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Dr r thanigaivelan resume..

  1. 1. Resume Dr.R.Thanigaivelan, M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram- 637 408, Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, India. Mobile No: 9443030935 E-mail ID: tvelan10@gmail.com ____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Name : Dr.R.Thanigavelan 2. Father’s Name : Mr.M.Rajasekaran 3. Mother’s Name : Mrs.R.Rani 4. Date and place of Birth : 10th March 1977, Salem, Tamilnadu, India. 5. Marital Status : Married 6. Nationality : Indian 7. Passport Number : H6488151 ( valid till 04.03.2020) 8. Present postal address/Tel.No/E-mail: (Residential Address) Dr.R.Thanigaivelan M.Tech., Ph.D 11B, New No. 65, Udayappa Colony, Salem, Tamilnadu, India – 636007 Mobile No: 09443030935 E-mail ID: tvelan10@gmail.com 9. Educational Qualifications: S.No Degree Year Specialization 1 Ph.D 2012 Mechanical Engineering 2 M.Tech 2004 Mechatronics 3 B.E 1999 Mechanical Engineering 4 H.Sc 1994 Maths and Science 5 SSLC 1992 Maths and Science Grade/ Class Awarded 1 Institute and University Anna University,Chennai Formerly AUT,Coimbatore I Class – Vellore Institute of 8.3 CGPA Technology, Vellore Thangavelu Engineering I Class – College.Chennai 63 % University of Madras Sri Ramakrishna Saradha I Class – Higher Secondary School 80 % Salem – State Board Neelambal Subramainum I Class – Matriculation School – 66 % Matric Board
  2. 2. 10. Professional Experience: S.No Designation 1 Professor & Head 2 Assistant Professor 3 Lecturer 4 Lecturer 5 Lecturer Name of the Institution Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, Namakkal Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, Namakkal Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, Namakkal Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai Nature of Job Years of Experience Teaching and Research 2 Years Teaching and Research 4 Years Teaching and Research 1 Year Teaching, and Research 2 Years Teaching 1 Year 11. Industry Experience: S.No 1 2 Designation Name of the Institution Nature of Job Years of Experience Quality Engineer Graduate Engg. Trainee Rubicon Handlings, Chennai Calibration & Inspection 2 Years Automotive Ancillary Services, Chennai Calibration & Inspection 1 Year Total Years of Experience: 13 Years 12. Subject Expertise:  Manufacturing Engineering  Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics  Mechatronics  TQM  Entrepreneurship Development  Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering  Engineering Materials and Metallurgy  Unconventional Machining process  Basic Computer Programming  Automotive Electronics & Modeling and simulation 13. Research Publications: 2
  3. 3.  National Journals : 02  International Journals : 07  National Conferences : 04  International Conferences : 09 14. Workshops/Seminar/Symposium organized:  Workshops : 07  Seminars : 07  Conference : 03  Guest Lecture : 10  Value Added Course : 03 15. Workshops/Seminar/Symposium participated:  Workshops : 08  Seminar/Training Program : 09  Short Term program : 02 16. Considerable Recognition:  Question paper setter for various universities like Anna University of Technology Coimbatore, SASTRA University, Karpagam University, R L Institute of Nautical sciences, VMKV University, etc.  Got TNSCST travel grant of Rs 30,000 17. Professional Bodies Membership:  Society of Automobile Engineers (SAEINDIA)  Life Member of ISTE  Life Member of IACSIT  Life Member of IAENG. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 3
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS 1. R.Thanigaivelan, RM.Arunachalam, B.Karthikeyan and P.Loganathan, Electrochemical Micromachining of Stainless Steel with Acidified Sodium Nitrate Electrolyte. Procedia CIRP 6, 352-356, 2013. 2. N.Natarajan, RM.Arunachalam & R.Thanigaivelan, Experimental study and analysis of micro holes machining in EDM of SS 304. International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2013. 3. R.Thanigaivelan, RM. Arunachalam, Optimization of Process Parameters on Machining Rate and Overcut in Electrochemical Micromachining using Grey Relational Analysis. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. Vol 72 pp.36-42. 2012. 4. R.Thanigaivelan, RM. Arunachalam and Pelden Drupka, Drilling of micro holes on copper using electrochemical micro machining. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Vol. 61, No. 9-12, pp. 1185-1190, 2012.DOI: 10.1007/s00170-012-4093-4.2012. (IP:1.103). 5. R.Thanigaivelan, RM.Arunachalam, J.Jerald, T.Niranjan. Applications of Taguchi with Fuzzy Logic Technique to optimize an Electrochemical Micromachining process. International Journal of Experimental design and process optimization, Vol 2, No. 4, pp. 283-298, 2011.