. '-_—, ins om ©bject Orb yr . c @ Technical Wfilillll Is a great career. All iron need is a _ CBI‘lifi0aIi0ll.
  12. 12. all . ‘'‘'j 1- cu - v ) J '1: 1/ '; 1 I U5 "The course was very comprehensive and exceeded my expectations. Learning in a friendly but competitive environment. provided a healthy challenge. The instructors were very knowledgeable. easily approachable and their constant encouragement made my experience at TWB a complete and memorable one. " Pallavl Madhusudhan, Sun Microsystems I have the opportunity to gain knowledge from the experts in the Technical Writing industry that would give an edge for my career. I have understood the importance of using the correct words at the right context. I get a feel of the corporate culture at TWB. Hyacinth Augustine, IBM “TWB provides comprehensive course material and from the highly experienced lecturers one not only learns the course but also learns a lot of tips on the subject which later helps in the interviews as well as in the place of work. TWB takes the extra effort to make sure the final deliverables are perfect. " Anlndlta Ghosh, Unlsys __ is 3 EH33’. CE-'C3IZ . . j‘- w~. : ;ii? 'D'. lll3CZilSa T~’B . ; . -— . - . 12
  13. 13. ‘SAP has managed to hire very high potential candidates from TWB I wish to thank all TWB for the great opportunity I experienced with TWB's placement service. Your program is outstanding. Within a short time of having your candidates on our board. I noticed that the knowledge and guidance provided to them at the training enabled them to work to our high expectations. Quite simply. your training methodology is perfect! ‘ Ravl Klran, Knowledge Manager SAP Netweaver Predict Management s~= mresrromwvs "I am quite impressed with TWB because they are able to impart to their students useful and practical knowledge about technical writing. Sun's hire from TWB met my expectations on all the counts. The Indian technical writing industry is in need of new technical writers in order to solve the demand-vs-supply equation. I wish TWB all the very best in their efforts to create technlal writers who can communicate complex technical information through their simple writing to succeed in this burgeoning profession-‘ Gururaj 8.3. Technical Publications Manager Sun Mlcrosyatema. Bangalore Technical Wfllillll is a great career. All you need is a 2 certification. 13
  14. 14. Call us now! Contact TWB: info@twb. in; www. twb. in +91 .9845708052; +91 .9945694245 +91.80.65681986 T00 nnical Wfilillfl Is a great career. All you need is a T W B certification. 14