The Matthysse Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti


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The Matthysse Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti

  1. 1. Immeasurably More
  2. 2. Immeasurably More 
  3. 3. Immeasurably More  I knew our lives were changed forever the moment I laid eyes on a picture of our son in June 2009 but our love was solidified when we held Cleo in our arms that November at God’s Littlest Angels Baby Ministry in Petionville, Haiti. After spending 3 days with him at the orphanage, my heart broke to pieces as we said goodbye for….what we were told would be at the very least another year. It was so hard it was to leave him and return home with empty arms! Shortly before we left for Haiti, while I was praying for Cleo one evening, God reminded me of this verse in Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to Him be glory…” God’s Spirit overwhelmed me in that moment and I was convicted that I must ask God and fully believe He could bring Cleo home by Christmas… God can move mountains, surely He could move this mountain of paperwork …and I asked Him to do immeasurably more beyond my plea!
  4. 4. Immeasurably More  December 25 came and went, yet I continued to pray and believe that God would bring Cleo home “soon.” On January 12, we watched with the rest of the world as news broke of the devastating and horrific 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti. I remember falling to the floor within the next hour in tears, relieved that our son was ok but so helpless that there was nothing I could do for him. The next 10 days were a rollercoaster ride. Skipping a lot of the details, all that matters is that 10 days later we were in the Miami International Airport holding Cleo in our arms, truly living out a miracle! I’m not sure what other parents prayers were but I believe the immeasurably more part of the miracle God gave in our life is the 80 other children who joined their forever families the same day Cleo joined ours! I’m so thankful that Cleo’s story is something beautiful that has come from the ashes of Haitis earthquake.
  5. 5. Immeasurably More 
  6. 6. Immeasurably More  There are several verses throughout the New Testament that talk about God adopting us into His family. Through our adoption journey, God has given me another glimpse of His great love for us as our Heavenly Father. Although the love we have for our son is far from perfect, we could not love Cleo more. He is not of my womb, but of my heart, he shares our family name and all we have. God’s love is perfect…all He has is ours; we have been adopted, we can claim His perfect love and His name. Susan Matthysse, adoptive mother of Cleo Fanes
  7. 7. If you’d like to talk about helping God’s Littlest Angels, please contactLaurie Bickel at 719-638-4348 or or Tom Vanderwellat (616) 884-8901 or Thank you!