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IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation
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IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation


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IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation. Overview and tactical ideas for those in the Trade Show Industry.

IAEE NYC Chapter Social Media Presentation. Overview and tactical ideas for those in the Trade Show Industry.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. You Can’t Afford To Be Anti Social About Social Media Social Networking for B2B The Twitter #hashtag for this presentation is #IAEENYC
  • 2. Consider The Facts Of Digital Migration People are now getting their information, news and entertainment online   2 Billion People Online – Worldwide   Newspapers are losing circulation and many have closed their doors   Broadcast losing viewers/listeners   Direct Mail – Prices going up, services going down   Reed Business recently closed 24 industry trade publications
  • 3. Social Media Facts   Twitter   YouTube   Over 106 million users   1+ billion views a day   600 million search queries each day   20 hours of video uploaded every   37% of users update through a mobile minute phone o  That is the equivalent of   LinkedIn 130,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week   Over 65 million members in 200 countries   Flickr   Over 50% of LinkedIn’s professionals   64 million users around the world are decision makers in their companies   Holds more than 4 billion images with   Facebook up to 3 million photos uploaded each day   Over 400 million active users   Blogging   US user base grew from 42 million to   150 million blogs indexed by 103 million in 2009, a 144.9% growth Technorati rate!   77% of of internet users read blogs
  • 4. Social Media Is Surging   31% of B2B and B2C companies have incorporated social media into their exhibit marketing, 24% have used used it for corporate events.   1/3 of those that have used social media as an exhibit- marketing tool set measurable objectives. Nine out of 10 of those indicated the their social-media efforts met or exceeded those preshow objectives.   90% believe social media has “limitless” potential for exhibit and event marketing.   More than three-quarters expect the value and importance of social media as a marketing tool to increase “strongly” or “somewhat” in the coming year. Source: Exhibit Media Group
  • 5. Social Media Is Surging * * Source: Exhibit Media Group
  • 6. What Industry Professionals Say About Social Media?   “Using social media, we increased attendance at our regional meetings by 50 percent over prior years, and did so at about 50 percent of the cost.”   “We have seen a huge uptick in Twitter usage lately. We have also seen more people checking out our live events online by logging in to Webcasts and listening to podcasts.”   “By using Twitter at a recent trade show, my company was able to drive brand awareness among attendees. We were also able to increase the amount of traffic to our booth.”   “Social media has increased our search engine optimization scores/rankings. We plan to continue using it as part of our marketing efforts.”   “I wish I had the extra time needed to learn more about social media and how to harness it properly for marketing purposes.” Source: Exhibit Media Group
  • 7. What Does This Mean To You?   Your Target Audiences Are Already Using Social Media   They are Already Talking About You & Your Competitors (Love Your Show, It Sucks)   If You Aren’t Engaged, You Aren’t Managing Your Reputation   You Are Ignoring An Important Communications Opportunity
  • 8. 10 Social Media Truths   It’s Not A Fad – It Ain’t Going Away   It CAN Be A Very Effective Marketing Tool   It’s Just Another Marketing Tool, Not The End All & Be All   It Needs to Be Integrated With And Complimentary Of Other Program Elements   You Can’t Always Control What Is Being Said About Your Organization
  • 9. 10 Social Media Truths   You Are Going To Need The Right Resources (People, Time and Money)   Be Aware Of The Silent Majority   Need Buy-In from Top (Create Evangelists)   Social Media May Not Be Right For You Right Now   You Need A Strategic Social Media Plan
  • 10. Develop Strategic Social Media Plan Have Clear Cut Goals & Measurable Objectives   Drive traffic to your website & increase registration   Build pre-show, onsite and post show buzz   Increase seminar attendance   Get exhibitors involved   Create online promotions   Sell sponsorships   Integrate with other MarCom program elements   Realistically Assess Available & Needed Resources   Measure the results
  • 11. Identify Your Online Target Audiences   Groups/Communities/Lists on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms   Integrate Databases   Tools such as Batchbook and HighRise   Industry blogs   Key Allies and Evangelists   Associations   Thought-Leaders   Media Partners
  • 12. Identify Your Content   Existing content   news releases   white papers   Videos   Etc.   Partners content   Trade magazines   Associations   Influentials   New content you need to create
  • 13. Create Your Social Media Presence Social Networking Sites   Blog   Face book   Twitter   YouTube   LinkedIn   Flickr
  • 14. Blogs MAY 3-7, 2010 Theme: Announcement of SM Platform   Blogger and Wordpress Ally: The News MONDAY TUESDAY Social Media WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY combined have more unique Blog Announcement worldwide visitors than any • Teaser Tweet for Blog • Tweet Link to Social Media • Tweet link to Survey Question other social networking site • Survey • Link to Live • Tweet Survey Coverage Results Twitter Question of the Week Blog Questions Reminder (possible release content) • #FF Tweeps • Possible RT   Create Editorial Calendar and • Post link to blog with • Post links to • Post links to results of survey Policy • Ally of the overview social media • Review key week post • Cross-Content • Promote Face book’s Survey of coverage by allies or other groups for sharing of   Hot Topics LinkedIn Post if necessary the Week media content • Post link to • Post links to   Compelling Content blog with results of survey • Ask Survey Question of the overview • Promote Face • Review key groups for   Industry Themes Week based on book’s Survey of sharing of Facebook weekly theme the Week • Monitor allies content   Credible Voice for potential cross-content postings aimed at   Use SEO/Keywords YouTube week’s theme   Be Flexible   Engage!
