The Hoefer Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti


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The Hoefer Family's Story with God's Littlest Angels in Haiti

  1. 1. Love and Care
  2. 2. Love and Care 
  3. 3. Love and Care  GLA has touched our life in incomprehensible ways. In 2006 God laid on our hearts to adopt a child from Haiti. We did tons of research and almost everywhere we turned we heard positive things about GLA so we decided to apply there. We were accepted and began the wait for a proposal. In June 2007 we received the proposal for Alex. We were overjoyed. It meant so much to us to know that Dixie had prayed and sought the Lord on the right child for our family. Adoption can be such a scary thing with so many unknowns, but knowing Dixie was seeking God about who to place with us gave us such peace. As the months went by and our adoption process went on and on we grew more and more impatient and ready to bring our little boy home. One thing that sustained us was the monthly pictures and updates about Alex. We anxiously waited each month for our update. We would look at the pictures as a family and ooh and ahh over the amazing child God had blessed us with.
  4. 4. Love and Care  In November 2009 we unexpectedly were required to go to Haiti to meet Alex. (We later realized Gods hand was in having all of the parents go to Haiti to meet their children. It was so much easier on the children to fly to Miami to parents they had already met, than to total strangers!) In my heart I yearned to hold my son, but also knew how heart wrenching it would be to hold him and then leave him for an unknown amount of time. Being in Haiti though at GLA gave both of us an amazing amount of peace. As we watched Molly and Joyce so lovingly care for all of the children and really "get it" in terms of child development, attachment, and nurture, we realized that our son truly was in the best place he could be while he waited for his forever family. I remember the day we left Haiti, literally sobbing as I held my little boy. Joyce translated for us what we wanted Alex to know and remember. Then she and Molly held him and Wilde as we waved goodbye. They promised me they would make it an extra special day for him to help ease the sadness. I clung to that as we flew back home. The next couple of months were the hardest months of my life. I grieved for my son in Haiti and pleaded with God for a miracle to bring Him home. In my Bible on January 10, 2008 I wrote, "Alex coming home" next to the verse Psalm 118:23 "This is the Lords doing, it is marvelous in our eyes." Little did I know that a year later the earthquake would happen and our son would be expedited home.
  5. 5. Love and Care  Although the earthquake was a horrible tragedy intended by the enemy to destroy, I believe God used it to bring hope and healing to some. After the earthquake happened, we spent the next 9 days calling and writing as many people as we could to contact our congress and representatives requesting that Humanitarian Parole be granted. Miraculously, Humanitarian Parole was granted and our little boy came home. I am overcome with emotion just thinking about that wonderful day. Fast forward to now and we feel so honored that God chose us to parent Alex. He is the happiest, sweetest, most creative little boy ever! He is kind and loving and obedient. We truly feel this is because GLA gave him such a wonderful start in life. He lived there for nearly 2 years and was nurtured and loved and fed and well cared for. The professionals who helped us after we brought him home as well as friends and family all commented on how "good he looked", how healthy he was, and that he had obviously had excellent care. We are so grateful to Molly and Joyce and his nannies at GLA for being his temporary mamas and loving him and nurturing him.
  6. 6. Love and Care 
  7. 7. Love and Care  We feel GLA is an amazing place. We are so happy to know that children who need a place to be loved and cared for can go to GLA. They truly are the hands and feet of Jesus and we feel so blessed for the huge role they have played in our family!! Abby Hoefer
  8. 8. If you’d like to talk about helping God’s Littlest Angels, please contactLaurie Bickel at 719-638-4348 or or Tom Vanderwellat (616) 884-8901 or Thank you!