(Inderscience publication). 6. R.Thanigaivelan and RM.Arunachalam. Experimental study on the influence of tool electrode tip shape on electrochemical micromachining of 304 stainless steel. Materials and Manufacturing processes, Vol. 25, No 10, pp 1181-1185, 2010.(IP:1.06). 7. R.Thanigaivelan and RM. Arunachalam. Experimental Study of Overcut in Electrochemical Micromachining for 304 Stainless Steel. Transactions of NAMRI/SME, Vol.38, pp. 253-260, 2010.(SNIP:0.221). NATIONAL JOURNALS 1. R.Thanigaivelan and RM.Arunachalam. Study of Dominant Variables in Electrochemical Micromachining. Manufacturing Technology Today, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 22-28. 2010. 2. R.Thanigaivelan and RM.Arunachalam. Study on influence of tool design on electrochemical micromachining Manufacturing Technology Today, Vol.10, No.6 pp.3-10. 2011. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES 4
  5. 5. 1. R.Thanigaivelan, RM.Arunachalam, B.Karthikeyan and P.Loganathan, Electrochemical Micromachining of Stainless Steel with Acidified Sodium Nitrate Electrolyte. 17th International Symposium on Electromachining (ISEM), April 9-12th , 2013, Leuven, Belgium. 2. V.Subburam, S.Ramesh, R. Thanigaivelan, Effect of Acidified Electrolyte on the Performance of Electrochemical Micromachining”, 2nd International Conference On Advances in Material Processing and Characterization. Feb.6-8, 2013, Anna University, Chennai. 3. R.Thanigaivelan, RM. Arunachalam, Generating Micro-Holes on 304 Stainless Steel through Electrochemical Micromachining, 4th International and 25th AIMTDR Conference, Dec 14-16, 2012, Jadavpur University. 4. N. Natarajan, R.Thanigaivelan, RM Arunachalam and AR Arunprasath, Optimization of micro EDM machining parameters on 304 stainless steel using Grey relational analysis, 7th COPEN, Dec 2011,Pune. 5. R.Thanigaivelan, RM. Arunachalam and Pelden Drupka, Drilling of micro holes on copper using electrochemical micro machining. 3rd International and 24th AIMTDR Conference, Dec 13-15, 2010, Andhra University, pp 355-360. 6. R.Thanigaivelan, RM.Arunachalam and V.Subburam. Design and Development of a Table top Electrochemical Micromachining Tool. 16th International Symposium on Electromachining (ISEM), April 19-23, 2010, Shanghai, China, pp. 633-636. 7. R.Thanigaivelan, R.Srivatsavan and A.R.Arun Prasath. Precision Positioning system using PZT Actuator. 22nd International Conference on CAD/CAM Robotics and Factories of the Future, July 19-22, 2006, VIT, Vellore, pp.770-778. 8. P.Suresh, R.Kesavan, K.Gunasekaran and R.Thanigaivelan, Design of On-Board Weighing System for Effective Supply Chain Management “Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 9 – 10, 2010. NATIONAL CONFERENCE 1. Thanigaivelan R, Natarajan N, and Suresh P ‘Electro Discharge Machining Process in Micro domain’, National Conference on Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (ITME-2011), 25th March 2011, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, pp.39-42. 5
  6. 6. 2. P.Suresh, R.Kesavan, E.Palaniswamy and R.Thanigaivelan, Design of automated weighing system for optimal transportation system. Proceedings of the national conference on Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (ITME 2010), Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, 12th March, 2010. 3. Natarajan N Thanigaivelan R & Suresh P, “Current Research Trends in Electrical Discharge Machining A Review’, National Conference on Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (ITME-2011), 25th March 2011, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, pp.22-38. LIST OF PROGRAMMES ORGANISED S.No Name of the Programme Title of the Programme Dates of the Programme Role in the Programme 1. Workshop Applications of Sensors in Industrial Automation 02.02.2008 Coordinator 2. National Level Seminar Trends In Manufacturing Engineering 09.01.2008 Coordinator 3. Guest Lecture Careers for Mechanical Engineering in Marine Engineering 01.08.2009 Coordinator 4. Guest Lecture Personal Effectiveness 16.09.2009 Coordinator 5. Workshop Emerging Trends Industrial Automation 07.10.2009 & 08.10.2009 Coordinator 6. National Conference Innovative Technologies in Mechanical EngineeringITME 2011 25.03.2011 Coordinator 7. AICTE Sponsored National seminar Applications of Robotics in Industrial Automation 8. AICTE Sponsored National seminar 9. AICTE Sponsored SDP Bio-CAD modeling and its application on Bio mechanics Multi-Objective optimization Techniques For Manufacturing Processes 6 in 16.06.11 & 17.06.11 08.03.2012 & 09.03.2012 16.04.12 & 28.04.12 Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator
  7. 7. 10. 11. International Conference MULTICON 2012 International Conference on Automation & Robotics (ICAR’12) Competition Quiz Competition on Current Affairs Energy Analysis Engineering systems 12. Guest Lecture 13. Competition 14. Workshop 15. Workshop 16. Seminar 17 National Conference 18 Seminar 19 Value Added Course Intra-Departmental Competitions SAEINDIA Collegiate Club Sponsored workshop on “Modern Automotive Engineering” Self IntrospectionKnowing Oneself The Institution of Engineers (India) Sponsored one day seminar on “Industrial Automation” Innovative Technologies in Mechanical EngineeringITME 2013 Recent Trends in Defence Technology QA/QC & NDT level II on welding Organizing Secretary 08.08.2012 of 20.04.12 & 21.04.12 Organizing Secretary 13.08.2012 Organizing Secretary 07.09.2012 Organizing Secretary 17.09.2012 Organizing Secretary 18.09.2012 Organizing Secretary 21.09.2012 Organizing Secretary 25.03.2013 Organizing Secretary 26.07.2013 15 days Organizing Secretary Organizing Secretary LIST OF PROGRAMS PARTICIPATED S.No 1. Name of the Programme Training program Title of the Programme Dimensional Metrology and Measurement Uncertainty 7 Dates of the Programme 25-27th May 2000 Organized by Accurate Engg. Co. & Calibration CenterPune
  8. 8. 2. Training program 3. Workshop 4. Workshop 5. Workshop Measurement System Analysis (MSA) & Statistical Process control studies Product Design and manufacturing Mechatronics and Automation Renewable energy systems and its impact on environment Orientation programme for research scholars 6. Seminar 7. 8. Short term course Workshop 9. Workshop 10. Short term course 11. Workshop 12. International conference Virtual Instrumentation using Labview RFID in Supply Chain Management Logical image processing and its applications Nano and Micromachining “MEMS and NanoTechnology” 13. Workshop Low Cost Automation 14. Workshop Statistical Tools and strategies for research scholars Usage of Power Tools 15. Training Program 16. National Seminar Conclave 17. 18. 19 International Conference HR Summit Micromachining Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering Enhancing Quality of Technical Education through Accreditation 1st World Summit on Accreditation 8 th 25-27 May 2000 2nd – 3rd Sep 2005 25-27th Oct 2006 Accurate Engg. Co. &Calibration CenterPune KCT & IIIECoimbatore SASTRA University Muthayammal 29 Aug 2008 Engineering College, Rasipuram Anna University of th 7-8 June 2008 Technology, Coimbatore 7 -11th Oct IIT Kanpur 2008 16- 17th July St Peters Engg 2007 college Muthayammal 7 -8th Sep 2007 Engineering College Muthayammal 2nd – 4th Engineering College Feb 2010 th 21st May 2010 28th Feb & 1st March 2003 29-30th Nov 2005 th 26 June 2009 6th August 2008 28-29th May 2010 12th January 2012 26th -29th March 2012 TNSCST VIT University VIT University Sona College of Technology Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram. Muthayammal Engineering College NITTTR & CPSC, Philippines Hotel Ashok, New Delhi. Hotel Grand Chola
  9. 9. 20 Placement Conference Recruitment Rendezvous-Developing High Potentials 6th September 2013 Sangam Hotel.Trichy OTHER INFORMATIONS  Activitly participated in Placement activity of the college.  Coordinator for Anna University Affliation.  Delivered Expert Lecture in AICTE sponsored SDP on “Micro Machining and Micro Mechanical System” at Adhiyamaan Engineering College, Hosur.  Department Coordinator for preparing NBA application along with other faculty members.  Establishment of the Mechatronics Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department at Muthayammal Engineering College.  Establishment of the Instrumentation and control Laboratory of Mechatronics Engineering Department at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.  Produced 100% Results in following Subjects: Entrepreneurship Development – 1 Times, Mechatronics, Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics – 2 Times. UG, PG AND PhD WORK DETAILS UG B.E- Mechanical Engineering Project work Title:“Design of spiral thread cutting attachment to Lathe”. PG M.Tech- Mechatronics Project work Title:“Development of on-board weighing system for static truck”. Ph.D Thesis Title: “Development and Performance Analysis of Electrochemical Micromachining Machine” RESEARCH DETAILS  Recognized Supervisor for Guiding Ph.D Scholars under Anna University Chennai. (Ref No.19.269.25)  Recognized Supervisor for Guiding Ph.D Scholars under Karpagam University,Coimbatore 9
  10. 10. Dr.R.Thanigaivelan 10