  • 15. Twitter   “Micro-blogging” site 140- characters at a time   Set up a list for the show   Follow the attendees you can locate and add them to the list   Implement the list in an aggregator like Seesmic Desktop, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck   Listen and engage in conversation
  • 16. Use Twitter to Brand Events and Hash Tags to Create Top of Mind Awareness #IAEENYC   Create and use a branded hash tag for your company or event   Example: #IAEENYC   Create and use a hash tag for company as a show or event   Example: #MarComProsIHA   Use both on all of your show related Tweets   Example: Was interviewed by @MarComProsIHA at #housewares and came away with a lot of great insight.   Tweeting Often while at the show creates valuable visibility!   Test Ideas, Survey Your Audience   Ongoing Customer Service/Care   Onsite Promotions!   Have a Tweetup!
  • 17. LinkedIn   Leverage your connection to groups and create a more permanent data flow   Create, Facilitate and Moderate Groups   Ask and make Recommendations   Lead Generation   Become an expert in the Answer’s Forum   Integrate other social media platforms such as your blog feed   GET RECOMMENDATIONS – great testimonial!   Utilize a direct ad campaign – very targeted
  • 18. Facebook   Pages Are…   Widely Accessible   More Applications   Tracking and better visibility   Actions are documented   Create a “Personality”   Add Surveys, Photos, Video, Events and try a contest   Create Individual/Group Brand Experiences   Integrate Database   Increased Business Opportunities
  • 19. YouTube   Become a Vlogger!   Become a face in the industry   Create a Channel   AIDA   Attention   Interest   Desire   Action   Quality Counts   Many uses   Training   Testimonials   Contest
  • 20. Flickr   Snap pictures of visitors, and send them those images as follow up   Twitpic   Yfrog   On Facebook & Flickr, tag these images with company and individual names   Be descriptive with photos and use keywords (optimize for search)   Quality and Quantity counts   Share when possible
  • 21. Listen to the Show Outposts & Engage   Use an LCD monitor to your booth or event   Search for the name of the show, company or event on Twitter     Identify Opportunities   Avoid Crisis Situations   Post Responses
  • 22. Create Visual Experiences with Powerful Video Tools Video Goes Viral   Video interview booth visitors and customers - feature and tag them on your company blog and other sites   Capture interesting keynotes and sessions and interview the speakers   Post videos online for Brand Reinforcement   Use as a communication & sales tool   Video Tips   Able to use in multiple languages (post- production)
  • 23. Using Your Blog as Follow Up   Write special recap posts and reactions from the show with additional information and resources   Ask select visitors to guest post on your company blog   Follow up with prospects to get more video interviews.   Use Skype Recorder for long distances
  • 24. Consider Creating A Dashboard   Easy Access and Listening Tool for Your Content   Customizable for your Industry Applications   Revenue Generator Tools (Sponsorship)   Connect 365 (Designed to be the main framework for your show, event or even your association website)
  • 25. Expanding Social Networking Portable Data and Mobility   ChirpE   Foursquare   Pathables   WhosHere   Use the TripIt Application to set up live visits via LinkedIn   New Applications   New Frontiers – The Future
  • 26. Additional Social Media Ideas   Create a Twitter list of your show/organization’s staff, sponsors and speakers   Create a custom Twitter background that reflects your show/ organization’s mission and brand   Use Twitpic to share photos   Use short URLs to track link performance (,   Use Facebook Insights to get activity and demographic data   Encourage evangelists to upload videos   Use a “share this” widget on blog posts, Web pages, etc   Promote your social media channels via Web sites, emails, footers, etc.   Display RSS feeds from a blog or Twitter account on your Web site.
  • 27. Success Metrics Build an ROI set based on your dimensions of value. Include a mix of qualitative and quantitative.   # fans, # followers, # friends   Response Time   # of comments   Issues Resolved   # of participants on thread   Depth of Thread   # posts   Traffic Increase to Site   # of embeds   Diggs   # back links   Stumbles   # page loads   Subscriptions   # downloads
  • 28. Your Takeaways to Solving the Social Media Puzzle   Get Started   Community before commerce   Think Strategically   Ongoing Measurement   Be Honest and Transparent   Encourage Personalities   Listen first, then Connect   What is in it for your   Participate and Contribute customer? If nothing, don’t bother.   People congregate around relevance and value   Keep Working It
  • 29. THANK YOU!!!!! Feel Free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas: Roger Halligan Tim Ward @marcompros