Introducing NCLOR: Finding, Using, and Sharing Digital Learning Objects.
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Introducing NCLOR: Finding, Using, and Sharing Digital Learning Objects.






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Introducing NCLOR: Finding, Using, and Sharing Digital Learning Objects. Introducing NCLOR: Finding, Using, and Sharing Digital Learning Objects. Presentation Transcript

  • INTRODUCING NCLOR:FINDING, USING, AND SHARINGDIGITAL LEARNING OBJECTSAnthony HolderiedReference LibrarianAlamance Community College
  • Objectives for today’s session3. Define Learning Objects and NCLOR4. Set up an NCLOR account5. Search NCLOR to find useful objects6. Contribute to NCLOR7. Implementing NCLOR objects within CMS (Moodle)8. Locate training materials
  • Digital Learning Objects… “Any digital resource that can be reused to support learning”Can include: assets and objects
  • Classes of ContributionsLearning Asset:• A single reusable resource including photos, audio files, articles, quizzes, web pages, podcast, links, YouTube vids, etc.• Infinite and varied uses• Does not contain a learning objectiveLearning Object:• A self-contained reusable resource that contains objectives, assessments, etc.• Explicit learning outcomes are described (tutorials)
  • What is NCLOR?•NCLOR is a centralized online searchabledatabase that stores reusable learning objects(files and links)•NCLOR is a collaborative effort between theCC’s, UNC system, DPI, NC Virtual PublicSchool, and Independent Colleges andUniversities
  • Why should I care?• Over 6,000 objects in the repository• Avoid re-inventing the wheel• Searchable by discipline• Covers K-20• Give back by contributing-NC Conference Presentations-The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC)-Open Courses from Harvard/Yale/MIT-NCCCS Virtual Learning Community (VLC)/Other LORS (FL, GA, KY)
  • Using NCLOR… USER:• Simply access the resources through your CMS Contributor:• Get an account• Take the self-paced training tutorial (45 minutes)• Start contributing – adhere to existing protocols
  • Contributing…Contributor Process:• If asset…becomes live immediately• If object…goes through moderation Tested for instructional design, typos, proper metadata tagging, etc.
  • Getting Started… Two Ways to Get to NCLOR1. Google It!2. (training) – user training tutorial-News-Request an Account
  • Searching for Stuff Searching Mechanisms• Basic Search• Advanced Search
  • Searching for Stuff (cont.) Browsing for Resources• Browse by Discipline• Browse by Learning Resource Type• Browse by Resource Series• Browse by Level• Browse by VLC Course
  • Contributing… Four Groups of Educators to Choose From:6.All NCLOR Account Holders7.Community College System Only8.Higher Ed Only9.Training Collection(Collection for classes and learning about resource contribution)
  • Training Materials Training materials can help with…• Using NCLOR with CMS• Interfacing with YouTube/Google Books• Searching and Downloading Items• Contributing Your Own Objects• Managing Items