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Miss greek iu  packet for contestants

Miss greek iu packet for contestants






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    Miss greek iu  packet for contestants Miss greek iu packet for contestants Document Transcript

    • Delta Chi Presents: April 1, 2011 IMU Alumni Hall 8 p.m.
    • Miss Greek IUDelta Chi- Indiana Chapter: Recharted in 2007 the Indiana chapter iscurrently the third largest chapter of The Delta Chi Fraternity.Recognized in 2011 as the most improved chapter. Delta Chi strives toincorporate its values into everyday life. Each year, Delta Chi chaptersand colonies raise tens of thousands of dollars to benefit The VFoundation. The Indiana Chapter is proud to host the first "Miss GreekIU" to contribute to this cause.Jimmy V Foundation: Serving as the heartbeat of The V Foundation forCancer Research, formed by ESPN and Jim in 1993, his wordsthroughout the ESPY speech have never been more meaningful. Afterbeing diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 46, Jim dreamed offinding cures for cancer. Passionate and committed, he wanted to seehis fight through to victory. As a former coach, he began to recruit histeam of family and friends to lead the Foundation in his quest toeradicate the disease.A relatively young organization, The V Foundation has a strongpresence in the scientific community. The Foundation is guided by anelite, all-volunteer Scientific Advisory Board who recommends theresearch projects funded. This Board is comprised of top physicians andresearch scientists from prominent universities and cancer centersthroughout the country. Working with this team of talentedprofessionals, we are proud to carry out Jims vision for the future.Miss Greek IU 2012: The Miss Greek IU Pageant strives to showcase thewonderful women of Indiana University’s strong Greek Community. Thewinner of the pageant will be a woman who can be a role model for theentire Greek Community of Indiana University. She will have a highsense of morals, a strong will for achievement, and a genuine concernfor her community. With this pageant we hope to show IndianaUniversity the diversity of our Greek Community and to set a standardfor all collegiate Greek systems.
    • Contestant BiographyName: ______________________________________________Sorority House Affiliation: _________________________________________Age: _________________________________Hometown: ______________________________________________Year in School: ________________________________________________________Major(s): ________________________________________________Minor(s): _____________________________________________House Philanthropy:___________________________________________________________________________Community Involvement:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Leadership Experience:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What does your house philanthropy mean to you?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What does Miss Greek IU represent to you?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • Contact InformationName: ______________________________________________________________________Email: _____________________________________________________________________Telephone: ___________________________________________Emergency Contact: ____________________________________________________________Telephone: ______________________________________________________________
    • ItineraryPageant Day  11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.—Interviews Please arrive ready for interviews at 10:50 a.m.; they will start promptly at 11.  6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.—Rehearsals (Alumni Hall) Please arrive to rehearsals with all of your outfits/make-up/hair stuff and partially ready. We will be running through rehearsals at 4:00 p.m. If we finish early you will be given that extra time to get ready. If not, you only have 30 minutes to freshen up; therefore it is VERY important you come to rehearsals somewhat ready for show time.  8:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.—Pageant (Alumni Hall)Pageant  Opening Number-cocktail dress  Philanthropy-outfit which represents your chapter’s philanthropy  Evening Gown-Floor length evening gown  Top 5-Announcement of top 5 and on stage questions  Coronation*This itinerary is subject to change*PrizesThe winner of this event will get a crown, trophy, beauty package, gift cards, flowers,and a visit from Miss Peru to their chapter dinner on Monday, April 2nd. Top fivefinishes will also receive awards. Also, 10% of the money that each contestantraises will go towards their chapter’s non-profit organization of choice.
    • Judging Criteria & ClothingOpening Number- The opening number will require each girl to wear a cocktaildress of her choice. Dresses can be of any color or style. Though you are not beingscored on the opening number please remember the judges will be seeing you andyou are still influencing their decision.Interview (50%)- Each girl will interview with a panel of 5 judges for 3 minutes. Theinterview will cover questions from the girls’ biographies as well as other questionsabout philanthropy, community involvement, leadership experience, etc. For theinterview the girls are asked to wear what they see professional. This can be a suit(pant or skirt) or dress. The outfit should reflect the girls’ personality and style. Thejudges are not judging the girls based upon their outfit, but more how they presentthemselves. We are looking for a poised and well-spoken woman.Philanthropy (25%)- The philanthropy category is designed to discover eachcontestant’s house philanthropy. Philanthropy outfits can be whatever representsthe contestant’s philanthropy. Again, please remember the judges are not judgingyour outfit, but your confidence and passion for your house philanthropy.Evening Gown (25%)- The evening gown competition is NOT to judge the girls’gowns, but their elegance and self-confidence in their evening gown. Each girlshould choose an evening gown that reflects her own style and beauty. Gownsshould be floor length and appropriate.On stage question- Once the announcement of top 5 has been made each contestantwill come forward and answer a fish bowl question. These questions will bephilanthropic based. Each judge will score the contestant based upon their answerand the score will be added to their previous interview, philanthropy, and eveninggown scores for a total score. This total score will determine the final placement forthe contestants.Shoes, hair/make-up, and jewelry are left up to the contestants. Please select shoesthat are appropriate and are easy to move in. Remember you will be on stage withstrong stage lights; therefore heavier and darker make-up may be required thannormal. Please remember these should all be tasteful and reflect your personality.The judges are not judging the girl with the best hair, but looking for a confident,poised young woman to become Miss Greek IU 2012.No previous pageant experience is required to participate in Miss Greek IU.
    • Miss Greek IU Contact InformationMiss Greek IU website: www.missgreekiu.comPlease have it filled out by Monday, February 27th. Also, email two pictures of yourrepresentative to put on the website to missgreekiu@gmail.comFor any questions email missgreekiu@gmail.com or contact Jakson Alvarez at 317-756-7123.For information on any pageant clothes/make-up, biography information, etc.please contact Erika Burghardt. 765-404-8225. eburghar@indiana.edu